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Hey kids my old account got wiped for pro IRA sentiment

The Irish Republican Army

Brits don’t like them

I just want a girl who will watch me play video games and cheer me on or play video games with me

Hopefully Amanda isn’t the type to do the baby trap thing to get a ring

She has a VSCO

An app for girls who like attention

Allows them to basicly edit their photos in a variety of ways

Sorry I just couldn’t resist making that joke

I stopped believing in god a long time ago

Take a break from things recharge and get back at it

Guns are overrated Gasoline bombs and car bombs is where it’s at

Anybody wanna hear a joke

Okay what do you get when you mix 3 cannisters of unstable nitroglycerin and a little bit of fertilizer and the USPS

No you call it a Christmas present for the feds

Anyways how are we all doing today

Interesting point

I wonder what it means

What he do this time

Nice try but everyone knows that geico got their butts whooped by State Farm in their gang war

I don’t think we whites have to worry about being the minority atleast for a couple centuries, blacks tend to shoot eachother in the streets over very limited amounts of power I have a feeling they’d end up wiping eachother off the face of planet if they become the majority

Maybe it is racist but it’s true

Look at Africa

Blacks are in power over there

They still kill eachother but way more than in gang wars

Maybe it doesn’t

But it’s entirely within the realm of probability

Besides I’ll be in the ground dead before 2040

I plan on dying in my 80’s buried face first in a prostuites boobs

Either that or I’ll end up accidentally blowing myself up

Well it’s not my fault the british won’t leave the north of Ireland peacefully

If I were a Russian spy you’d know

Because I’d be telling everyone so I get free vodka

You sure your not a Ruskie

How do you feel about Crimea

Yeah he’s totally a Russian spy

Let’s get him boys let’s show him how we do things in America

No we are gonna napalm the fuck out of him

He’s a commie

I won’t trust it unless this guy makes it


@K.T.B. No I’m just on a shit ton of watchlists for no reason

Of course I’m insane

Nah hes a god damn hero

I didn’t get diagnosed with Paranoid Personality disorder for nothing

I’m not legally allowed to own firearms but own some anyway for no reason

I’m kidding

I do have PPD but all my firearms are legally owned

No that doesn’t happen much anymore due to the meds

Getting drunk

Maybe stand on my roof without pants and flip my neighbor off

Might head to Albany and see a friend of mine who moved up there

Why he wants to be a damn Yankee is beyond me

Where you from

That sucks here I was thinking you were cool

Nah but more than likely me and a bunch of old friends who recently got out of jail are gonna get together Start a bonfire and sing Irish songs till we pass out

Who the fuck is that




Anywho what do you plan on doing for Christmas @Kevin_the_wise

Did you try getting drunk

Or fighting the government over really obscure things

Wait a minute

Why don’t you drunk

That’s the only flag I have on my wall rn


I’m eating ice cream and watching the punisher

Are you gonna read me a bedtime story or soemthing

It tastes good and gives me happiness

I would offer to share but I don’t share food

I shanked my brother with a fork for stealing my cereal

It was Frosted Flakes

And he stole the toy at the bottom

And I was recently released from a psych facility so it was mostly reflex

It was a hot wheels car

Well it was more jabbed him

And it was with a spoon

Now shh I’m watching Stargate SG1

I will it’s a great tv show

10/10 would reccomend if you like sci fi

Yeah it’s kind of a lesser known series

I have some ideas on how to end it

Well that’s one way

The other idea is we take the corona virus and push it somewhere else

That might work

I was thinking of sending to Antarctica

Anywho I’m going to bed

Good morning Vietnam it is a warm and toasty 18 degrees where I’m at and I’m hungover how’s everyone else doing

You doing okay Kevin?

Just making sure

Not being able to tell the current time is a sign of depression

And in certain situations insanity

Yeah looks cool

Well not to be dramatic or anything but I don’t think your allowed to own people anymore

Are we the same person

What’s your favorite whiskey brand

Ah yeah we aren’t the same person

Guinness was mine

But southern comfort was the first whiskey for me

Hennessy is pretty good

Okay we aren’t the same person but we are both definitely southerners

I’m not sure how to explain it I’m basically Arkansan but i was born literally on the border of Arkansas and Mississippi

I’m gonna call you Steve

Sound good Steve

Alright Frank calm down

Yeah I agree we do need to lay siege to DC and overthrow the federal government

Good to know you agree @Kevin_the_wise

Laying siege to DC and overthrowing the government

And establishing a white ethnostate maybe

Or just overthrow the government I’m not picky

Happy Yuletide or what ever you happen to believe/celebrate

I got an iPad and setting this thing up makes me want to dig up Steve Jobs just to punch him

Ha accurate

Yeah good to know I’m not the only one

I could use help digging him up I’ll bring the shovels

Everything triggers leftists

Hell triggers trigger leftists

Well I don’t pray to the Christian god so

Catholic is Christianity

Yeah too bad it’s all fake

Guess that one is serious

The other 99% of them aren’t

Yeah they usually are

Dark web is an interesting place unless you know what specifically your looking for your not gonna find it

It’s not really that dangerous as long as you take the necessary precautions

And avoid certain things unless your some super genius at encryption

You can access the dark web with a simple tor browser and the right links

And snooping isn’t illegal purchasing is

Where else I am gonna get my hands on military grade ordinance

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