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Hey guys

I'm alright you?

What class is it?

I was Great at history class

I just despise math

Oh my lordy. That doesn't confuse you?

Oh no not geometry

That stuff always tricked me

I was a C plus student in that class

Those WW3 memes are so Halirious

This one?

What a way to start off a year

I'm just glad WW3 didn't actually happen

Well I don't think Iran is much of a threat

I hate how they called trump Hitler,ect for killing a terrorist

They have the guts to kill babies[Abortion] but not kill A top tier Terrible

A top tier terrorist*

Bin laden was also bad

They both had to go

@Markichr I can't even imagine witnessing 9/11

Oh dang

I'm sorry for your lost

I thought you meant like in the tower

That's crazy

I was 1 at the time

I heard The US had a warning but George bush didn't do anything

Government secret maybe?

Hey guys

Do you guys like horror films

Love em

I'm debating if I should watch the original Texas chainsaw massacre

What's your favorite horror movie

I love scream 1

Amanda do you like super hero movies?

So what type of movies do you like


What's ur hobbies

Horror games

Uh can barely think of anything

country music

Oh guess what

During straight pride parade

I put dont hate me I was born straight on my story and a liberal was saying that's racist.

Who's ur favorite country singer

My favorite is Johnny Cash

I swear it's like the old music is like alot better than modern music

In my opinion

I nevered really liked rap

Well except Eminem but I stopped listening to him when he said F his fans who support president trump

Oh guess what

I noticed

Last week I was watching Videos of Johnny Cash and June Carter on stage singing

In 1 video I swear it's like June Face's changes

To not human like

I was looking at the comments

And no one else saw it

Reminder it was in 1952 so the camera was crappy

It could be a camera error but who knows

What do you think

The face changes more

And when she gets back up to sing it bounces back

I saw a video of Elvis Presley face also changing to for a second

I hope

Well I haven't seen a video of Johnny cash face changing so idk about him

Do you think Shape shifters exist?

Fair enough

I understand

Especially now a days alot of fake news and People acting out situations

I couldn't agree more

Then Machine's are getting advanced

Before you know it it'll be Detroit become human

Low economy

Kinda scary thought

Than eventually

A civil war against 2 species

Heck they even spy on us now

What'd you up to

What'd you up to

Alright hope I didn't interrupt you

Also that's werid I typed what'd you up to once

That also happens on Instagram

Maybe you ate something expired or too much to fast


It's possible

Anyone here awake?

Probably not

You're sleepy?


Morning to whoever is awake

What'd you up to

Playing animal crossing

Such a good game

They showed off the Switch version

Dope AF


God bless America



You are too cool

I've got a friend who's Bernie supporter

Well 2 actually

But 1 of em switched over to being a Trump supporter

This election is gonna be huge

Deactivated my Instagram

I'll be on here more if you guys want to text

Anyone wanna voice chat?

It's all good

You don't have to if you dont want to

What a day

Oh dang

Are you alright?

Just got back from the gym

How is everyone?

Creepy joe

What'd you guys up to

I'm just listening to some country music

I'm exhausted from the gym

He can have his fun he wont win presidential election

They can't beat the Trump Train

Hey guys

What'd you up to

I think I over done it

Am I a potato here?

"I've seen this one before"

MAGA 2020

God bless America

We don't even need an election this year

Its obvious who's gonna win

Wow finally someone noticed me

Hey guys what's up

CNN is The clown news network

Thats up to u

Hey guys

I was in a debate with a liberal and guess what he said

He said supporting Trump is like supporting Hitler
And a President is no Different than Hitlwr

I wish I was lying

There was a trump 2020

Helicopter over the Bernie rally

I saw a video of bernie giving a speech and

A big boat near by with a trump 2020 flag with the horn on interrupting his speech

It was so loud that he had to stop till the boat passed by

You're friend forgets

Forgets that Republicans are pro 2nd amendment

Who's actually worried about this Coronavirus

Isint NY in a state of emergency

And I live in NJ so I got to be cautious

1 teen in my town got it

Do you guys think that this is man made

Or it came from bat soup

illuminati confirmed

I heard that this is from iran

Ever since Wario looking dude got assassinated

This happened

We dont need a civil war

We need a


We need a Crusade instear


Oh no that's a fight

Deus Vult

For Honor

@Markichr can lead the crusade

Schools in NJ are down for 2 more weeks

I heard Italy folks are in quarantine

Theres a dude at my job that looks like joe Biden I call him creepy joe

You guys doing alright?

From this quarantine

Amanda ur worried?

I'm not worried

What's the worse that could happen

The economy crashing again? Oh wait

The economy could crash

Yixe bro

Fast recovery to you

Instagram is censoring me!

I put a video on my story about Democrats being hypocritical and 1 hour later its gone

The attack on free speech

Very werid

I hope this quarantine ends

It's all fun and games till the economy crashes

Hey guys

XD funny that Bernie dropped out of the race

How is everyone doing

I'm pretty sure I hope he drops out of the race earlier

Pretty sure I said that

Oh gosh of course he did

I don't get why the released the prisoners from jail because of the virus

Tf? Fuck em they're criminals

Who cares these are bad people

That should be justifiable especially if it's his son

That's sad that's a constitutional right to have a gun


It has to be man made

Did you guys see that short video clip of the covid 19 task force

After it was over

I think this is last week

After The task force speech was over

There was 2 people cleaning up the chairs and

And the mic caught them saying "Everyone here has been vaccinated already"

I have it downloaded

I'll send it to you on Instagram

It won't let me send it on here

Told ya

This is no coincidence

Re opening the economy is going to back fire

Oh hi clown news network

I just noticed

Yeah I can see that

Reopening it might get people infected

We need a cure or vaccine first

Imagine walking into a restaurant not knowing who has it

My state is very high

I think NJ is 2nd highest

The doctor who's on stage with trump on the task force says it might back fire

Yes you're saying that like no 1 else does

I had a great plan moving smoothly before this outbreak

Great depression ik

If they open the economy


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