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My sentiments EXACTLY Austin

lol ouch!

nice take down!

I give it a n 8 for form, and a 9 for effectivness

okay, i'll play Bill Clinton here, "that depends largely on your definition od contribution"

Good call!

nicely done!

whew, i think i made it

hey all, i started this meme after finding out Podesta worked at a pig Farm in VA while going to Georgetown, the pic below the meme is a scupture found in his home. i don't have time to roll it all together, but i know one of you can and will do a fantastic job!


@everyone REMINDER** If you or anyone you know suffers from Chronic Pain, Join us tonight @ 7 pm EST for this Important Live Stream!
CDC reports more than 10,000 suicides happened in the first half of this year that are directly attributed to the U.S. Governments War On Chronic Pain Patients And Their Doctors.
The CDC states Pain Patients medication doses were either drastically cut or stopped completely leaving these patients to suffer unrelenting, unimaginable pain with no hope of relief.
The patients in desperation, unable to tolerate the constant torture or endure it another day, are choosing instead to end their lives via any means available to them.
Family members are demanding answers and threatening class action law suits but sources speaking on behalf of the U.S. Government have declined to comment.

This story hasnโ€™t been written YET, but make no mistake, we are heading quickly in this direction. The rate of suicide in the United states has risen dramatically in the past few years, This rise can be attributed at least in part to the Governments "War on Chronic Pain Patients and Their Doctors" and the corresponding growing restrictions on prescription pain medications. Please join us Tuesday @ 7 pm EST for this special livestream on Word From The Herd The YOUTUBE PassionatePachyderms channel.

lets start a hashtag war in support of B.K. #BretWasWithME And come up with the wildest story imaginable.... after all if they can do it to run him down, we can do it to build him up!!

Join Pachy's place for our live streaming event Operation: RED STORM RISING tonight at 6:00 EST. If you want to join the discussion, You need to be a Pachy's place member, and be in Pachy's place no later than 5:30. Or you can join us via chat only on the Passionate Pachyderms Youtube channel

Feel better soon USN we miss you, and we need to have that talk very soon!

19 total messages. Viewing 100 per page.
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