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2018-12-03 16:16:02 UTC  

Kid Rock got removed from a Christmas parade for saying “love everybody, except Joy Behar” on live tv on Fox News. Lol where’s the lie

2018-12-03 16:16:46 UTC  

pretty sure he called her a cunt too lol

2018-12-03 16:20:16 UTC  

Oh missed that part. I’m seeing it was bitch

2018-12-03 16:20:29 UTC  

Yet again, where’s the lie

2018-12-03 16:22:33 UTC  

nonexistent, but it "violated the spirit of christmas cheer" or something like that

2018-12-03 16:22:56 UTC  

it is nashville after all, we're deep blue because of the other side of the tracks people and the cosmopolitan liberals

2018-12-03 16:24:41 UTC  

They can remove him for it. BFD

2018-12-03 16:25:01 UTC  

Just wish we lived in a world where people could see that was obvious

2018-12-03 16:28:49 UTC  

You’re in Nashville proper? @Sam Southern - TN

2018-12-03 16:29:54 UTC  

yes, I live 10 minutes from downtown

2018-12-03 16:30:12 UTC  

thankfully, we still have suburbs that close to the "city"

2018-12-03 16:30:42 UTC  

I live near a concentration of (Happy Hanukkah)'s unfortunately, otherwise mostly Anglo neighborhood

2018-12-03 16:32:11 UTC  

Holy crap, PragerU is on damage control rn

2018-12-03 16:32:42 UTC  

What's happy hanukkah?

2018-12-03 16:32:52 UTC  

Is this the new fashygoy TRS meme?

2018-12-03 16:33:17 UTC  

"new fashygoy TRS meme" no, it's a funny way to get the ADL/SPLC to add happy hanukkah to their hate list

2018-12-03 16:33:22 UTC  

right next to pepe and apu

2018-12-03 16:33:22 UTC  

I'm seeing it on twitter lately, hate being out of the loop.

2018-12-03 16:33:37 UTC  

OKay, that's clever.

2018-12-03 16:33:47 UTC  

Is it from pol?

2018-12-03 16:33:51 UTC  

Okay this is epic

2018-12-03 16:34:08 UTC  

ya I saw it as a post from pol originally

2018-12-03 16:35:01 UTC  

That's pretty lulzy actually.

2018-12-03 16:35:09 UTC  

Happy Dracula prop holiday

2018-12-03 16:35:11 UTC  

@netgearblackhawk the Israel video?

2018-12-03 16:35:51 UTC  

@VinceChaos yep, the comments are great

2018-12-03 16:36:21 UTC  

Go downvote, everybody. I’ll have to watch later

2018-12-03 16:36:50 UTC  

Of course, there's the typical boomer reactionary response, trying to defend spending foreign aid

2018-12-03 16:39:34 UTC  

Oh and send IE dot come slash apply links 😎

2018-12-03 16:41:04 UTC  

I just watched the Prager video

2018-12-03 16:41:42 UTC  

He doesn't even make sense logically, he literally just shills to give Israel more money because it "benefits us to do so"

2018-12-03 16:42:08 UTC  

well he is one of them isn't he lol

2018-12-03 16:42:47 UTC  

Looks just like Bibi's twin brother lol

2018-12-03 16:43:25 UTC  

absolutely shredded in the comments section 😂

2018-12-03 16:44:10 UTC  

He starts off saying he could easily defend giving money to Israel on moral grounds

2018-12-03 16:44:32 UTC  


2018-12-03 16:49:42 UTC  

Most Nationalist groups in Europe play lip service to Zionism, at least on the outside to appease certain elements within the establishment.

There really is no advantage for parties like Vox or Lega to be anti-Zionist or j-woke because both Spain and Italy have tiny and insignificant Jewish populations that are not as entrenched there as they are here.

2018-12-03 16:50:14 UTC  

"Israel is not going to be asking us for troops, but we should be giving them anything else they need: intelligence, weapons technology, and other vital information."

2018-12-03 16:53:01 UTC  

Oh new channel <#517910377133244416>

2018-12-03 17:04:49 UTC  

Furthermore being publically J-woke doesn't do anything to advance these parties electoral goals.

They would just end up alienating most of their potential voting base at this point. The only people who it wouldn't alienate are Muslims and the radical far left, neither of which are ever going to vote for a European Nationalist party anyways.