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Would you care to debate?



Hey do you guys think systematic racism is real?

Can we have a call and can I tell you how itโ€™s real? (I can also address Ben Shapiro becuase I believe your referring to the video where he talks about the other video referencing Jamal and Kevin)

ANTIFA isnโ€™t a group, they donโ€™t have a leader, a centralized organization, or any type of membership. Itโ€™s an ideology, a thought process or anti fascism. And the first amendment protects burning the American flag, however the constitution says you shouldnโ€™t wear or turn the American flag into products. Just saying

Anti first amendment

Thank you

America is a democracy where the people can vote for change or affect change and how they want it. Even though I donโ€™t like Trump or the current administration, I love America so much that I have faith it will become a better place

Thatโ€™s just my reasoning tho

Thank you?

If anyone wants to debate me on any issue pls do

Confederate states were great....?

Their economy was awful, donโ€™t forget that


Wait how was the Union the aggressors

This is the new southern creed shit isnโ€™t it

Fort Sumnter

South shot first

Confederacy started first & it was peaceful at Fort Sumnter until the confederacy attacked

They didnโ€™t want their own country, they wanted the US to have slavery

They eventually wanted it^

Yes it was in their territory, however it was peaceful, and the Union had a supply line (remember tensions were high but it wasnโ€™t unbearable) and then the south cut it off and opened fire


I would love to call you

And ask you a few questions

Oh yes I would love to ask you a few questions

Do yโ€™all know that in 1900 William Jennings Bryan shifted the parties by being a democrat who supported big government and was very popular, thus causing democrats to think about big government and republicans hating it, then in 1920-1933 republicans were the party of small government and FDR was big government? Then raegan created identity politics & now party Alligences are more important than human decency.

And Jesus fucking Christ

What the fuck?

Why do you support the confederate flag

I trust it

Iโ€™m just sad to see you supporting it

Okay jay

One thing at a time


Answer one question

Yes or no

Did the confederacy leave the union and betray America?

& why do the KKK now fly the confederate flag & why is it now a racist symbol?


States rights to do what

And if itโ€™s the โ€œblackโ€ kkk than it is inherently not the KKK

name a few for me

Name an example


Do they?


And what makes you think that?

It apart of Joe Bidenโ€™s campaign & BLM and Iโ€™ve never apologized for being white.

I think you need to change where you only get your news from

No one is saying that (apart from lunatics)

And before you say I only watch liberal shit, I watch Fox & CNN & Brietbart $ MSNBC



I guess far left

By the standards of the current political center, yes, the far left

But by normal standards, no, moderate left

Hillary Clinton should be a republican lol

I love debating libertarians

Can we(


Hillary Clinton has done numerous wrong doings but none of which she should go to jail for

Okay so lemme say this:
1/ she testified for over 8 hours on a republican led congress, nithing was found.
2/ Ivanka Trump did the same thing (using personal email)
3/ Epstein did not kill himself, however there are sources of him and Donald Trump sexually abusing children together, along with there is no hard evidence of any wrongdoing with Clintonโ€™s & Epsteinโ€™s only speculation

I was given an inherently racist source a few days ago, read through the entire thing, Iโ€™m sure you can read this.


Yo anyone wanna debate about polls ?

Any1 wanna debate Trump versus Biden winning ?

Damn you got me

There is no evidence of voter fraud on either end.

We can see that Biden MIB are counted separately than Trump MIB. for instance, in PA, we can see Trump MIB was roughly 1/5 the amount of Biden MIB. There are 1.1 dem MIB yet to be counted, and 200,000 Rep MIB.

We are watching the democratic process go, we should have never waged war against the MIB or vote by mail, we should have bolstered the system so there would be no chance of fraud- get rid of the problem and not the solution.

Thank you, if we read the article we can see that it was an error on WI end. We can bash both parties, I am a progressive Democrat, but I admit my party has its faults, letโ€™s not bash for bad points, though.


Did you read the article?

Here, the specific part you need to read.

If you read the article, you would understand. I donโ€™t understand why you wonโ€™t.

Iโ€™m not- read the article.

Weโ€™re not denying your claim, where saying read the article it explains it


If we stop the count- Biden wins.
If we keep the count- Biden wins.
SCOTUS will take months- Biden wins.
No evidence of voter fraud; sharpie claim was proved wrong.

I know we all share differences, I know we all cannot agree, I know we do not have the same idea of Biden or Trump. This is a new age- letโ€™s try and bring back civility. Iโ€™m sure all of you are extremely well versed, intellectual, and nice, and I would love to hear from all of you. Letโ€™s come together, letโ€™s create a better United States, one that is in all of our images. Communism wonโ€™t come. Socialism wonโ€™t come. Capitalism wonโ€™t go away. We will not destroy the police. We will not get rid of religion. We wonโ€™t all die or lose rights. Letโ€™s come together, letโ€™s all restore the dignity of the United States.

Texas, the process takes a long time, and it will not reach the SCOTUS for a long time (long after Biden gets into the office)

75% of military is conservative

However they follow orders & the president is the commander and chief... so idk

So yโ€™all, please spare me in the war ๐Ÿ˜Ž

Honestly probably be a vocal proponent of the war

Heโ€™d encourage his supporters to fight, already doing it now

I get his emails and texts

The invasion of Iraq primarily is to blame on bush tbh. I wish Obama did more for it tho

And Kevin I highly recommend it, itโ€™s very funny

Did more like take the troops out*

Oh yea he approved, but he also wasnโ€™t the major factor that decided to do it

Like 100% he supported it, but he isnโ€™t the sole reason to blame

* I dislike biden*

Actually Kevin he has done lots, many good and bad things

Let me cite an article

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