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@Dyno read your announcement page. All is good

@SwordX thanks sword. But, going to bed now. Talk to you guys later

Hi. I live in a small town south of Ft. Worth, Texas

There are supposed to be, I think.

@SwordX like that's gonna happen. DS is out of luck. I'm thinking hes looking forward to a little payback..subconsciously, of course

A bit of trivia I noticed. Watching a video of Juan o savin. All you ever see are his hands, never his face. Noticed his watch was on his right hand. Usually means left handed. Also looked up pics of JFK jr. Watch on the right hand. Also found info that JFK and jr. Were both left handed. Not definitive proof, but intriguing facts.

Maybe hes DS and he took the deal to save his reputation

I still think Barr is DS. Maybe hes not in too deep and took the deal to give evidence and preserve his reputation . Or his life. Who knows at this point.

@Buffalo17 I had forgotten that. That says it all

@Buffalo17 well its definitely not the beginning. Lol

Well L Lin Wood says Barr is a patriot. So could be optics or to do something else

Interesting informative video about what is happening. Also explains some cue dates.

According to juan o savin, the 17th equates to 11-3 on the posts. Per the chinese calendar. Looks like things are about to get real

I'm concerned. When is the new fiscal year start. Doesn't necessarily start jan 1

So if that passed, he cant call insurection.., without congress. And I believe to call marshal law requires congress also. So how does he get this done, unless he just starts having the treasonist members arrested for treason,

@Qrabitt I was talking about your first post about the insurection act. Did that pass?

@Bfreitas @Qrabitt I was talking about what QRabitt posted above, about in insurection act from july

Ok. So it didnt pass in july? So they snuck it in now?

Ok, so if he vetoes, how how before they try to overturn veto? Did congress go on break yet?

So, do you think if hes going to use military, DS is trying to push him into now.

@markd2323 no. I appreciate you. Just reading it and thinking. I read alot of Pardons were signed today. Wondering if these were low people involved in treason, or fraud(same thing) to be witnesses

I know, but didnt know who the others were

@SwordX very much felt the same way by all of us

We are united. This has been an awesome time for getting close to fellow patriots

Merry Christmas and goodnighy

Happy new year 2021 to all you guys we are on our way to the Best is yet to come.

Sidney Powell now has the proof of the steal

It's starting. Cant share his tweet

Could the reds be counting down backwards?

2021-01-07 18:46:17 UTC [TRUTH PATRIOTS' #in-the-news]  

@hipchickgirl it's just beginning of the end game

2021-01-07 19:38:24 UTC [TRUTH PATRIOTS' #in-the-news]  

@hipchickgirl thanks for info

2021-01-08 01:53:07 UTC [TRUTH PATRIOTS' #in-the-news]  

Anyone notice this. He was banned on twitter...yet his speech today was on Twitter. So what happened there???

Anyone notice this. He was banned on twitter...yet his speech today was on Twitter. So what happened there???

2021-01-08 02:01:26 UTC [TRUTH PATRIOTS' #in-the-news]  

@Bfreitas I missed her. I'll have to go find it and watch it

2021-01-08 02:08:20 UTC [TRUTH PATRIOTS' #in-the-news]  

@Bfreitas I cant find it posted anywhere. I'll keep looking

2021-01-08 02:34:03 UTC [TRUTH PATRIOTS' #in-the-news]  

@Bfreitas I hit the link. It takes me to my facebook page. ??? What am i missing?

2021-01-08 02:48:26 UTC [TRUTH PATRIOTS' #in-the-news]  

Lol. I'm so tired, I cant seem to find anything tonight. I'm still in total belief patriots have this. But I cant seem to stop obsessing with searching and reading.

2021-01-08 03:17:57 UTC [TRUTH PATRIOTS' #in-the-news]  

@Bfreitas thanks. I watched Kayleigh. I felt she was more mad, than tearful. And you're right, not knowing details is maddening. Trying to stay calm.. lol

2021-01-08 03:22:27 UTC [TRUTH PATRIOTS' #in-the-news]  

@ozgirl you misunderstood me. I believe patriots are still in control of the plan. I know antifa caused the mess in DC. Not patriots

2021-01-08 03:28:56 UTC [TRUTH PATRIOTS' #in-the-news]  

@ozgirl the end is just beginning. Our President Trump is the best president I've seen in my 70 years. He has never let us down, and he wont start now. I will stand with him and the patriots plan, if I have to stand with a shotgun. I will not be part of losing my country to communist traitors.

2021-01-08 03:32:24 UTC [TRUTH PATRIOTS' #in-the-news]  

W. W. G 1 . W. G. A. Worldwide. Your time will come and we will stand with you

@Qrabitt I spelled my name wrong when I joined above. I did MaxinrT instead MaxineT. How do I fix?

Take downs on parler have started

You all do remember the original discord got taken down???

@SwordX I tried. Hes not online. Kiddo, I love you, but you really have to start thinking things thru before you type.

@SwordX I did. He wishes you well, but no go. Sorry

I'm in jail, I guess and cant share videos again..but I found this video by Bards FM ...the power of silence that made me this explains what is going on. I'll send a screenshot. Please look up and watch. I'd like you guys opinion.

Trump cant walk away. He would continue to have a target on his back, as well as his entire family. All of his close associates/patriots. As well as all if us. Hes never quit, and it's been 4 years of hell for him. The Man is not a quitter. We were told it would be bad. We just have to sit back and have faith. Gods got this. And the Patriots with Trump have got this. There's NO walking away and giving up now. STAND . Because bottom line, we stand, we believe, we wait. It won't fail! But is it did, We the people have this. I'm 70 years old, I will die fighting for my and my children,grandchildren, and great grandchildren's freedom, if I have too. I will not live under this evil satanic rule on my knees. Sorry, I'm mad. But, I'm waiting for the plan to work, first

@SwordX right. So trump supporters cant be blamed

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