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2020-12-03 19:57:36 UTC  

Glad your ok Qrabbit! msduncan9 I think they know the stakes more than we do as does Trump. Its precise timing and agonizing to wait. But Trump already has the emergency powers of 2018 and others. Elections were tampered with by outside powers. Matter of when not if.

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2020-12-03 20:10:47 UTC  

I think everyone is beginning to doubt, I'm holding myself together but I keep telling my mom Trump has known about this for years, he is going to use the military. She keeps going back to senate races and court cases and saying "I don't know". I keep saying those things don't matter it will be settled like it was with Lincoln, again and again she is like "I dont know" with a worried tone.

2020-12-03 20:11:19 UTC  

It’s all going to be fine. 6/8 states won’t be able@to certify. Period

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SCOTUS may just rule that way. Then the reaction by the other side will come into play. If they choose sediton(Supreme Court lies -Biden), then it will be shorter after that things go ahead

2020-12-03 20:18:07 UTC  

Trump has a plan for it all. Be patient. Let the truth see the light.

2020-12-03 20:23:20 UTC  

I know. I remember his radio rally when he was asked the question about preventing voting fraud and how he would. Trump didn't answer but explaind statistically in a verrry serious and dire tone where the voters were(on his side except for a minority and shrinking). I noticed he didn't answer. I figured if he did have a strategy he wouldn't say it. Truth is he knew what was going to happen years in advance. And that what would follow would be horrible, but he knows what must be done.

2020-12-03 20:25:32 UTC  

He actually set a trap. It’s why he wanted Biden to be the candidate

2020-12-03 20:32:06 UTC  

That sounds interesting can you explain? OO

2020-12-03 20:34:17 UTC  

2018. We all knew it was stolen from certain candidates. That was the first layer. They watched it all. And they knew how they cheated then. So 2020 it was a breadcrumb trail.

2020-12-03 20:37:19 UTC  

I'm hoping Kraken recorded the entire mess.

2020-12-03 20:37:31 UTC  

I’m sure it did.

2020-12-03 20:38:39 UTC  

So there's Kraken the special ops Battalion and Kraken the Super Computer

2020-12-03 20:39:39 UTC  

Either or both would have a role. But Iwas speaking of special ops or 305 division

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I know they got the servers in Germany but there were CIA present and durin g the firefight military had a couple casaulties. War has already started there is no way Trump is just going to give up. He won, and he will win this too,

2020-12-03 20:45:11 UTC  

The sad thing is the people who aren't aware of stuff like this but who are Trump supporters, but who I tell about but don't believe it

2020-12-03 20:45:18 UTC  

Despite all evidence

2020-12-03 22:12:18 UTC  

So zukkerberg is a dirty character funnelling $ to pay in exchange for votes ah ok

2020-12-03 22:48:03 UTC  

Absolutely spot on @SwordX. The 305th Intelligence Corps is known as Kraken and there is a Cray Supercomputer called Kraken for analysis etc. @David__ is right. Both would have a huge role, the 305th in Germany, the Cray for extracting the data.

2020-12-03 23:31:12 UTC  

How long till the coalitions for in body RFD?

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Out boy @markd2323 did it!! This video is awesome!! Give it a like and RT pleeeease!!

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I’m going on the bullshit what is happening in my country!!! I’m fed up, no holds barred I’m calling these bastards out

2020-12-04 01:28:50 UTC  

A lot feel the same @xx BANE xx ! And it's understandable, this is were it gets good. They can't just hide anymore, ppl are toooooo awake

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Hey @Annie Oakley, thanks for joining! :v::flag_us: Please read info in {announements} please! Thank you!

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Welcome Annie 💪😎🇺🇸 Glad you joined from my Discord and @TNS .... 'Q' Rabitt is awesomeness 🇺🇸 WWG1WGA 💪😎🇺🇸

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good to see you Bfrei 🙂

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thankyou for the post 🙂

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how are you

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Good, I keep missing everyone hoping on.

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I believe Siris in on in here and in elsewhere

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Fox place

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If you ever on Parler, follow this guy: