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2020-12-26 03:06:27 UTC  

Yes and my god I miss him on YT

2020-12-26 03:14:59 UTC  

@Ligg_Stephs California wildfires... this technology does exist

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2020-12-27 17:08:22 UTC  

@MattyBoyCx the is one long read.... go Cyrus

2020-12-27 22:30:49 UTC  

So, is Mike Pence ally or enemy? What will happen with him on the 6th of January? I see once again people seem to be putting hopes on a LEGAL victory. They don't know, or understand the idea that there is a globalist coup, Great Reset etc. We were told the first arrest(though I hear Shiff is arrested, its not the one, if true) will shock everyone?

2020-12-27 22:32:05 UTC  

I'm wondering if people aren't setting themselves up for a disappointment. I expect only the military, which have been active and deployed, will be the way in either case. Great Reset means people won't care about legality in either case.

2020-12-27 22:34:24 UTC  

@SwordX States still have time to unconfirm/reconfirm their vote certification.

2020-12-27 22:34:51 UTC  

Supreme Court also moved up Pennsylvania case

2020-12-27 22:35:14 UTC  

Will be heard before January 5

2020-12-27 22:35:44 UTC  

Lots of stress for all to deal with

2020-12-27 22:37:04 UTC  

I choose to pray and have faith the GODS will, will change the projected outcome

2020-12-27 23:03:13 UTC  

Yeah but I think people are very wrong in thinking legality will win. Q said Military is the only way. The system is so broken, so many criminals in power in government, business etc, that we need mass arrests, a new restored Republic to deal with this. Nobody planning on overthrowing the established order will care about legal means either way. They will ignore it

2020-12-27 23:03:25 UTC  

As for Pence some have said Q mentioned he was an enemy

2020-12-27 23:22:42 UTC  

In essence I agree, as to the extent of involvement we will all see. I am concerned about our northern border with Canada πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦

2020-12-27 23:31:18 UTC  

Yes. Even with Trump victory, still Great Reset players up there. Going to have to work with allies to destroy them all

2020-12-28 02:08:26 UTC  

So Qrabbit what do you know of Trump was Pence ever spoken of by Q or is that just rumors people talked about

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2020-12-28 03:38:42 UTC  

They didn't expect that. That is a little known legal act. Sort of like a line item veto

2020-12-28 03:39:06 UTC  

Makes it so only the parts not underlined are considered for passing

2020-12-28 03:44:03 UTC  

What happens when Congress fuks him?? Or can’t get their shit together for whatever noble reason. He still signed it.

2020-12-28 03:44:33 UTC  

The act prevents all things underlined from being included

2020-12-28 03:44:44 UTC  

How many strong messages have been sent?

2020-12-28 03:44:55 UTC  


2020-12-28 03:45:43 UTC  

It doesn’t prevent anything from not being included. It only holds them up for 45 days as I read it.

2020-12-28 03:46:23 UTC  

they dont have 45 days

2020-12-28 03:46:29 UTC  

thats the key

2020-12-28 03:47:02 UTC  

For government shutdown?

2020-12-28 03:48:09 UTC  

everything. Arrests, military, blackouts, everything. Q: Military is the only way

2020-12-28 03:48:31 UTC  

Look at Scavino's tweets as well

2020-12-28 03:48:50 UTC  

Redline tweet?

2020-12-28 03:50:32 UTC  

He first said he attended a historical meeting. But didnt show the real picture. Hiding the people involved. Then he showed(around the same time Trump retweeted people with plot against the president and other videos), as well as Cjtruth's "All the corruption had to be exposed so people understood. This is the largest sting operation in history. Justice is coming"

2020-12-28 03:51:10 UTC  

Legal things, supreme court, lower court challenges, congress, none are the answer because of how corrupt the system is.

2020-12-28 04:51:03 UTC  

πŸ’ͺπŸ€ πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈπŸŽ―

2020-12-28 04:53:22 UTC  

GN PATRIOTS πŸ™πŸ’œπŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ God Bless AMERICA 🍿🍿🍿 BOOM πŸ’₯πŸ’₯πŸ’₯πŸ’₯πŸ’₯

2020-12-28 04:53:54 UTC  

Almost time

2020-12-28 04:54:31 UTC  

Scavino's meeting, then pictures, Trump saying "the best is yet to come, the world is watching" and now "There will be no transition, only the start of the second term"