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hey uncle tay tay

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give her a gift wrapped bible

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@Marcus Antonius if its a white shooter, they instantly post his photo and idendity

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womp womp culture

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First thing they reported was that he's white

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The court case the shooter had against the paper was from years ago. Long before Trump even said he was running

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He a white Hispanic, just like Nick and George Zimmerman

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smoeone superchatted the story

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`"That sparked months of emails in which Ramos alternately asked for help,
called her vulgar names and told her to kill herself. He emailed her company
and tried to get her fired.`

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`"He has a degree in computer engineering and has worked for the U.S. Bureau
of Labor Statistics for six years, Drewniak said. He had no previous criminal
record. `

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definitely an incel

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he filed suit against the paper in 2012

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so, totally unrelated to Trump or Milo

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There's nothing offensive about saying journalists should be killed

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It's the centrists position

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I'm pooping

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about to eat some "Chick Fil-A"

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Labor statistics

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What does that entail?

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how many nazis have you punched today?

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a whole bunch

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Those Chickens will come home to roost eventually. Today was just a preview of what would happen if a right winger actually did do the deed.

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Now we just get to smug post and laugh

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Don't have to defend shit

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Goddamn Buddhists

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I'm eating dinner

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what's for dinner tonight fella

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Remember to pray for journis, life in hell is terrible.

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when is the next gaming stream

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Remember to call journalists faggots and subhumans more than ever

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inb4 the media declares today national journalist day

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double standards not serving a fag is horrible but not serving a right wing chick is just

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Amazing show tonight

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The press is the enemy!

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I love coming home to good news