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Would reccomend

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I've actually wanted to get that book...been reading about the Gallic wars lately

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On phone

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unmoderated yay pants off!

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U fag

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@Darkseid awesome! You read Caesar's own version or Tacitus?

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Market Wizards

Book by Jack D. Schwager

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@Kaiser MJ Tacitus, but honestly would like Caesars account even though it's apparently "biased"

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Extreme Ownership is also really great

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@Darkseid Haha yeah, we don't know for sure, Caesar's own version is only "biased" because his version differed from other, later Roman/Greek historians, but it's good to have his version of events as well and try to remove the "bias" yourself, to do that you must however read Tacitus and the likes of Livy first

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Another book I'm interested in is "Fall of the Roman Republic" most Roman history focuses solely on Caesar and onwards...but there was obviously some turmoil before that

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Yeah, like SPQR also covers that from Mary Bead

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That's honestly the most interesting part of the Roman times

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The President's Keepers

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Yes! Love these books about a certain "beer can" 😁

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if you are into fantasy type novels, you should give Jim Butcher's "Dresden Files" audiobooks a listen. He writes well & James Masters is an awesome narrator.

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If you want to know more about the politics/history of Southern Africa, specifically in Zimbabwe, I suggest you read this book. Very enlightening.

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Thanks, rather am interested in the observations of Zim

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I'd recommend it..not for nazi stuff obviously but just for historical context etc.

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@Sheamus there is a movie 451 that is about the burning of books because different opinions started a civil war

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@Meerkat_RSA yeah and who starts the war? The ones wanting to read different opinions or the ones opposing it?

Same with this land theft going on.. The claim is that we property owners want to start a war, but who's threatening war to take the land? Lol

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( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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Eeeek! Too excited. Oof..It needs to get here now..

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I honestly don't know anymore

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@Rendier fun game similar theme to book you posted -

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@Crazy Jern that's a nice book

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Has anyone read 'Kill the Boer' by Ernst Roets?