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2018-01-30 21:22:53 UTC [Meme Warfare #lounge]  

What time is Daddy's speech tonight?

2018-01-30 21:24:45 UTC [Meme Warfare #lounge]  

Thanks for letting me know.

2018-01-31 02:41:30 UTC [Meme Warfare #lounge]  

That lowkey jab at the UK forcing that kid to die. <#402166159811805184>NeverForgets

2018-01-31 02:43:54 UTC [Meme Warfare #lounge]  

This is why he's God Emperor.

2018-01-31 02:45:13 UTC [Meme Warfare #lounge]  

I won't lie, I'm a total fan of him staying on script for this speech; but a part of me wants him to just pull the memo out of his papers and read it out loud.

2018-01-31 02:47:12 UTC [Meme Warfare #lounge]  

I agree with you, no doubt about it. But I just want Daddy to go off the rails and troll the left so hard their heads explode on live TV. It would be totally worth the division.

2018-01-31 02:49:51 UTC [Meme Warfare #lounge]  

He definitely makes more 9000 IQ moves than anyone I've ever seen.

2018-01-31 02:51:12 UTC [Meme Warfare #lounge]  

Oh shit. That DACA slam. I wasn't expecting that, tbh. I figured he was softening on it a bit.

2018-02-09 15:03:32 UTC [Meme Warfare #lounge]  

๐Ÿ˜‚ My super leftist father-in-law deleted and blocked me on Facebook. I need some good Trump Derangement Syndrome memes to post on my wife's wall.

2018-02-13 05:33:41 UTC [Meme Warfare #lounge]  

I think I cracked the 4D chess code for our glorious God Emperor and it's fantastic.

2018-02-13 07:15:37 UTC [Meme Warfare #meme-batter]  

Thoughts? It took me way longer than it should have to make both of these.


2018-02-13 07:15:40 UTC [Meme Warfare #meme-batter]  


2018-02-15 16:50:38 UTC [Meme Warfare #lounge]  

Lol, she's triggered.


2018-02-17 06:35:20 UTC [Meme Warfare #lounge]  

Are we just going to ignore the fact that Mueller's investigation basically said Trump's team wasn't involved in collusion and that there was no election hacking? I figured we'd all be going apeshit on Reddit and Twitter tonight, but it seems pretty quiet.

2018-02-20 14:32:58 UTC [Meme Warfare #lounge]  

Nope. I have the server muted. No echoing here.

2018-02-20 14:38:40 UTC [Meme Warfare #lounge]  

What sort of blasphemy is this?
Talking about other servers issues on this server?
Sounds dramatic.

2018-02-20 14:50:47 UTC [Meme Warfare #lounge]  

...Is there room in that closet for one more?

2018-02-20 15:16:54 UTC [Meme Warfare #lounge]  


2018-02-20 16:00:34 UTC [Meme Warfare #lounge]  

Lol, this is the 3rd person this month to delete me because I used facts.


2018-02-20 16:22:32 UTC [Meme Warfare #lounge]  

Don't forget the classic "your a racist redneck."

2018-02-20 16:26:09 UTC [Meme Warfare #lounge]  

๐Ÿ˜ฆ I never get called a bot. Even on Twitter. I just get called a "Russian shill" or they ask "how much is the Kremlin paying you?"

2018-02-20 16:26:59 UTC [Meme Warfare #lounge]  

Which, let's be real here, I'm broke. If the Kremlin, or anyone else for that matter, wanted to hire me to talk about Donald Trump all day, I'd be thrilled.

2018-02-21 00:13:43 UTC [Meme Warfare #lounge]  

@16gambit's soul Without a doubt. It was devastating.

2018-02-21 00:14:41 UTC [Meme Warfare #lounge]  

@Dr. Bethel von Habsburg Oh, wow. I don't know how I missed that. You're telling me I wasted time arguing with a Russian bot? Heck. Well that's egg all over my face.

2018-04-26 03:02:05 UTC [Meme Warfare #lounge]  

Lol, why do they make it so easy?


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