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Austin is about to have riots today either way, saw bricks and metal bars hidden away in photos. I have to go to Austin today but I’m not going unarmed. 2nd amendment will protect me

I will @Texasreaper, you know us Texans, we can hold our own 🇺🇸

Arlington is a great place. I love it there. I live in the outskirts of Austin but I ain’t no city Texan. I’m trying to move soon if joining the Army doesn’t work out.

I’m going to stay away from the center of Austin today,

^^^same here

I’m bringing my Ruger AR with me to Austin, I don’t think people will fuck with me

That’s true, that’s why I got a Bowie knife, and thank God in Texas we can open carry knives

13” Bowie knife, newly sharpened

I’m not going start shit though, we all know the blm cry babies will start it

LMFAO yeah that’s not how it works, the army doesn’t play by the cop rules. They will tear gas the living shit out of the intruders

If the riots actually think they can get in through that gate they have a better chance entering The White House

How many people are in Fort Carson

14,000, just looked it up

If that actually happens I’d love to see the rioters fail miserably 😂😂

I’m with reaper, enough is enough

TRUMP 2020 boys and girlssss

Trump is in the lead in all but 2 or 3 swing states

EZ wins

Biden can suck on a chode

Oh I am. I’m pre gaming this election for a trump WUB

Y’all ready for more liberal tears

They fuel us 😂😂

Lmfaooo liberals need to learn how to take insults cause they insult us all the time

If you can take it, don’t dish it out

Lmfaooo wtf is wrong with him

Your boyfriends friend is a fucking dumbass and looking for attention 😂

Now I’m insulting him 😂😂

Why would his friend lie about that? That’s still fucking stupid hahaha

I’m actually, for once in 4 years, a little worried

Biden is winning because they somehow found 133,000 mail in ballots for only biden in Michigan

This is fucking bull shit

Keep us updated

This election is fucked. I’m stocking up on ammo today

I’m not going to kill anyone, I’m stocking up to defend my rights if the time arises

Be honest guys, does America have a chance to survive?

Then I will go out fighting i guess. I’m not going to live in a communist America 😂

Like a communist America sounds horrible. Absolutely horrible. I will go out with a bang before I have to see that😂

Better dead then red

You’re joking right

Yup he’s insane

If they try to assassinate trump (or succeed) I will personally start civil war 2

I’m trying to be confident

Idc how long we have to wait, I want a fair election. If biden wins FAIRLY so be it

We have the senate so he won’t be able to pass anything stupid

I was expecting this but not this bad

Mitch will hold our senate. He is our only hope now

Ted Cruz is holding strong too, we need them both

Later today I believe

Projected announcement is 1-2 am CT

Even during the civil war they cheated

On end of election night, trump won in the landslide we all predicted

It’s only the estimated time. I don’t think we will know till next week at the earliest

This is pissing me off



A recount in Michigan and Wisconsin will change the tides. It wasn’t close until the dems committed fraud. Trump was dominating in both

Don’t lose hope guys. We still have a great chance with the recounts and there will be one in Arizona soon

what bullshit

AZ has always been red but somehow this year they arent

Trump better fight this shit

night yall, i am going pray for win lmao

I won’t accept Biden as president. Not until this shit goes to court and they recount those swing states. It’s obvious fraud.

It’s completely obvious lol how is Biden the only one getting votes in the past day but trump hasnt move at all. Does that not sound off to you? And there is video evidence of fraud. It’s pretty obvious they had to cheat to win

If Biden wins after the courts and recounts, I’m fine with that. I’m not fine with him cheating to win

It’s not possible to go like that. Statistically speaking. It’s fraud. That’s why trump is bringing them to court and having them recount. And if you look on Michigan’s official page, trump is still winning it by a large margin

Plus they have been finding fake votes and tampered votes the past two days, all of them voting biden.

^^^ trump was getting vote after vote after vote then the polling place shuts down for the night to “count in the morning”. While we slept they somehow found just even vote to put biden in the lead. That’s called fraud

And not to mention the new whistleblower who confessed his postal worker boss told his crew to separate the mail in votes and stamp the previous date (nov 3rd) as the date so they could push in votes after Michigan closed their voting station. That’s fraud

Yupppp I have been trying to spread it around as much as possible

The democrats went to great lengths to corrupt our election this year and the only other way to make it more obvious is if they went on live tv and admitted it. It’s in plain sight

It’s the republicans turn to protest and be on the streets. The left had their fun but I for one am sick and tired of their fraud and corruption. They want to bring down America? Fine, but we won’t go down without a fight. America got weak in peace time but time to show we still have the fighting spirit. This is our free country, not theirs. This is China’s doing too, don’t think I left them out

Trump won this election and the good for nothing democrat politicians stole it. Slimy rats with no honor

@Markichr That would be too easy, we can’t add logic silly

The socialist in our government have corrupted our voting years ago

No he won’t be

Texas will be the Southern Capital

Lmfao it was a joke and Biden hasn’t won yet. Trump can still win big

But like Texas for southern capital is the best choice

I mean your right, I was just considering beating frauds and cheats a big win either way

The republicans have been stocking up for years while the democrats have been trying to get rid of guns and I’m guessing more then half don’t even know how to aim one

They literally have evening saying “we will ban ar’s and semi-autos” which is every gun ever


Semi-auto is any gun you have to pull the trigger once to shoot one bullet. Semi-auto= one trigger pull one bullet. That’s every legal gun. Shotguns, handguns, snipers, ar’s

Automatic guns are only for the military and government

No problem 😁

Well no fully automatic machine gun is allowed. It’s highly highly illegal for people to fix their guns to automatic. Bout every gun in a store is semi auto. Fully autos are issued by the government to soldiers only. If someone has an automatic gun, they are breaking federal law. You can find them on the black market which criminals use

Most of the shooting are in gun free zones and with handguns. And black market is one of the hardest things to take down of even regulate

And those are bolt action, if I’m picturing what you are describing. Those are mostly hunting rifles and sniper rifles

Well with a lot of practice and skill, bolt actions can be fast. We have a lot of regulations already, some states more than others. The background check is very very intense. What happens with most, not all, but most is the gun isn’t theirs. They either took it from someone or from their family house where it was kept in a good place or hidden place. Because if you have a felony, you aren’t allowed a gun at all. If he have had severe cases of depression, you aren’t allowed a gun. Idk the full list but we have an good background check now. People find ways of getting a gun without a gun store though

Wasnt kept*

But I know for fact no civilian gun in America is fully auto unless it was tampered with.

Some people are just fucked up. The world isn’t pretty sometimes. But full on gun control doesn’t work because that will just encourage black market use

Take down the black market, than maybe it might work

Republic for life

We will win, trust Trump

Prayers and Trust, that’s what we need to do

That’s so stupid, they don’t call red states but they call blue states too early. It’s fucking retarded how much cheating is going on

They called cali before polls ended, they called AZ before it ended, they called many blue states before it ended but won’t call Alaska, Georgia, PA, Or NC cause trumps in the lead

16k are left?

Be hopeful, that’s all we can. Harris will fuck our country if they win

I still feel good

They call all these blue states early but if trumps winning they have to wait

Makes soooooo much sense

I’m trying to, it’s hard right now

Ready the Calvary bois 😂

It’s time to charge into battle 🇺🇸🇺🇸

I’m not accepting till I hear [email protected] There’s too much fraud going on

Lmao no I’m not, there is still trials to go through and recounts. Once those are done I’ll accept it

Wisconsin and Michigan are recounting, and there are trials in AZ and PA

Like I have says lots before there is obvious fraud and yes I’m 100% sure. They are going on rn. We won’t know till Friday

Look if biden actually won LEGALLY I’ll accept it

So far it’s not fully legally. I’m just waiting, I’m not in denial

Yes, video evidence, whistleblowers the whole 9 yards. Wait and see

I have a shit ton of evidence saved in my accounts, that video was one of many

Y’all can give up if you want, I’m not going to lmao I will accept it when it’s officially over. Until then we are still in this

Ok, I’m still not giving up lmao it’s not over until the fat liberal sings

Trump is issuing recount in GA, just saw this. Just letting y’all know hahaha not saying it will help but it’s happening

MI, GA, and WI are all recounting

Yes, it’s from Trumps legal team themselves.

No I think trump will accept the recount results. He’s not going to pull a democrat

It means nothing till recount

Yes lmfao there will be. I think I said yes before

This election will end in the Supreme Court

I have seen this many places, but someone simplified it on Instagram. Greg Aselbekian. But I have heard and read many sources saying there will be a recount. If trumps official pages have said it

I’m not just saying shot from my ass

To which, the guys account?

Also 3060 or so confirmed voter fraud in Nevada

And Georgia has been at 99% ballots in for 48 hours now

The guy?

It’s a pic of what trumps team has said multiple times just simplified on one document

All we can do is wait

The recount will probably be confirmed or denied by Saturday

Plus no matter what trump is president till January anyways

Lawsuits inbound in Georgia and recount coming soon. This isn’t over and I’m still feeling good

Wait for the lawsuits and recounts to give up at least guys. Don’t lose faith in a man that has backed us up for years

Yes we do lmao they are recount WI and MI rn, tried telling you this. GA will be by Sunday starting to. Just wait. And this WILL go to the Supreme Court

Y’all can lose faith that’s fine. I’m waiting for the courts to give up

Guys, trump will bring this to the courts, most of those states with recount or they will redo the whole thing. There are lawsuits (confirmed lawsuits) in GA, PA, Mi, and Wi. This will be brought to justice. They cheated with HARD evidence and no one can deny it anymore. All we can do is trust Trump and back him up till death

In PA we won a lawsuit to get them recounted and have our own observers in the counting room but dems are still not let us in, against the judges orders. That’s criminal. If they have nothing to hide, they would let us watch

This won’t get resolved this week or next. This will take time. Trust in Trump

Trust in his team

I do too. They need observers from both parties there, to counter both parties

See, that’s hard ass evidence of fraud.

I hope that shit is fixed in the recounts

@Texasreaper we are here for you brother

No don’t give up!

We can fight this shit!

Wait till the fucking courts, they called it early because they are scared. I swear to you this is going to the courts

It means God wills it

It’s the crusade motto

This isn’t over

They are calling it before the court dates on purpose, don’t listen to anything

This will end in the courts, the media doesn’t decide our President

I’m done looking at the media and the charts, both of those don’t matter anymore

The courts matter, Joe Biden can suck a dick until Monday when the courts start happening

This is my thoughts too. If I’m wrong I’ll admit when proven wrong


We just have to clue patient and have hope. Trump is still fighting the fraud and we need to stick with him till the end

Y’all remember when Al Gore was called by the media as winner but Bush became president? Yeah I do too

They called that Election early too and the media was terribly wrong. Be patient y’all and don’t listen to the left

Lmfao it would be absolutely hilarious. I will spend the next 4 years laughing and every one of [email protected]


Media doesn’t call the shots around here, Joe Biden isn’t certified winner, he is still projected. The case in Nevada and GA will be next week too and GA and WI still need to recount. It’s still 50/50 in my eyes

This is gonna get juicy boys and girls

lol nope did watch the lies

its still not over thats why

Full audit in Pennsylvania

Big things are about to happen

And not to mention the lawsuits start today. We will officially know the REAL winner by December 12th. Joe is the fake winner rn, media has no say in the president -elect

PA is back in play putting Biden at 259, in other words not president elect


It begins boys and girls, the time has come for the comeback of a life time

Look it up. He is 259 and Trump is 214

What map did you look it up on

Cause it changed on realclearpolitics

Lol you can believe that or PA house sec of state who put PA back in play

I’m gonna believe the Sec of State since they call the states, not the media

By barely anything and Those late votes are about to not count at all

Ok believe that if you will. I’m just letting everyone know he’s not president elect anymore

Voted by mail and late votes is different

Plus they are being segregated so they can count and investigate them better.

Not even the Mexican President wants Biden. He refuses to accept Biden till the courts are done

and I mean they come in Nov 4th or later

All votes are supposed to be in by Nov 3rd

That’s why they give you so much time to send in mail ins

Then the ones post marked after nov 3rd are getting segregated and investigated.. I was just trying to say he’s not the president elect anyone since PA is in play.

Also on a different note, there’s evidence the mail system marked them as Nov 3rd when some came in late which is not ok

It’s gonna get juicy this month

And I could be wrong about some mail in facts, I don’t ever use it because it’s a fucked system and shouldn’t be there in the first place. I’m just repeating what I have read from many sources


I think the left gave up on covid anyways, they held huge gatherings for biden already. They took advantage of the covid situation so more people would stay home and do mail in

It either needs to be severely fixed or gone

I mean to be fair I was never really concerned lol it’s a slightly more dangerous flu in my opinion based on a lot of facts. We didn’t stay home during swine flu season and that infected a lot more people. I’m not saying covid is fake, I’m just not gonna stop living cause of it

Ya know

They are the same family of disease btw

I’m just curious, what would say you are? Republican, moderate or democrat? I’m not gonna attack you anything just curious

I get that. I went from neutral to democrat to republican. All in 4 years lmfao

At 2016 I couldn’t stand trump, I listened to the media and believed every word they told me. Until I did my own research. The left hates free thinkers the most cause they can’t control us

@Supreme leader Potato you ready for a juicy month

I mean the left and all their politicians take jabs at Trump. Both Biden and Kamala has. That’s all Kamala does. It’s a two way street basically

Hell yeah brother, comeback of our lifetime

Oh I’m not excusing it. Trump is blunt and says what he wants. The first debate was terrible on both sides honestly lmao but the moderator was the worst. Us as Americans aren’t used to blunt politicians. They act formal. But that’s how trump gained a lot of followers was cause he’s blunt

Kamala also can’t leave Trump out of her words. Every sentence is a lie about him 😂 she’s entertaining cause she’s stupid

Lmfao it was entertaining but it could have been much better

Oh yeah for entertainment purposes it was fucking amazing 😂

Kevin we still in this fight. This week will be the best week for the trials

Do you have a link ktb, I’m actually curious to read it

Also trump officially won NC, and if you put back in play all the states with lawsuits/recounts trump is winning the election

They do have evidence KTB and either more or less than the public was told about. All we can do is wait. From what the public has seen, yes there is fraud. Enough to change the tides? we are unsure but hopefully there is. And they are finding evidence so the “” weren’t necessary

Oh and if anyone asks why the president lost but the republicans won the senate, it’s because a lot of votes were just for biden. A massive amount of democrats didn’t vote down the ballot, only for president

Confirmed cases in Georgia

I’m waiting till the courts decide the winner to give up. That’s when I’ll concede. For now Biden and Harris are not my president, trump still is til January 20th

Yupppp now no one can deny it till prove right or wrong

I can’t wait for trump to be right..... AGAIN

How about wait 4 year like every leftist waited for the russian hoax. It’s been two weeks KTB, let the process work out and no OANN has not spread mass amounts of fake news, that’s what a believer of mainstream media would say. They better than a lot News stations. Yes they biased but every news source in the history of news reporting is biased. You won’t find any unbiased news station.

None of us, not even you, can prove what trump said is wrong or right yet. We have to just wait. By the end of next week we will know for sure

But trump was right about corona, trump was right about the hoaxes, he could be right now

If you listen to the big news stations like CNN and Fox and those, it’s fake news 99% of the time. Which makes OANN more reliable. I personally look at the small guys and only the big guys a few times but I always fact check them. Other than that I listen too public figures who do the work for me

And don’t you think trump meant it’s on those news stations, not it comes from? He would obviously get all that information first since he is the one fighting the fraud

Let us have this hope till we and trump is proven wrong

And the democrats will still go down in history has the most corrupt party in American history 😂

And I pray and hope that Communist China government gets what they deserve. We as a world need to put a choke hold on them, cut their supplies in half

And if we do this, they will shrink in power and strength and finally realize America is not to be fucked with

But this won’t happen under biden

Judge rules in favor of trump in Pennsylvania, the sec of State had no right to change the deadline of the Election Day so all ballots that came in after that should not be counted. Another victory there, small victory but still a victory

Trump won’t give up with all these good signs just cause a few lawyers quit. He will hire better ones. This ain’t over till December 6th

I wouldn’t be surprised if they were

The left wouldn’t last long. The USA military would turn on Biden or leave to the militias. The right has the firepower and the skills to survive 🤷‍♂️ quick war in my opinion 😂

We may not survive but if I’ll sure as hell take as many socialist scum with me 😂😂

Just imagine a war started because of voter fraud and the fear of having two dipshits who call themselves democrats in the White House

I mean they have done everything that a domestic terrorist would do by definition

Tear down statues

Loot innocent businesses

Yeah both groups are by definition domestic terrorists

Antifa is already labeled as so by our government

And I haven’t ignored them. They just don’t try anything to me. I even live in a liberal city. I really wanted to bitch slap one but he was alone so he didn’t fight. They only attack in numbers cause they are weak. Both mentally and physically

I have a dying wish guys, don’t let me vote democrat once I’m buried

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