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2018-09-24 02:01:04 UTC  

tomorrow iirc

2018-09-24 02:01:11 UTC  

why is it so early though?

2018-09-24 02:01:32 UTC  

Tuesday night at 8 PM Eastern

2018-09-24 02:07:39 UTC  

I'll be there

2018-09-24 02:09:13 UTC  

Lol nice avatar

2018-09-24 03:45:35 UTC  

@Matthias excellent.

2018-09-24 16:11:58 UTC  

Thanks brah

2018-09-25 13:27:49 UTC  

Im still in the process of scheduling my second interview/screening. Do I still attend the orientation?

2018-09-25 13:33:32 UTC  


2018-09-25 13:33:51 UTC  

Best to knock out the orientation first.

2018-09-25 13:34:37 UTC  

And how do I attend? I assume it’s an online orientation.

2018-09-25 14:49:50 UTC  

You’ll just hop in the pledge hall voice chat when its time.

2018-09-25 22:21:20 UTC  

Hello <@&488531212437159936>s

Our next Member Orientation is tonight at 8 PM Eastern in the 'Pledge Hall' voice channel. If you haven't yet, please be sure to checkout <#371705962224025610> and let us know if you have any questions.

2018-09-25 22:23:26 UTC  

Might be a bit late for the meeting

2018-09-25 22:23:37 UTC  

Hopefully it's ok if u jump in 5 minutes late or so

2018-09-25 22:24:45 UTC  

Shouldn't be a problem.

2018-09-25 22:28:55 UTC  

Copy that, I'll be on

2018-09-25 23:00:21 UTC  

@Jackson Stoneman Going to need a different username and different avatar.

2018-09-25 23:00:59 UTC  

Will do, standby. My apologies.

2018-09-25 23:06:33 UTC  

Hopefully that's better! Once again, my bad

2018-09-25 23:48:09 UTC  


2018-09-25 23:48:11 UTC  

π“˜π“£'𝓒 π“£π“˜π“œπ“” π“•π“žπ“‘ π“Ÿπ“›π“”π““π“–π“” 𝓗𝓐𝓛𝓛!

2018-09-25 23:48:20 UTC  

(in a little bit anyways.)

2018-09-25 23:55:03 UTC  


2018-09-25 23:55:28 UTC  

Hi guys

2018-09-25 23:56:55 UTC  

hey, interesting we're using the chat box instead of the voice chat, despite being in the voice chat

2018-09-25 23:57:07 UTC  


2018-09-25 23:58:04 UTC  

Ive never voice chatted on Discord I just hit the mic icon and say something? Im on Windows

2018-09-25 23:58:31 UTC  

@Dunnski Not a big deal, we'll be asked to mute etc. to prevent hot mic'ing once it gets going, actually.

2018-09-25 23:58:39 UTC  

The mic button is to unmute and mute. @Tee-PA

2018-09-25 23:58:56 UTC  

But Patrick will be in a sec. Will be quiet until then.

2018-09-25 23:59:02 UTC  


2018-09-25 23:59:10 UTC  

alright, sounds good

2018-09-26 00:00:20 UTC  

Yeah check out the voice/sound tab under options

2018-09-26 00:00:47 UTC  

the cog wheel at bottom left of screen by your icon

2018-09-26 00:02:03 UTC  

How do I hear it on the phone app?

2018-09-26 00:02:26 UTC  

joining chat momentarily

2018-09-26 00:02:39 UTC  

Click "pledge hall" on the left

2018-09-26 00:03:08 UTC  

There's a voice channel that you can join simultaneously as reg./text

2018-09-26 00:03:09 UTC  

You'll see a bunch of names

2018-09-26 00:03:50 UTC  

I see that.