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2019-01-08 07:45:20 UTC  

Reach out to your chapter! @Nico The Great - CA

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2019-01-08 07:45:45 UTC  

Keep it in the family!

2019-01-08 07:45:51 UTC  

Yeah, it's a lot easier getting laid off when you live with family and don't have a family of your own

2019-01-08 07:46:04 UTC  

You should see it as an opportunity

2019-01-08 07:46:15 UTC  

I mean, it's always an opportunity.

2019-01-08 07:46:29 UTC  

I'll hire you lol

2019-01-08 07:46:39 UTC  

I was really concerned when I got laid off from the job I moved for, but I got a far better job as a result.

2019-01-08 07:47:02 UTC  

Lots of good connections in IE, lots of people willing to help

2019-01-08 07:47:09 UTC  

@Auf WI Ha ha thanks bud. If I move to WI, i'll consider it ha ha. Also depends on how many white single Cathoilc women are up there

2019-01-08 07:47:29 UTC  

It should also be a goal of ours to get in a position to hire/help others get jobs

2019-01-08 07:47:34 UTC  

if I don't start being careful with my finances, my diet is going to be PBWMBD (Piece of Bread With Mayonaise and Bologna a Day)

2019-01-08 07:48:25 UTC  

Jacob, my dude, get on the Do PORAD (Pallet Of Ramen A Day) train. It's what all the cool right wing kids are doing

2019-01-08 07:48:42 UTC  

Few people know this, but the PORAD diet FUELED the MAGA movement

2019-01-08 07:48:58 UTC  

We literally wouldn't have Trump without ramen

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2019-01-08 07:49:22 UTC  

I might just do that

2019-01-08 07:49:25 UTC  

Anime right/IE alliance

2019-01-08 07:49:26 UTC  

ramen increases your T

2019-01-08 07:50:03 UTC  

Eat mountain lion jerky

2019-01-08 07:50:11 UTC  

Women that spend time around a man that eats at a pallet of ramen a day naturally become more feminine and want to have babies

2019-01-08 07:50:30 UTC  

@greg_p - TX Interesting lol

2019-01-08 07:50:42 UTC  

citation needed

2019-01-08 07:50:50 UTC  

ramen is basically the answer to all of our fertility and masculinity problems

2019-01-08 07:51:10 UTC  

Farm food is, tbh

2019-01-08 07:51:11 UTC  

@Deleted User <frantically searches internet for ramen data to help get women>

2019-01-08 07:51:16 UTC  

Citation: dude just trust me

2019-01-08 07:51:17 UTC  

Okay, I'm going to stop shitpoasting about ramen and go to bed

2019-01-08 07:51:35 UTC  

poor people food is actually really good if you know how to get creative

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2019-01-08 07:51:55 UTC  

my mom thinks I'm suffering eating like this but I'm really not

2019-01-08 07:52:02 UTC  

Fun chatting with you guys, have a good night!

2019-01-08 07:52:11 UTC  
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good night

2019-01-08 07:53:11 UTC  

I have this one recipe that is literally a can of baked beans and sliced hot dogs baked inside corn bread. Thing is, it’s damn good.

2019-01-08 07:53:32 UTC  

@Gerald Cunningham Wholesome and American. I'll have to try that myself, it sounds my style

2019-01-08 07:54:32 UTC  

We need more women in the chat, so I can get some recipes here

2019-01-08 07:57:31 UTC  

Look into getting in the skills server. There’s a channel specifically for cooking. @Nico The Great - CA

2019-01-08 07:57:55 UTC  

Good idea. I heard there's a religion one too, is that actually true?

2019-01-08 07:58:21 UTC  

there are unofficial ones I beleive, not sure cause I'm not in any though

2019-01-08 07:59:34 UTC