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I've been thinking of having Jesse read his book for 10-20 minutes after shows a couple days a week, and Joel cut and splice audio, but it seems tough to do! Plus I dunno if Jesse's the right one to read his book aloud. Hmm.

Oh, @Mitch Connor we played part of that Friday on Newsmax TV toward the end. I had censored it because it's a brutal-looking punch.

I had not seen it. I need to mark it down to remember to put it in his packet for tomrrow.

At first I thought it was photoshopped seriously

People who think they follow the Bible and Christ don’t actually follow either one.

They follow their own understanding and their pride.

It’s based on following Satan and thinking it’s God

Including most “Bible believing Christians”

That sounds like an excuse to stay evil?

You just said completely righteous/saint, so obviously not. I’m talking about “Righteous but not completely righteous” geez. Are you actually open?

I honestly don’t know if we should have doctrine discussions if we’re not living it. Cultures already too intellectual and prideful and self deceived as it is.

The Bible says to lean not on your own understanding yet that’s all I do, and all I see others doing.

Whatevs I think. Tim will clarify if you go outside the lines.

You should feel free to comment bc you have a concept of what you believe.

@Virtuoso451 isn’t actually saying anything true! He never said all black women. And nowhere does it say only Jesus can go and sin no more. Quite the opposite.

It's not an excuse not to pursue truth. But touting your knowledge and intellectualism is not pursuing truth. It's pride. It's vain pursuit. Especially if you're not living it. Like I said, you don't seem open @Sar

Christ is supposed to be the Son of God, not God incarnate. @Mitch Connor

You don't follow the Bible. You follow your own arrogance.

You offered novel misinterpretations to everything I've said, LOL.

That's too poetic for my taste but yes?

That type of "Christianity" is a really evil deception.

Jesse asked a great question: Do you give spiritual advice? You can have all knowledge, but if you don't have love, you're not living it and you are nothing, not helping anyone. Like the people trying to cast out demons by imitating the apostles yet without the power. You'll just get eaten alive, and people can see through you. You're turning them off and don't know it.

Only taking a break will allow you to see yourself, stuff others see about you.

Careful: A self-deceived person can tell himself the same.

Haha wrong chatroom, i'd probably have to keep it silent for the time-being.

What country you from?(Ted turned catholic is that right?)

We've let the country slide into hell. Atheism on the rise. Families are breaking up, and even the "together" families are faking it.

Trump is so refreshing, but we the people need change, badly.

People are definitley responding to the simplicity of Jesse's messages, that's hopeful.

lot of reports of dropping negative habits.

how you know all that stuff @J_G_ and don't know the Bible?? What's ur background?

i still don't know what that is and not googling rn

Thanks guys. WhcI h one are you @Noo bpocket#2119

I like Jesses explanation of the Gospel, that Christ made a way back to the Father, and put everything back in order. He said you believe in Christ by believing what he said. That makes the most sense and is the easiest to understand. Simple.

Thanks for the tip @Cosmic_Wray I’m not surprised! The media doesn’t question or investigate the people they side with.

Not believing in what he said. Just in believing what he said.

Is there a difference in *believing* what he said and *believing in* what he said? Believing sounds simpler, no way of misunderstanding what one means.

From that conservative metal satanist Fox News watching trump supporter. Brian Werner and his friends.


Haha thank you guys. Joel said I’m 48

thanks, 37,,, or 48 if you believe Joel

i would promote his videos but i just don't understand them. they're even more convusing than atheism is unstoppable

We did not delete any interview with David Pakman, why are you making stuff up? We gave him the full interview to put up since he asked for it. And Jesse ended the interview abruptly because David's sassy attitude prevented him from having a real conversation.

David's not an honest person, and it showed in both interviews.

Also this: No man (much less woman) can teach you how to be a man. https://youtu.be/4TQnLi_gns0

Sorry about that I was like out a lot of the week.

Whole lot of forgive your mother today. It’s great.

I wanna Skype with Asian Max from Indiana.

Silent Prayer (on Jesse Lee Peterson channel, the one I happen to be logged into rn) https://www.bitchute.com/video/Z4e5UdkOnThq/

2018-08-20 03:08:22 UTC [Willem Petzer Live Chat #general]  

Dropbox link has full version as well as broken into two parts for IG

@Stopvegans I wouldn’t dispute that much of the Bible is intact, jesses not saying the whole things corrupted.

Two of Jesses issues with the Bible appear in different translations such as when it says a person born of God does not “practice” sin. They put the word practice to make it vague meanwhile every other verse says go and sin no more.

He also says it’s wrong that you should “study” to show yourself approved — that study is not the right word, because people who study are nuts, basically. Other places it says to keep watch and pray, and warns against too much study and knowledge Vs love and humility. Life only requires a little bit of knowledge, just as it requires a little bit of faith.

@バカFubuki-san hey u gotta call during show hours (and it can be tough to get through as our lines fill up for jesses show). Try it tomorrow if you wanna talk to me on my show (same number), I’m live at 9am PT (11am CT / noon ET).

Jesse Lee Peterson live M-F 6-9am PT (8-11 am CT / 9-noon ET).
The Hake Report Sunday 9am-10am PT

HEY ALL, I want you guys who are interested to cut and upload Jesse videos on your own channels. We'll share/repost them with credit to you too. That way if we lose our channel(s), then Jesse will still exist aplenty on YouTube via WE THE PEOPLE.

I WANT HELP MAKING VIDEOS AND YALL CAN UPLOAD THEM TO YOUR OWN CHANNELS. Jesse's channel may get shut down in the future (who knows), so let's get his videos on a hundred channels!!

So anything you loooooove, just ask me for it, and I can get you the file (or if you already know how to grab footage yourself, feel free).

I noticed InfoWars is using them now, and not so much BitChute, so yes I do want to start a Real.Video account!

10-19.hr3 seg 2-3 Pot YouTube comments
10-19.hr3 seg 3-4 pot smoker Victor walked away
10-19.hr2-3 seg 5, 1 Damon on walking away
10-19.hr1-2 seg 4 or 5,1 Matheus follow-up
10-19.hr1 seg 2-3 mixed-race guy

10-18.hr1 seg 1-3 Farrakhan, blacks leaders
10-18.hr2 seg 3 or 4-5 Jeremy on illegals being good people
10-18.hr3 seg 2 or 3-4 & 5 (pornography) Sam of GA

HIGHLIGHTS yesterday :
10-17.hr1 seg 2 black man cussing (before Wiggins)
10-17.hr3 seg 1 out-of-wedlock births
10-17.hr1 seg 1 before illegal segment

HIGHLIGHTS two & three days ago:
10-16.hr1 seg 1 Jesse reads FB message
10-16.hr3 seg 1 marie vidal when men are weak women go out of control
10-15.hr1 seg 1 church message titles

Anybody wanna cut any of the above vids?

Thanks for the tip on the JF video @T e x . Not surprised if he doesn't get it as @Cgnet14 indicates, JF's an intellectual, intellectuals kinda lose track of the big picture. I htought of bringing JF on the show before but he's just too hard to understand. Maybe if he were in L.A.

That one boy runs it. Low food budget is the best thing for diet. Just don’t buy bread, chips, beer, soda, or candy.

Haha yeah man. I mean he doesn’t shout as much, but his sense of humor and way of talking with people is pretty much the same. The way he asks questions over and over again until he gets a direct answer is the same.

@Colouhmz yeahhh sorry, I think it’s gonna be next week because a disc that said “part 3” was actually an accidental duplicate of “part 2”! So the engineer is looking for another copy.... plus I’m out today.

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