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There is ALSO an isotope embedded. So if a forger COULD duplicate the watermark, they couldn't match the isotope in cocktail or placement. Very specialized scanner to even notice it.

It's not a sting unless a crook acts like a crook. It only proves that the crooks WERE crooks! We weren't seducing them, they were acting with ill intent!

Official Paper Stock for federal ballots! Each State controls the PRINTING on the Paper Stock!

He is not going to continue in a Dem administration, and knows that Trump was going to fire him as soom as the election smoke clears.

Here's a thought-provoking piece!!
Human beings have been domesticating animals for thousands of years. In the process we too, became another domesticated animal. As our understanding of the process, it also became more efficient. We learned how to maximize our ability to control both livestock and companion animals with greater ease as they became genetically easier to be manipulated.
Due to our extreme form of self-deception, so too did our ability to be farmed by those human beings who recognized this set of traits in their own species.
You are a form of livestock. Because you are not harvested for meat, you wear a set of blinders that makes it inconceivable to recognize that you serve other purposes.
In the same way we use cattle dogs to control the herds and protect us when we work with much larger animals, these farm managers (of humans) use police and intelligence agencies to keep an eye on us and keep us in line.
And much like we lead our flocks wherever we like with a bucket of grain, so too can social leaders use promises or goods to move humans to wherever they like mentally and emotionally.
Every single year I learn this lesson over and over and see it work reliably, day in and day out. Humans are not exempt from the laws of Nature simply because we have a soul or an intellect. If we lived in closer accord to our true nature, and in an environment better suited to our benefit rather than to our managers, it would be far more obvious, but that was part of their plan too.
Cities are a form of Concentrated Animal Feeding Operation that make recognizing our enclosure much harder to discern.
People living in a state of independence and self-sufficiency are almost universally able to see that urbanity is the exact opposite of free and open. It is a giant pen designed to enclose us in a place where they can better exercise their dominion and control.
Hardscrabble Farmer

โ€œAs democracy is perfected, the office of president represents, more and more closely, the inner soul of the people. On some great and glorious day the plain folks of the land will reach their heartโ€™s desire at last and the White House will be adorned by a downright moron.โ€

H.L. Mencken

Regarding Kamala's citizenship, if her parents were here legally, on a Green Card say, the they were "subject to the jurisdiction thereof", and their offspring would be natural born.

On the other hand, if the Ambassador from New Guinea and his wife are here on diplomatic passports, they are NOT "subject to the jurisdiction thereof". They are still subjects of the New Guinea government, and even are exempt from our local laws and ordinances, like parking tickets and the like. So any children born to them while serving here, would NOT be conferred US citizenship.

> But the rest ๐Ÿคทโ€โ™‚๏ธ the constitution doesn't have an amendment fir software glitches

SURE it does, the Equal Protection Clause of the XIV Amendment. All votes must be considered equally valid if validly cast.

BTW, there is no such thing as a "glitch" in software. There are only "bugs" and "features". Since all the changes made by the software were universally in one direction, we can safely assume that THIS "bug" is actually a "feature"!!

@CrazyLeo there is actually a quite transparent case regarding the PA Vote By Mail Law. The Supreme Court heard the initial pleadings, denied the secondary appeal for expedited review, but did not rule on the primary.

The basis of the case is that the legislative statute defined the rules for mail-in voting. The law has a severability clause that states that if any clause is changed, other than by Legislative amendment, the whole law is void. The Governor arbitrarily changed the rules, contrary to the law, even though the Legislature was IN SESSION!

So Scotus could easily to either, 1) invalidate the Governor's rule changes, 2) invalidate the entire law, tossing out ALL mail-in ballots, or 3) allow the direct violation the legislative intent, and the direct meaning of the election laws in the US Constitution.

My best guess is that I presented them in order of likelihood, since 3 Justices have already questioned the Governor's authority to violate the PA law by unilaterally amending it without the authority being granted.

@Sword of Geddon, I can't presume to know what SCOTUS will decide.

@CrazyLeo, I occasionally capitalize words to demonstrate emphasis. I'm not shouting, or anything. I try to write like I would normally. Sorry you find it objectionable. We're in general agreement. No need for pique.

@CrazyLeo, yes, USPS, being a union shop, definitely tends Dem. But blockchain itself is nonpartisan. Thus higher levels of government could tailor uses for the data flow that is different from the created purpose. Pretty cool concept, really!

Does "Leo" pertain to law enforcement, astrology, or name? Just curious! I think at this point "crazy" fits us all! LOL!!

We have mini military drones that identify insurrection leaders. They can the do remote brain wave scans which are more individual and recognizable than finger prints. If real seditious violence occurs, we can send mini micro drone weapons against the seditious groups and do decapitation strikes even inside of safe houses.

@CrazyLeo, my crazy one is named Ted. I'd bet they'd make a pair of wild cards! Jokers are wild!!!

@CrazyLeo, I thought the Red Poppy watermark was for CA ballots only. I could be wrong.

The most overlooked idea in the recount concept is the diminishment of margin in solid GOP precincts.

Consider, my County voted 72% Trump, according to the published stats. Texas uses Dominion software. What if our ACTUAL support was 80%, not 72%. Now extrapolate that shrinkage of margin across the rural and suburban districts, and realize how much easier a hill to climb the leftist urban districts have to surmount.

My bet is that, in total votes, more were stolen in Red precincts than switched in Blue precincts. In many areas, enough could be switched so that the Dems wouldn't need the fake ballots at all!

> I don't think Gates will be able to unleash another engineered monster

He already DID! Her Star Wars name is Kamala KneeWalker!

There is no way SCOTUS could invalidate a national election. There was NOT a mandate by US government to do mass mail-in voting. In fact, Trump opposed it for the reasons we are seeing now.
SCOTUS could throw out an individual state's election, or limit the votes counted there to those that followed state law. Governors can't unilaterally change state election laws, under the US Constitution.
The follow-on election remediation stuff seemed pretty much correct, though I didn't dig in the weeds.

> Yeah I seen that, but was PA called in the first place. I know Associated press called it

QRabitt, it makes no difference whether any particular media entity "calls a state". They have no legitimate power, just a bully pulpit. The only was a candidate becomes a President Elect is by the certification of votes of the Electoral College, or a public concession by their opponent. Al Gore taught us that such concessions can be withdrawn.

Also Kash Patel has been installed as the Pentagon Chief of Staff!! Ezra & Kash, I seemed to remember discussion of them over the last 3 years!

NC Sen. Tillis has been reelected! That makes 49. Alaska is almost a certainty. Just waiting on straggling rural ballots, but up in the mid 60% range, so that's 50. The two GA runoffs should cement 52. With POTUS Trump back, and we still have an outside chance at flipping the house! Especially with honest recounts!

Love Linwood & ShipWreckCrew!

Demonstrably invalidate the votes of all the corrupted states, throwing the election into the House, where the GOP has a vast majority. 50 votes by state.

Some of these f*ckers need to hang!!!

We have nano-drones that record brain wave signatures.
If the Antifa/BLM riots begin, it will be easy to send weaponized nano-drones, house fly size, to the exact brain wave sites, even inside safe houses, and decapitate the leadership of same. That turns the rest into the braindead zombies they always were! The mop up thereafter will be easy peasy!

As for personal action, self defense is our only real operation. If the crazies come against YOU, stop them! Legally! Otherwise, stand down, and hold! The professionals have GOT THIS!

" I spent the weekend stocking up on food and water. Making sure weโ€™re ready for at least 2 weeks without having to leave the house just in case."
EXCELLENT ADVICE!! Boy Scout's Motto, before they were perved, "Be Prepared!"

Quiet since Thursday, SwordX

Former V.P. Biden has been fitted with a surgical boot due to hairline fractures in his foot.

These also come in handy in disguising ankle monitors for prisoners in home confinement.

Coincidence, you decide!

Remember, election results disputes are Civil matters, not Criminal.

As a result the conclusions are made based upon the Preponderance of the Evidence, and NOT Beyond the Shadow of a Doubt!

If you don't understand that the rampant corruption crossed Party lines, then you are still sleepwalking among the sheep being led to slaughter!

The GOP is not going to be our savior! It is merely the vehicle used to gain the power position necessary to go about the process of rooting out the corruption, and ultimately draining the swamp.

I hate the evil in this world only.

I see and give thanks daily for the beauty and grace and mercy that God blesses us with in multiple ways every single day. I love knowing that I am saved and can still appreciate the good.

I know that rewards easily won have very little value. Our freedom is the most prized of all should not come easily. It is a prize worth fighting valiantly and brutally for. It is no cheap trinket. It is valued more because it must be won with great effort! We become stronger for the battle to gain it and to hold it.

Embrace the challenge! It is Godโ€™s gift to be earned!

Do not despair over the voting fraud and attempt to overtake, from within, our country, Godโ€™s client Nation. Pray for our warriors all who are fighting this war of good vs evil. Pray for our President Trump, and His teams of supporters be they politicians, military, attorneys, activist, digital warriors, and just we the people. More than 80+ million citizens are in this epic battle to defeat the corrupters! And most importantly we are ALL answering to Godโ€™s wish for us to live free. How can we not win this battle! The war has already been won!

Stand in faith and trust and courage.....Hold the line so that Trump can use the righteous sword of vengeance.

Written by my wife, Mary Margaret Myer

I DID, but only the Supreme Court line is legible on my 27" monitor.

We went to DC last year. We toured the White House on 9/11. Unfortunately, POTUS Trump was making a speech at the Pentagon, and didn't return until our tour was completed. Otherwise, I'm sure he would have come to see my wife, who is his biggest fan outside his immediate family! LOL!!

China wouldn't invade, they would simply occupy the territory of their secessionist allies within CA, OR, & WA!

The Republic is dead, along with EVERY LINE of the Constitution the oligarchy deems inconvenient!

It is up to Trump and the military to preserve our way of life.

I'm glad I'm old!

Great news out from Gen. Flynn acknowledging that foreign countries were also surveilling our election system in early November are are providing their evidence to the Trump administration as corroboration of our own findings. The Sting had backup by our allies!

We're back to threats of war with "Russia, Russia, Russia!" again.

Ever wonder why? Democrats ALWAYS attack Christians in every way! Russia, not the Soviet Union, is the 2nd largest Christian nation in the world!

His nominee has to be confirmed by a majority vote of BOTH Houses of Congress.

BTW, HAPPY NEW YEAR, everybody!! Especially you, QRabitt!!

That's not a hearse. That a SS Ninja van, black clad warriors. The windows are blacked out so you can't see how many operators are inside. At least one rolls EVERY time he rolls. I think fire trucks and ambulances are present any time the POTUS is in residence! It's logical.
I know a guy who was on the Ninja SS squad. Wiry little guy, but he could bend a 10 penny nail between two fingers! AWESOME!! Has an AK47 hung on a swing in his trunk to this day!

Trump can nominate any eligible Natural Born citizen. Both Houses of Congress have to approve the nominee by simple majority vote.

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