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2020-12-26 01:48:14 UTC  

His thread tho. 🔥

2020-12-26 01:51:16 UTC  

I know. Very interesting

2020-12-26 01:54:45 UTC  

Dripping out info.

2020-12-26 01:55:10 UTC  

Perhaps drawing attention away from something else for a reason.

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2020-12-26 01:56:54 UTC  

🎄enjoy the rest of Christmas holiday.

2020-12-26 01:57:04 UTC  

You too

2020-12-26 02:22:19 UTC  

D.E.W. Direct Energy Weapon...if you did not know

2020-12-26 02:22:40 UTC  

Didn’t IPOT do a video about them.

2020-12-26 03:06:27 UTC  

Yes and my god I miss him on YT

2020-12-26 03:14:59 UTC  

@Ligg_Stephs California wildfires... this technology does exist

2020-12-26 03:16:59 UTC  


2020-12-27 17:08:22 UTC  

@MattyBoyCx the is one long read.... go Cyrus

2020-12-27 22:30:49 UTC  

So, is Mike Pence ally or enemy? What will happen with him on the 6th of January? I see once again people seem to be putting hopes on a LEGAL victory. They don't know, or understand the idea that there is a globalist coup, Great Reset etc. We were told the first arrest(though I hear Shiff is arrested, its not the one, if true) will shock everyone?

2020-12-27 22:32:05 UTC  

I'm wondering if people aren't setting themselves up for a disappointment. I expect only the military, which have been active and deployed, will be the way in either case. Great Reset means people won't care about legality in either case.

2020-12-27 22:34:24 UTC  

@SwordX States still have time to unconfirm/reconfirm their vote certification.

2020-12-27 22:34:51 UTC  

Supreme Court also moved up Pennsylvania case

2020-12-27 22:35:14 UTC  

Will be heard before January 5

2020-12-27 22:35:44 UTC  

Lots of stress for all to deal with

2020-12-27 22:37:04 UTC  

I choose to pray and have faith the GODS will, will change the projected outcome

2020-12-27 23:03:13 UTC  

Yeah but I think people are very wrong in thinking legality will win. Q said Military is the only way. The system is so broken, so many criminals in power in government, business etc, that we need mass arrests, a new restored Republic to deal with this. Nobody planning on overthrowing the established order will care about legal means either way. They will ignore it

2020-12-27 23:03:25 UTC  

As for Pence some have said Q mentioned he was an enemy

2020-12-27 23:22:42 UTC  

In essence I agree, as to the extent of involvement we will all see. I am concerned about our northern border with Canada 🇨🇦

2020-12-27 23:31:18 UTC  

Yes. Even with Trump victory, still Great Reset players up there. Going to have to work with allies to destroy them all

2020-12-28 02:08:26 UTC  

So Qrabbit what do you know of Trump was Pence ever spoken of by Q or is that just rumors people talked about

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2020-12-28 03:38:42 UTC  

They didn't expect that. That is a little known legal act. Sort of like a line item veto

2020-12-28 03:39:06 UTC  

Makes it so only the parts not underlined are considered for passing

2020-12-28 03:44:03 UTC  

What happens when Congress fuks him?? Or can’t get their shit together for whatever noble reason. He still signed it.

2020-12-28 03:44:33 UTC  

The act prevents all things underlined from being included

2020-12-28 03:44:44 UTC  

How many strong messages have been sent?

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2020-12-28 03:45:43 UTC  

It doesn’t prevent anything from not being included. It only holds them up for 45 days as I read it.

2020-12-28 03:46:23 UTC  

they dont have 45 days

2020-12-28 03:46:29 UTC  

thats the key

2020-12-28 03:47:02 UTC  

For government shutdown?