Message from @Qrabitt

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2020-10-16 01:49:00 UTC  

I saw the q post on memes

2020-10-16 01:49:22 UTC  

@Qrabitt sentbyou a dm

2020-10-16 01:49:24 UTC  

I post them incessantly. I'm sure i drive people nuts

2020-10-16 01:49:24 UTC  

GG @mykidzmomma, you just advanced to level 1!

2020-10-16 01:49:33 UTC  


2020-10-16 01:49:51 UTC  

I haven't even got looking at posts today!

2020-10-16 01:50:52 UTC  

I love your digs

2020-10-16 01:51:14 UTC  

Tha k u @mykidzmomma!!

2020-10-16 01:52:47 UTC  

So do you have to sign in and out on this platform

2020-10-16 01:54:34 UTC  

I don't tbink so. I have it on my phone and it just loads

2020-10-16 01:54:43 UTC  


2020-10-16 01:54:46 UTC  

I have spent the last two days moving. I'm gonna crash. Ill catch everyone tomorrow.

2020-10-16 01:54:59 UTC  


2020-10-16 01:55:09 UTC  

nite Pudls86

2020-10-16 01:55:36 UTC  

Oh poor u! Thanks @Pudls86 sleep well ✌️🇺🇸

2020-10-16 01:55:53 UTC  

I really am looking into trey. I think ms thirteen ties somewhere

2020-10-16 01:56:16 UTC  


2020-10-16 01:56:39 UTC  

I haven't looked into him a lot... But keep us informed of ur digs

2020-10-16 01:57:18 UTC  

I will. Send me anything you guys find on him

2020-10-16 01:57:43 UTC  

I will have a look tomorrow for u 😘

2020-10-16 02:02:26 UTC  

Gotta head off now for a bit. Feel free to send out my link to add Patriots

2020-10-16 02:02:48 UTC  
2020-10-16 02:02:55 UTC  


2020-10-16 02:04:34 UTC  
2020-10-16 02:12:36 UTC  

@everyone can everyone see the announcement channel?

2020-10-16 02:14:38 UTC  

Hey <@513157530709655582>, thanks for joining! :v::flag_us:

2020-10-16 02:16:56 UTC  

Welcome <@513157530709655582> 👋🏻

2020-10-16 02:16:56 UTC  

GG @xx BANE xx, you just advanced to level 2!

2020-10-16 02:18:28 UTC  

Hey @italian_girl_13, thanks for joining! :v::flag_us:

2020-10-16 02:20:39 UTC  

Welcome new people 👋🏻

2020-10-16 02:39:05 UTC  

Hey @Twilightleaf17, thanks for joining! :v::flag_us:

2020-10-16 02:39:31 UTC  

👋🏻 hey...

2020-10-16 02:40:22 UTC  

Just getting this started so bear with us...

2020-10-16 02:40:40 UTC  

How is everyone tonight?

2020-10-16 02:41:51 UTC  

Good’re you? Not many peeps on...I’m an admin, so trying to do some construction and maintenance, lol

2020-10-16 02:43:16 UTC  

Can you you see the announcements channel? @Twilightleaf17

2020-10-16 02:43:27 UTC  

Doing great. Have to do the work when you can. Sure plenty more will show up in next few days. Always good to have a home for info

2020-10-16 02:43:49 UTC  

Yes it is up

2020-10-16 02:44:31 UTC  

So true, not many people are familiar with discord, so trying to help in my small way 😀

2020-10-16 02:45:44 UTC  

I only learned of it a few months ago. Got side tracked into watching riots for a bit early on and learned that way

2020-10-16 02:46:48 UTC  

Any questions you might have I’ll try to answer....oh yea. I don’t think there’s anyone who hasn’t witnessed’s sad