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One time, when I lived in a garage
I survived on takeout pizza, coffee and bologna sandwiches cause I was living in a garage and couldn't cook anything. Anyway, this extremely poor diet meant that some days I would wake up in the morning with very urgent diarrhea and the nearest toilet was at a Starbucks a 5 minute walk away. This was not going to wait that long. I had to improvise.

I grabbed a plastic shopping bag, spread the handles, and squatted over it, just in time to have my asshole explode and half fill the bag with shit the consistency of a Wendy's frosty. I didn't have a garbage can or anything so I just tied the bag off and threw it in a black garbage bag with some other stuff and dumped the whole thing in an alley a few blocks away.

In my city, it's pretty common for crackheads to cut open your garbage bags to look for documents to steal your identity with and I guess some poor sucker fell for my bag. I went walking through that alley a few days later, the contents of the bag were strewn about, including my shit which was smeared in handprints all over one wall of the alley.

tl;dr some crackhead dug through my garbage and covered themselves in my shit. Feels good man.

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made by yours truly <:smug:378698410406051860>

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Everyone say goodnight

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and don't make too much noises

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He was just sending that Antifa to God

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remember ((( Alexander Reid Ross )))

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>implying antifa go to heaven

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Wtf haha

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What do you call it when Mexicans illegally cross US border?

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some guy sent us this

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What the fuck is that

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some guy who claims hes a nat soc

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Dear god

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Tell him to lose weight

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shitty meme made not by me

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