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FBI Investigating Whether Hunter Biden Emails, Photos Were Part Of "Russian Influence Operation" | Zero Hedge


Itโ€™s getting unbelievable. Did anyone see Rudyโ€™s daughter on CNN? Denouncing her father. Wrote an article for vanity fair and says vote Biden.

Idk. Brian Cates broke that in a Twitter thread. Then James Woods retweated it. Then Cates was tossed. It would be great but how do you verify?? https://twitter.com/buffalo172/status/1324468649957167104?s=21

I know who Steve is. I have listened to him for years. Unfortunately lots of empty rabbit holes. Just saying. Believe me!! I would love this to happen. But AJ and Corsey and others have not been so helpful. Iโ€™m a Q guy and these people do a lot to undermine the movement.

Iโ€™m going to listen and hopefully there will be some insight.

I hope so. If this pans out we should have 49 of 50 states. Or force the courts to give an in person election again.

MSM wouldnโ€™t report that anyway. For sure they are. Iโ€™m in Houston and have friends at Ft. Hood.

There was a letter to California election peeps from DHS. Lol

Listen. I hope itโ€™s legit. It would explain why Esper resignation rumors are floating around, why Barr and Wray are MIA along with most of the republican leadership. This is potentially a MOAB on the citizens of this country.

NYT is trying to report on secret Q language! Lol. All of trumps tweets spelling mistakes etc are all code.

Yes. They are marked with non radioactive isotope. They distinguish between official mail in and fraudulent. Let me see if I can find the letter Between state of CA and DHS.

Iโ€™m confused how an isotope can transmit an electric signal for location though. Idk.

QFS blockchain wasnโ€™t in the letter. But The USPS has an approved patent for blockchain voting system. That came out a few days before the Post Master Gen testified.

Iโ€™m still kind of lost on project Odin and there is another one too. I listen to Table of Titans each week. RdoctorD is from Houston also. Plus we grew up in the same area of NY. He seems to have a handle on a lot of info. Odin, and the other program Iโ€™ve never heard a solid explanation of what they are. Iโ€™m also kind of a caveman. My wife and kids make fun of me daily.

Did they say what that means?

They are 2 heads of the same evil hydra! Lol

I wish Roger Stone was on the board to help with the ballot BS. He was a beast in 2000.

So the Michigan software was also used in Maracopa county. Anyway to find out where else nationally??

How does the campaign get in to those machines and test for glitches?

Is there a connection between dominion voting systems and Avid Technology?

Itโ€™s just weird. Because Avid and Feinstein ownership and then Dominion software both are out of the Bay Area in CA. I personally consider that jinky in 2020. Lol

Lol. My neighbor just came over to show me the interview with Steve Piezniack on Alex Jones!! Lol. 60 year old never trumper about to crap her pants. Hahahaha

Watch sydnee Powell. She has giant Balls!!!

Iโ€™m watching Lou Dobbs with my 6 year old. I know fox sucks but Lou and Tucker are tits.

Twatter keeps talking about protesting throughout the country tomorrow. Where would go to find out if my city Houston has one?

Follow their threads. Itโ€™s becoming clear. Crystal.

We have to discredit the high CV19 numbers. The positive tests/cases will be used as leverage or for consideration against the possibility of holding another vote.

I get that and agree. However these judges including the SC will consider the numbers BS or not. Historically these judges look for any reason to kick the can down the road.

Does anyone know the time table to pull this off?? Is it today to actual Inauguration Day?

Should we all start posting this to the libs? Holy smokes VP Mike Pence to be sworn in as acting president.ย ย White House officials say President Trump to resign at midnight tonight in protest.


Source: Reuters Via PBS

Wikileaks just dumped a shit ton!!

I guess so. Iโ€™m looking through the link with file names. I saw the Steve Jobs medical history form. But Iโ€™m on my phone and Iโ€™m trying to find LV shooting info.

Gowdy is out at Fox because heโ€™s on Trumps outside council. Lol.

Did real clear politics change PA??

Is there something we can do about these LP fuks. They need a taste of their own shit. If I had an address I would go poopsender.com. https://twitter.com/rubinreport/status/1326232143614287874?s=21

Look it up! Iโ€™ve used it a number of times. Lol. I havenโ€™t used it since CV19 started but Iโ€™ve always had a positive experience.

It drives me nuts that these Fโ€™s get away with this. These are the tattle tales that never got their asses kicked in high school.

I think weโ€™re at 210 with the house.

No. Increase margins most likely. There are calls throughout dozens of local news calling for recounts nationwide. I live in Houston and our guy just offered 1 million dollars for voter/electoral fraud!!! Lol. This is awesome.

Iโ€™m from NY. Astoria till junior high then Utica. I know itโ€™s RED. NAFTA destroyed the Mohawk Valley. Rochester to Albany Cooperstown massive shy Trumpers. According to my motherโ€™s FB pages. Lol

Iโ€™m shocked Jamaicans didnโ€™t crawl up Kamalaโ€™s Ass for saying sheโ€™s African American. I have a handful of grade school friends that are Super Jamaican and they hate her.

IDK. It is easy to fall for the BS over there though. My favorite thing to do is send a Christmas Card to my City friends of my fat ass in my pool with my kids. Lol. I send them pics of me mowing my lawn too.

Itโ€™s crazy though. BLM do you know about the IFA spiritual part??

Let me find the clip for you. Itโ€™s crazy.

My neighbors are Nigerian and they went Ham after they saw this.

Ex-CIA Chief Under Obama Urges Palace Coup Against Trump So He Doesn't "Declassify Everything" | Zero Hedge


What is the deal with Loeffler resigning and appointing Collins? Is she involved with the fraud??

Per Lin Wood tweet.

Ugh. Sorry. Donโ€™t tell Rdoc! Lol

Does anyone know why POTUS saying Stock Market rise to 30 is a sacred number??

Does anyone know if the Pennsylvania hearing is public? Can we listen?

Dominion energy isnโ€™t the same as voting stuff correct???

Is there a hearing this evening somewhere??

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