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Haha ok you want to look small next to a fag?

From the real sheriff israel

Have at least one straight mod in this discord


Coutersignalling us tbh



Streamlabs over superchats

They take a micro cut compared to youtube

check announcements

i always hated how serious gun talk is

everything else is irony and jokes and people realize it immediately

but when you say anything about muh g's, we gotta get srs

Which chad nuked gen?

Server died with God squad creation anyways

Cool while it lasted

Taping chicks is eventually gonna get maidens in the wheatfields tbh

Rape good mods bad

Rape or baka

See you guys on bumble

Nafisa was never cool with the banning from general and just made an excuse to get back at him

So obviously

Ya they were friends, like when girls are friends


Girls cant have friends. Period.

Women can be friends with their children l, that's it

They are never really friends with each other either

Remember when gab and naf were "friends" too?



Oh ya, brospeh almost did us a giant favor at cpac

He could have taken one for the team and accelerated towards the wall

Look I didn't want you to die

But if the other two did right now ๐Ÿ˜

Someone's fired up

Course zip

It wouldn't be am1st without a daily happening

Leave zip be

Nick is employed by nicker nation and the nickaz

To nick:

S-see you on bumble

Get this faggot outta here hiding!

Biker ban


oh shit

Server shut down incoming

Kevin srs do not

Or we lose all ability to hang

What about the other degenerates

If scroll up a half hour

He restarted general

And said no more

Kevin's dox

On to bumble for us

_its condemned_

I haven't been to the reducation camp in awhile ...

Consent is bad

See you guys on


When you see the rules and announcements of the server only

Mfw a mod

Tbh if you banned all dirt gang ๐Ÿ‘

These women have alts

You boomer

These women have orbiters

Wont say names

Ya anyone can join

Breadpill owned by white name

This is low IQ posting rn

Breadpill wouldn't hurt a nicka

I didn't used to

But she is obvi very fake

Should have known when she turned on a dime on her friend

Yes its bubblegum


bubblegum doing some sketchy shit irl as well

Thots circling the drain

3,979 total messages. Viewing 100 per page.
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