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@Kevin_the_wise That's usually what happens. They get freed, they run and then they do it again.

@Kevin_the_wise Well yeah. But they don't care either.

@Kevin_the_wise Basically what it means is he will need new lawyers because too many from the firm he had felt that Trump was ruining the integrity of the election because they read the NYT write ups that were critical of the President.

@Kevin_the_wise That's all the Democrats are good for.

@luzaddamymind That might be but they do make several valid points

@luzaddamymind I see nothing wrong with sharing it as far as they can get it shared

This is the biggest scandal in a while for this country

@Kevin_the_wise I'm on the road so I can't. Don't know about the rest of the crowd

Posted by a Southern Gospel quartet I listen to

So why do you doubt Trump can pull it off? He has the 3 lawyers on the side of President Bush from 2000 on the supreme court. Plus Alito and Clarence Thomas.

Plus he also has the former Mayor of NYC who took down 5 mafia families. If he could do that, he could easily help Trump right this wrong

If it comes down to the SCOTUS, he has a 5-4 decision. Those 5 I named also have a score to sell with the Democrats who tired to ruin their reputation during their confirmation hearings.

US Army also seized this Gem of Evidence.

Ye of little faith. Stop being a doubting Thomas. As my buddy Larry Mcreynolds told all of his drivers, reach up there and pull those belts tight. Why do I say that? Well, it's going to be interesting from here on out

He plays 4D chess for a reason

Since you seem to know everything, you figure it out

Why is he doing what he is doing? Because the Democrats cried about a fix when there wasn't one, just plenty of American's tired of the bull and now when it looks like a walk away again, they quit counting votes in the middle of the night and Joe magically has the lead the next day. I even sat there and watched them call off states for Joe 2 minutes after the polls were closed and not one vote was counted yet.

Media does not determine who wins. Even Dennis Prager said this country was set up for a small number of absentee ballots but not on a mass scale like we had. That is a big risk for rigging. There's even video evidence of a poll worker fulling out blank ballots for an hour or so. All for Joe. So yes, this election is highly illegal.


Only thing I am seeing is the local courts throwing it out which is how the legal chain of command works. You can't just go to the Supreme Court, you have to go through the whole appeals process. It's a long way to January 20th

Also consider at least 30 some odd states report the same "glitch" using either Dominion or another counter.

Very much in question. Now, there is also 2 other software sytems that cause problems however, the states Trump had the lead in and then lost it in overnight used Dominion

@figgs the rules does not prohibit her from taking part in this channel

@K.T.B. I was in the middle of typing that when you gave your response.

@K.T.B. My point being is thay I didn't see a rule that made their participation illegal

@K.T.B. wonder if he means Tucker Carlson?

@K.T.B. Justice Alito gave PA a direct order twice and they didn't follow what they were told.

Who has watched bad lip reading of the first debate?

@Nojogo02 Did you forget we have a Supreme Court with Republican justices who have an axe to grind? Besides all the one's being thrown out were filed by that Powell chick. She is an independent lawyer not a part of the legal tean

That one goes to the big court

I was making a swag that it was being saved for the big court. Wouldn't be surprised if I was right

The Donald always saves his Trump card for last.

He can do what he wants to. If the Democrats can play games by their own rules he can to. If Obama says all he needs is a pen and a phone and not congress, Trump can do the same

Because we have a President currently that went against the way things have always been done that never got us anywhere

General Flynn suggested that to him if the SCOTUS betrays him.

@K0rruptDumplingz You won't see my state on there, unfortunately NC has a Dem for AG

@K.T.B. He has the authority to use the insurrection act which is about the only way to get the right result that others refuse.

@K.T.B. eating supper

@K.T.B. You talked about electoral voters going rogue, well that happened in 2016. Look into the election, you will see that there were faithless electors who voted for Trump. The electoral college never votes the same night. And because nobody has conceded like years past, it will come down to the electoral college.

Remember, Hillary won the popular vote but still lost in the electoral college.

History has a tendency to repeat itself.

Problem I have as a Christian and the grandson of a pastor, Jesus is neither Republican or Democrat. But he doesn't agree with the views of the Democrats based on the Bible.

I'd love for Giuliani to tell me where in the Bible he read that Jesus was a Republican when he loved all man kind.

@Kevin_the_wise I agree with that but he might want to be biblically correct

When God was allowed in, everything was fine until he got pushed out and then everything became unfine

When it comes to people in those positions, the syringe is either full of water or, they leave the cap on it. They aren't that stupid, they know what they are giving people.

@swiggityswooty I was perfectly fine when I was born but then I got the required shots to start school and now I am on the autism spectrum due to aluminum being in that particular vaccine.

@swiggityswooty Not that bad because I just so happened to get the form of autism that allows me to retain all sorts of information about NASCAR. I can easily fix the sport. People think I can't but they'd be surprised.

@swiggityswooty Get rid of the Democratic dictatorship running it

@swiggityswooty have you got an Instagram? I don't want to blow up the chat with all this, Amanda might not appreciate it

@swiggityswooty What is your name on there?

@Kevin_the_wise could you do a screenshot of a screenshot or no?

@Kevin_the_wise I'm not a very tech savvy person. I guess my question is would it still complain if you took a second screenshot?

@Kevin_the_wise I have no idea

@Kevin_the_wise Like I said, not tech savvy

@Kevin_the_wise What are you trying to post anyhow a photo or a video?

@swiggityswooty bribery is illegal

@swiggityswooty I heard a wise man one time say you can't fix stupid, it's forever

@swiggityswooty They'll try it but it will still come back to bite them. They are suffering from target fixation

US Embassy in Baghdad was attacked by missiles. Nobody is dead yet but they keep on...

@swiggityswooty Iran who sent them

@swiggityswooty More along the lines of Trump is in the Lame Duck period, they know this so that's why they are doing the attack.

And they still lost their Soleimani and Baghdadi.

@swiggityswooty yes Baghdadi was last year but Trump proved he is Iran's Baghdadi

@swiggityswooty What do you think I mean? He made them his b**ch

@Kevin_the_wise Sitting through a tornado watch

Oh yeah

@Kevin_the_wise passing the time playing House Flipper

What do you think of my office?

Yall should have seen the house I worked on last night. It was owned by Disney's least favorite character, Fruity.

@Just a Dog in a Tracksuit I missed a letter. It was what I was trying to say. Didn't catch it

@swiggityswooty Welcome to America where the people you thought were on your side were never on your side to begin with. Politicians always lie that's why people use the term spoken like a true politician

@swiggityswooty He was always dirty

@swiggityswooty he's just good at sugarcoating

@swiggityswooty Mitch the Beijing bitch has had solid ties to China since 93 because of his wife, Elaine Chao. She also happens to be the Sec. of Transportation.

Always has been

He and his brother are gone because they broke ranks with their party and they tried to fix things.


That's what she gets

Because of who is in the White House, we are learning the people we thought we could trust were the one's we should have never trusted.

They say to vote for who best fits your interests and career politicians know that, they use your interests as their platform to get you to vote for them and then when they take office, they never live up to their promise.

But nobody did because we were always told who our enemy was and it turns out they were made up

And the leader of the enemy who caused all this told his troops to be ready for war with the United States should Trump somehow win. They want to take this country and they want it to be an easy hand over. They know Trump will fight back

Plenty of countries who were once hostile towards us that have long since been our friends know, when they underestimated us, we ended up kicking their teeth in.

N. Korea has their nukes pointed to their North. They are good with Trump

Exactly. Look at the peace agreements he negotiated that the left said couldn't be done, what years of needless war couldn't achieve. Why? Because Trump is a businessman and he knows how to negotiate with people and work with people. You don't become as rich as him without surrounding yourself with good people.

@K.T.B. Doesn't really matter what the video claims he did. He gave dipstick one last chance to do the right thing which he simply refused to do, bottom line is the Democrats have been busy for years sending money to enemies foreign and domestic which by the constitution is treason as they are assisting them in waging war against the United States. Trump has every right to use the insurrection act and declare Martial Law. Which will lead to cleaning up Washington once and for all. The media is trying their damndest to distract the American people from what will happen. Trump has also taken the liberty of pardoning a couple folks who have been hiding in Switzerland that have every bit of information about every democratic wrongdoing for the past who knows how long.

I'm sure it can be argued but when a military tribunal is called, all that won't matter. It will be about how the Democrats and some Republicans have betrayed their country.

@K.T.B. That's what happens when he declares Martial Law. Everyone thinks that's when tanks go through the street like in Nazi Germany. That's not the case, basically anybody who commits treason faces a Military tribunal.

@K.T.B. You'll be surprised.

Old poker trick, never show your hand too soon.

@K.T.B. considering politicians have been playing games for years

Hard trying to talk to y'all and play F1 2020 at the same time. I am not good at multitasking


But considering they still used the dominion software

My friend with Gold City Quartet saw a QR thing on top of it and he scanned it with his phone and it said he voted Democrat regardless of what he filled in. The system doesn't count the votes, it only scans that QR code

@Kevin_the_wise Too many people down there trying to cover it up so no point. The Georgia based Lefevre Quartet which another friend of mine is with, they all reported the same thing

Who knows but they will say the Democrats won


In case you are unsure which state. Brian Kemp, Georgia.

He welcomed China to invest in Georgia.

I'm not the sharpest tool in the shed but if that hit her artery, she'll be dead in 60 seconds. Also, that's an act of aggression against the US people who put them into office, that's a Civil War starter

So it's par for the course

At this point, don't trust anybody

When you sit there overnight and you watch the votes for Trump disappear on screen and go to Joe, yeah it was definitely bull.

Per the constitution, Treason against the United States, shall consist only in levying war against them, or adhering to their enemies, giving them aid and comfort. There has been plenty of times before this administration that the government has given money and aid to countries that did not like us solely for the purpose of waging war against the United States. Remember, they gave Iran money and now Iran has missiles they plan to us against the US. That in itself if enough reason for anybody who signed off on that to be tried for treason.

Let's get this clear, this country is a constitutional republic not a democracy.

Regardless of that, they are trained to open fire when the VP or POTUS is threatened

Pence was evacuated during the whole event

He assisted them in betraying the Nation so yes

@Kevin_the_wise who were you asking

You should have tagged us. Not doing so left it open to anybody to answer

It still is open to anybody as this is an open forum

To answer your question, if it comes down to it then yes

As President Reagan said, if you don't crontol your government, they will control you.

Unfortunately, he is no longer with us

Seems legit

@K.T.B. If that is so, what are your thoughts on former team sponsor Rich Energy?

@Kevin_the_wise team boss at Haas F1

@Homura ur drunk! read what I shared.

No, he didn't concede

Did you not hear what he said at the end, this is only the beginning

He exhausted all legal means and now being the chief legislator, he is going to handle it himself

Shit fixing to go down next Wednesday

If Obama can say that all he needs is a Pen and a Phone and no congressional approval, so can Trump

@Kevin_the_wise you are late to the party


Kevin, I done told them

I will add this in since a majority of yall are here. The other day in Angier North Carolina (I think I spelled that right) there was video of Apache choppers low level through neighborhoods. They were practicing for the big dance if you will

82nd Airborne is across the state from me in Fayetteville, NC

If it was happening now, we wouldn't still be talking to each other.

Everyone listen up.

Coms have to go down first. You can't out run a 2 way radio. I use to be a firefighter so I know how accurate that statement is. He needs coms to go dark so nobody sees him coming

Coms is red 2

Not if we are talking

Military is getting ready

Red 4 can start at any point

It has to be total darkness

10 days

Possibly. We don't know for sure

Depends on how fast the operation goes down

Military is already there by way of NG

I don't know how long the sweep will take


Hard and fast


When it starts, nobody will be allowed to move

No school when coms go down


It depends on how fast they sweep and clear.

Considering it's the entire military, shouldn't take too long

Marine raiders. 82nd will be dropping in along with the Screaming Eagles

This will be the first drop the 82nd and 101st have done it together in a while

82nd was in Italy back then. 101st and the Army Rangers is who did D-Day

I think NCIS is the only agency that isn't corrupt because they deal with the Navy and Marines only

That's why Trump created space force. Successor to NASA

The old breed (1st Marine Div) has California since they are at Pendleton. They will take good care of the Democrats there.

I am pretty sure the retard in charge of my state will be taken care of by the 2nd Marines. Jacksonville to Raleigh isn't far of a haul

There are some like Tulsi who are good

It does end in execution

Lin Wood said so. Did you see the article where Nick Sandmann said Lin made the dumbest tweet ever?

I haven't figured out how to change it


I got it

I just learned the NASCAR office has gone dark. That means soon enough, I will be able to change my profile picture again

By then I will be the man in charge.

Once this shit is over, I will be the top dog along with my dad.

We've been trying since 2017 to overthrow the democratic leadership in that sport. We passed it along to Trump that Jim France is not only a Democratic delegate who had illegal votes to cast for Joe but that Jim is trying to sell it to China so we can't get ir.


Everything the Dems do points back to China

I know the drivers have been against repaving the tracks but they don't need to fall into a state of disrepair either. You need to take pride in your sport and what you are presenting to America

Also plan on branching divisions out more and not up the ass of the Cup series. This isn't about us and making money. We will help others out.

NASCAR makes tracks they don't own pay them rental money instead of the other way around. They also don't like expanding to tracks they don't own because that takes away from their pocket

Nobody cares what she wants.

@Kevin_the_wise some one took a shit in her garden when her house got vandalized not too long ago


She vowed to make them pay, she still ain't found them

I have another damn sinus headache

Yeah pretty much. That was their plan to bring down this country

One report said China would be in control by 2027 but I know better than to believe they will wait that long.

I didn't fall off the turnip truck into the tulies yesterday

The test kits were tampered with

In professions where you have to constantly get your nose swabbed, you easily can get the virus and it will almost always be fatal. That's what the Democrats want anyhow

Joe Biden said of yesterday, if they were BLM, they would have been treated differently

AOC places blame for yesterday on Coach Tuberville now that he is a congressman. The number one way to piss off the entire Southeastern Conference coaching staff, accuse one of their own of something.

She said he was a part of the problem as well

Popular Opinion: AOC should have stuck to bar tending



Yes it does. Lin Wood also outted the Chief Justice for being in the black eye club

You won't know that's the thing. They won't show who it is

If there are, you won't see it. It's the media, that is how they roll

The President of China told Joe he will send 250k "peacekeepers" on election day. Translation, they are invading

I can find livelier help at a graveyard.

Welcome to arguing with me and myself

Since I am the Captain, 159 would be Overlord. For our British guests, Baseplate

I'm going with both

This isn't the Twilight Zone. 159 is my dad



I'm still here

For the love of pete moss

Whole crowd does

@Texasreaper playing RBI baseball and already regretting the 20 bucks I spent on it

Besides myself and my dad of course, I don't think any of you realize that he couldn't do certain things when you thought he should have. It would have ended up backfiring.

I honestly believe that the Communists are suffering from target fixation.

Same thing. They are so fixated on throwing him out, they are going to fly right into his Trump Card

Kev, the person who created that doesn't give a damn what the family thinks otherwise they wouldn't have done that. Ding dong, did you ever think about that Kokoshka?

They have to figure that out first

Hey Arnold was probably before your time

Well you are gullible

Obviously not

You've got more balls than brains.

And considering the fact they teach you whatever they want to.

What part of he is my dad did you not get? Besides all of it

Wouldn't have said it if it wasn't the case

Remember, you can graduats as long as you turn in some work. The 0 is what brings you down. The school system is massively broken

Thanks to a moron I had for a teacher, I took advantage of the system and passed. I am smarter than my GPA shows. If you are dumb enough to tell me how to cheat the system, you damn well better believe I will use it.

Especially the part where the top two kids took AIG college courses and got a fucking 7

At my HS, there are no teachers favs. They would write you up for the stupidest stuff.

Let me take y'all down memory lane to 6th grade. I couldn't do my work because I didn't have a pencil so with literally 5 minutes left in class, I got sent to ISS and the dumbass game me a pencil on my way out the door. I'm like you dumb bitch. So I handed the ISS paper to the lady in charge in there and she said that is total BS. I will tell the Principal what happened.

Needless to say, I got an apology from my teacher the next day

Only because you couldn't be indoctrinated. They don't like that.

As you should

The one's who left the Union were Democrats. The ones who started the Klan were Democrats. The office in charge during World War 2 that authorized Japanese-Americans to be put in a POW camp were Democrats. Joe has a history of racism. Robert Byrd whom he called his mentor was also a former big dog with the Klan.

You are correct because if you look back at past parties you will see Demo-Republican

Bout 127 years

Lincoln was who split the Republicans away from the Democrats. That's why it is called the party of Lincoln.

He would know what to do because he had seen the nation in rent before

Typical of discord or anything I try to type in for that matter. I get on a role, I make a great point and before I finish, it refreshes and I lose everything.

I honestly don't remember half of what I said because so much came to mind in one go.

It was damn good that's all I'm saying.

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