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Wheres eyan


Get him here


2020-10-23 05:37:35 UTC [The Adorable Deplorable #memes]

What do you guys think of my prediction

This is all bs

I'm on google and they gave biden AZ with 80% reported however there is 92%+ reported with 3 stares for trump


And PA is letting people vote 3 days after is literally the most retarded things ever it's called "ELECTION DAY" not "ELECTION WEEK"

Still that's past election day

They need to give trump WI NC and GA

Its ridiculous that a 100,000 vote lead wont give you a win with no possibility to tie it


They should maybe idk call it

That's more than I know

That's more than how many fingers I have

2020-11-07 21:23:31 UTC [The Adorable Deplorable #memes]


I've never heard of oann

I'm not surprised theres basically no unbiased news source anymore

Tpusa is just a group of cucks looking for attention

Their only good points are ones that they regurgitate from others

Is his girlfriend single

I hate California

Can I sue Newsom

He took away my nascar race

2020-12-13 20:46:44 UTC [The Adorable Deplorable #memes]  


Vermin Supreme for prez


It ain't that bad ngl (the vaccine)

The reason the flu shot isnt "perfected" is because the flu is different every year

If vaccines were dangerous they wouldn't be giving them to medical professionals and even if they did they would know that its dangerous


No but I saw I can get 15% or more for 15 minutes with geico

I dont see why not

If its necessary yes

Hooters hires women with big boobs not only for sex appeal but also because you need milk for when things are hot

2021-01-05 07:31:15 UTC [The Adorable Deplorable #memes]

In my opinion since both sides rioted I should become leader of the united states my plans are give northern ireland to Ireland and buy and sell england as a colony

Homie just because like 4 people were there from antifa doesnt make it antifa

Guenther is God

for what

Bro the 25th won't do shit

Its pointless


Martial law is unconstitutional to keep him in office

Honestly kanye should take office due to both sides rioting

Based and redpilled party is the best party

Not to brag or anything but I've seen mia Khalifas boobs

Hellen keller is a fraud

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