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2019-01-08 07:41:21 UTC  

Actually, sorry guys, but the only diet that works is milk and peanut butter.

2019-01-08 07:41:30 UTC  

For cutting and bulking

2019-01-08 07:41:33 UTC  

Dairy or get out

2019-01-08 07:41:40 UTC  

My current ramen that I'm eating right now is with leftovers from a slab of pork fat, some bacon fat, a can of green beans, salt, pepper, and paprika

2019-01-08 07:41:42 UTC  

cheese for every meal

2019-01-08 07:41:53 UTC  

Just eat like a wrestler trying to make weight. You’ll shed pounds daily

2019-01-08 07:42:01 UTC  
2019-01-08 07:42:24 UTC  

the other thing I've been eating for the past few days was a piece of bread, some clearance rack "sandwich spread" and a piece of bologna

2019-01-08 07:42:41 UTC  

The ramen diet has been the most effective for me financially as well as for muscle gain, weight loss, toning, and just general health and well-being.

the ramen diet is the perfection of human health

2019-01-08 07:42:46 UTC  

I also like to make sandwiches with bologna and mayonaisse

2019-01-08 07:42:48 UTC  

get on the ramen train, fam

2019-01-08 07:42:50 UTC  

I'm seriously considering pulling an all-nighter. I pretty much never chat in general, so I'm rather enterained tbh

2019-01-08 07:43:06 UTC  

I'm pulling an all nighter tonight because my sleep schedule is messed up

2019-01-08 07:43:10 UTC  

I kinda have no choice

2019-01-08 07:43:18 UTC  

fell asleep when I got back from class

2019-01-08 07:43:22 UTC  

I never sleep

2019-01-08 07:43:32 UTC  

Do PORAD (Pallet Of Ramen A Day)

2019-01-08 07:43:38 UTC  

*mods sweating*

2019-01-08 07:43:55 UTC  

I'm going to bed soon because I have to kick ass at work tomorrow but it would be fun to stay up and chat with ya'll

2019-01-08 07:44:34 UTC  

I actually don't have work, just got laid off two days ago. If any y'all have work in CA, just saying ha ha

2019-01-08 07:44:42 UTC  


2019-01-08 07:44:47 UTC  

Sorry to hear that brother

2019-01-08 07:45:00 UTC  

Sorry man.

2019-01-08 07:45:12 UTC  

No worries, I'll find something. I still live wiht family, so not the end of the world

2019-01-08 07:45:20 UTC  

Reach out to your chapter! @Nico The Great - CA

2019-01-08 07:45:32 UTC  


2019-01-08 07:45:45 UTC  

Keep it in the family!

2019-01-08 07:45:51 UTC  

Yeah, it's a lot easier getting laid off when you live with family and don't have a family of your own

2019-01-08 07:46:04 UTC  

You should see it as an opportunity

2019-01-08 07:46:15 UTC  

I mean, it's always an opportunity.

2019-01-08 07:46:29 UTC  

I'll hire you lol

2019-01-08 07:46:39 UTC  

I was really concerned when I got laid off from the job I moved for, but I got a far better job as a result.

2019-01-08 07:47:02 UTC  

Lots of good connections in IE, lots of people willing to help

2019-01-08 07:47:09 UTC  

@Auf WI Ha ha thanks bud. If I move to WI, i'll consider it ha ha. Also depends on how many white single Cathoilc women are up there

2019-01-08 07:47:29 UTC  

It should also be a goal of ours to get in a position to hire/help others get jobs

2019-01-08 07:47:34 UTC  

if I don't start being careful with my finances, my diet is going to be PBWMBD (Piece of Bread With Mayonaise and Bologna a Day)

2019-01-08 07:48:25 UTC  

Jacob, my dude, get on the Do PORAD (Pallet Of Ramen A Day) train. It's what all the cool right wing kids are doing

2019-01-08 07:48:42 UTC  

Few people know this, but the PORAD diet FUELED the MAGA movement

2019-01-08 07:48:58 UTC  

We literally wouldn't have Trump without ramen

2019-01-08 07:49:21 UTC  


2019-01-08 07:49:22 UTC  

I might just do that