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Just learned about it on discord but I've been coming to qrabitt's post daily for some time

Yes I am Ivan, and I didn't notice Mark

McInerny calls on President to invoke insurrection act. He says this is not voter fraud but cyber warfare

I'm hoping Kraken recorded the entire mess.

Either or both would have a role. But Iwas speaking of special ops or 305 division

Wish I knew what Trump is waiting for. I understand Alito can soon rule on PA. That's one down. Does he want more? IDK

Well thank you news room service

SwordX What happened that makes you think the operation has begun?

A sign yes, I want to see an arrest or something more significant

OK. thanks. I'm anxious like you all.

Thanks, I'll keep an eye for him

Yeah esp. Marines. But they would be more secretive. hmm

POTUS would be well advised to coordinate a SCOTUS announcement with the WH

As I understand it, hammer is software, possibly some additional computer hardware, that makes it easy to hack into election computers and tabulators. Might be able to hack anything. Scorecard is software to flip votes and change the outcome even by a programmable amount.

Well that went sideways abruptly

Doesn't sound far fetched at all to me. EBS still works

"term has ended" is not true but I'm trying to find out if any portion of that may be true

BOOM BOOM BOOM video above is old

I think this is also old. Not as certain as the previous video.

barrLeave of absense not resigned. This is old defintely old

Don't give it away SwordX. Buy popcorn

Something else is going on. Can't say for certain what. Several possibilities

29 total messages. Viewing 100 per page.
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