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Doing great. Have to do the work when you can. Sure plenty more will show up in next few days. Always good to have a home for info

I only learned of it a few months ago. Got side tracked into watching riots for a bit early on and learned that way

Sure is, but just becomes same circus, same players, repeat repeat. Too much negativity. Positive is way to go. That is what they want us distracted and not seeing clearly. Glad you are doing this, thank you

Sure looks like that is on the way. She always makes great points and decodes. Comes off really honest. I am not a big talker or poster but like reading and researching

I am from north of either color. Most of why i do not post or push into conversations. Over half my life in US and know that there is no hope anywhere if not won there. Rest of world needs america to leads the way.

Politics everywhere has always been corrupt but for first time a true light is finally shining on them and bringing into open where they will not be able to continue. They are all so tied together. Worse then anyone used to believe.

Awesome. Anyone not patriotic has either something wrong with them or worse.

You can almost smell the phoney ones. Bs just comes off them. With trump he comes off so real. I just can not get how they buy their own bs and continously keep underestimating him. He toys with them and they never see it coming. It is such a sight to behold and see what's coming

He sure is. He deserves the credit. In what world could a pelosi, a hirono or a biden beat trump in chess or anything lol

Even when you believe and trust รฌn the plan it is so hard to let go and not react for every dirty thing they do. But it sure gives the chance to take a breath and calm down, to see and believe it really is a movie. Some time you have to just believe and trust. Research, watch the signs and just not get pulled down as winning is not always easy to see while its happening

No one is even shocked anymore that there is an actual 2020 a year for history books lol

14 total messages. Viewing 100 per page.
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