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anyone ever fast here?

i want to try it

maybe a week or so, just testing the waters

mainly weight loss

alright thanks

does nick unironically like rap music?

best song ever is despactio

she gave up her gun for our safety

truly a hero

i got a subwoofer in my car cuz i guess im a negro

yeah i installed amp, stereo, and subs all at once


i got an old ass cutlass so i'm crypto-black

it's a nice car ngl

this but ironically

Ok, this is epic.


cutlass supreme

it b nice

finna put a supreme sticker on it

cuz its a cutlASS supreme

my shitty ass nibba music sounds good in it tho

my cars so old im sure the speakers are cardboard or something

so i bought replacements for those ill install eventually

its been taken care of

it was my grandmas car

i do

i hear gentle giant

epic despacito pwnage

anarchoprimitivist nationalism

@Gregory Malchuk what do any of those words mean

i think my car is fuel injected

im so glad i just graduated

public school indoctrination is finally over

i dont have government employees lecturing me about the importance of gun laws anymore, and how inhibiting sexual desires is bad

im enrolled in a community college

gened degree

i don't even know if its worth it tbh

but i've done all these AP classes and i was great in them

im not yet

you guys ever heard of this ashton birdie thot?

unironically has "autism awareness" in her twitter bio

shes a literal autistic infowars thot

"independent thought"

kinda like pjw after he sold out

90% of her comments are about her tits

i cant even imagine putting that shit out there just for random betas to stare at your tits for 10 minutes

like what the hell

feminist when convenient, just like tara mccarthy and the other thots

read this tweet lmao

so socialism works only in ethnostates bruh?

people that are mgtow are only mgtow because nobody would ever want to be with them anyway

there is no desirable person who is gonna swear off relationships lmao

i love this tweet tho

shes saying socialism only works in racially homogenous nations

like yeah no shit how is that the fault of socialism tho lmao

"to make sure everybody has economic opportunities and social safety nets, we'd have to escape the multiracial hellhole we currently live in. that proves socialism is bad, you know who else didnt like multiracial hellholes? fuckin hitler"

"independent thought"


parasitic thot

im mixed on universal healthcare and corporate tax rates and shit, but i would never support any socialist policies in an america where 40% of the population is gonna be takers and contribute way less than they take

thats why the scandinavian model worked

not for long now

(((european style socialists)))


i found this great study from the nyt of all places

i love this graph too

remember when jontron said wealthy blacks commit more crime than poor whites and destiny called him crazy?

yeah he was right the whole time lmao

i tried googling that claim right after he said it because i was like holy shit is that true and couldnt find anything

but this study is from 2018 and literally confirms everything he said

but wypipo is why tyrone shoots darius fam, the nyt told me


i like how a single graph destroys the socioeconomic argument tho

thats pretty good

this also makes me laugh

u rite

just look at this caucasian fellow here

clearly this man is white

im 18 and not poor

how hard is it not to be poor just work nigga lmao


he shud have 6 gorillion


pitbulls are raised just like how black babies are

and theyre beaten and shit

and abused

you ever see any videos of sheboons screaming at their kids and beating them?

genetics plays a role but goddamn no wonder theres so many little violent criminal niglets

i know genetics determine it

hell black kids raised by white families have the same iq as their parents lmao


muh dicc


i had an english bulldog

nice doggo

funny thing, my family had what was told to us to be a great dane mix

it tried attacking my sister and mom, and had crazy mental issues, chewed out of his muzzle, chewed our carpet

turned out to be a damn pitbull

yeah i agree

then again

is a welfare state necessary for an all white nation?

i agree

i think we should have basic health insurance coverage for emergencies and shit

a car crash shouldnt cause you to be in debt the rest of your life

then again, if you smoke all your life, and get lung cancer, you deserve that shit

these jewish journalist scum

we should break down coverage into unintentional and intentional

if youre a fat fuck, weigh 400 lbs and you need some surgery, i shouldnt have to subsidize that

if you get in a car crash and it was unavoidable and you need medical care, thats understandable

yes totally

"well ya see trump's twitter is a public space because he's the president, even though its his personal twitter account, but all other personal twitter accounts are not public spaces because we want everything our way and fuck drumpf"

i like how racism is the main justification for high black crime rates even tho the rate of black criminality increases if the crime is more severe

52% of murders are done by blacks

@Marcus Antonius The higher the severity of the crime, the higher the rate at which blacks commit that crime

Blacks are disproportionately committing more rapes and murders than they are other, less severe crimes

but thats wypipo fault

me 24/7

for my AP lit class we had to read a book written by some sheboon written almost entirely in broken english

was called "their eyes were watching god". the entire point of the book is that authority was bad, exploring your sexuality and being a whore is good, and it was written in ebonics


i wanted to read Dostoevsky and good shit

instead we got othello, ebonics, and feminist bullshit

lmao im mandated to go to high school buddy

i read that too

and night by elie wiesel

i think we started reading anne frank in a biology class for some damn reason

my "health" class was the worst

degenerate fucking bullshit


stupid shit about condoms, gender identity, weed (ayy lmao), and fags

and health class is needed to graduate...

im gonna infilitrate, become a health teacher, and patrol these thots and tell these kids to have a damn family

my health teacher told us it was ok to disagree with trans, gender identity fags, but we had to respect them and acknowledge their identity

oh my god the trump bashing

its so bad

all the teachers do it

doesnt matter what the subject is

i had one with a bernie poster


gonna graduate saturday


i mean david hogg is proof

gen z is basically just a repeat of the boomers, we just want low taxes

didnt nick do a talk about this?

everybody i know smokes weed

we're a pretty degenerate generation


i dont know which generation will do it, but a massive revelation will happen eventually. if we dont turn this around, we will be south africa, and we will realize eventually the truth of identity. it really depends on how much societal chaos it takes for regular white people to figure this out.

Our culture and people will survive. I'm sure of it. We've survived this long.

just went searching for my keys for the last 20 minutes and i found them in my damn junk door

where do you look bruh


yes hahah

gotta get a good mormon girl fam

theyre the only ones left


what are some good christian theology and sources?

i lost contact with religion and the ideas surrounding it around the edgy youtube atheist phase

was never crazy about it but idk just lost it

i understand the utilitarian argument for religion and i respect it as a powerful civilization building force. i just need a reason to believe in it.

That's a good question. I'm not as much worried about finding a reason to believe in any afterlife or God as much I want some sort of proof for it, you know?

my only problem with these proofs tho

if they're deductive and you can only determine there was a first cause, how do you know what that cause was? why was it god? why was it the god of the bible and the catholic church?

that pits gonna go crazy one day and fucking eat that kid

australopithecus lookin ass

why does ethereum keep falling

why did i invest in january

wut that

thatd be cool

whats the alternative to milk besides soy

you would drink some NUT

im an illinois boi

"According to Census 2010, Wisconsin's population is about 83% white, 6% black, 6% Hispanic, 2% Asian, and 1% American Indian"


there ya go

better than illinois

near rockford which is just black crime central

finna just eat chicken salads for a month

chicken salads from mcdonalds tho

isnt nick a weeb

whats this evangelion thing he talks about

and catbois

trad cat boys


burger king isnt a meme tho

thats serious

ur brother a meme?

culvers is meh

in n out is pretty good


but you got in and out

le 56

european style socialism sounds great compared to this 56% country

five guys is good

the peanuts are great

theyre pretty good


chick fila was the shit before it moved to where i am now

when i was in arizona i loved that shit


snow is trash

i just dont like snow

and dont talk about weak i lived in 120 degree weather most of the time

and that shit was nice

i lived in arizona for a while

so nice

no snow, no rain

so nice


its dry weather tho so its nice

summer in the midwest is even worse because of the humidity

arizona is 10/10

11 months of sun

1 month of rain

plus scottsdale is 90%+ white

im used to not needing a space heater

so illinois sucks

i like wisconsin

its the last stand of implicit white identity

the good thing about arizona is almost nobody was born there, a lot of people fled there from shitty cities filled with nonwhites. i mean, we were the only state trying to pass our own anti-immigrant laws

so everybody there has a shared interest in keeping arizona a traditional sort of conservative, nice family friendly place


we need to kick them out

but they have a lot less blacks and ill trade for that

i have a friend in show low

very nice place

very white, has midwestern weather


kanye should set that bitch straight

u nibbas put periods in numbers where commas go dont @ me



britbongs and their stupid numbers

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