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@Vlozin wanna use mine?

2018-02-08 22:06:06 UTC  

@CarlaVegas sure why not

2018-02-08 22:06:16 UTC  

Was just gonna make a funny roastie meme

2018-02-13 07:15:37 UTC  

Thoughts? It took me way longer than it should have to make both of these.

2018-02-13 07:15:40 UTC

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Do something with this please?

2018-02-15 10:27:17 UTC  

@Twirl, you had to make it easy

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witch from hell

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hey all, i started this meme after finding out Podesta worked at a pig Farm in VA while going to Georgetown, the pic below the meme is a scupture found in his home. i don't have time to roll it all together, but i know one of you can and will do a fantastic job!

2018-02-20 20:49:03 UTC

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2018-02-20 20:58:11 UTC  

Who wants to give this golden meme a try @here

2018-02-20 20:58:47 UTC  

Which meme?

2018-02-20 21:02:15 UTC  

The above pictures of the podesta art and all.. it’s a solid idea. Just need some fine photoshop..

2018-02-21 13:54:13 UTC  

@everyone can someone with a gun take it apart for cleaning and send me the pic? I'm trying to use it for my psy-op and I don't want it to come up on a reverse image search! Thanks

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2018-02-22 06:35:53 UTC  

Google stripped down guns buddy

2018-02-23 18:35:39 UTC  

fodder: this is a content-rich twitter thread that unravels #BrowardCounty [florida/corruption/juvie crime] P L E A S E R E A D

2018-02-24 09:46:18 UTC  

;twitter trends

2018-02-24 09:46:19 UTC  

2018-02-25 18:11:46 UTC  

;twitter trends

2018-02-25 18:11:46 UTC  

`Error in command 'tweets trends'. Check your console or logs for details.`

2018-02-27 16:54:31 UTC  

If We Loose The Freadom Of Speech, We Have Fallen On Our Knees!

2018-02-28 07:05:23 UTC  

@POTUS, I saw the killing, the death from #war, #poisons in our #air, #water, #food, #vaccinations and more, I have traced it all to our #Government. #TheyPassedTheBillsToTheirImplement, and they all points to the #Cabal and their lining the pockets of those who help us fall!

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Here's a meme template for adding your own text or Q posts.

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Saw this out on the road today.

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