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2 headed bear, one for fashy and one for lolbert

ill make it



template 4u

yall niggas ray cis



i wonder who made it

its pure perfection


can i get an invite link

oh wait on site nvm

Those 8 hours felt like 8 years

im banned from halfchan

8pol gets my gifs instead now

8 is quality

4 is quantity

7 is cancer

99 is fedoric

5 is dead

2 is nip


fellow gentiles, can i get an invite link to here?

ayo can i get some invite links? we got some RWSS that want to participate in outer heaven


im making an anticom video today

should i use my youtube or do u have an official one?

is Anticom still active?

planned demonstrations?

making snako


NAP violated


2 layersd

>Come back Ted
>We were wrong Ted
>Here... have our used up delegates
>Don't go Ted
>I'm a #Cruzmissile now

Heh... tough luck kid. I'm not in the delegate business anymore.


Jeb Bush Jr


any of /ourguys/ there?

if its going on next week i may go

paranoid of being seen though so ill wear a thoth mask

shes a female

they speak entirely in trend

cant be fixed

getting voilet

antifa are boxed in

so they are lashing out


they need to just rush in and finish them, it would be so funny




a fucking marshmellow


it hurts

i had an idea

we could literally use lassos to snatch their flags

would be breddy funny

i miss that methol stuff

i used to use it for long drives


redpilled music

When LePemf will lose / pol / tears will feed me for weeks or months. Then I will fall on this board as a bird of prey on a lamb and rejoice in the helpless rage that is going to be generating. I would delight in threads of suicides and rages and I do not think my cock will be harder than the million little cocks wiggling rage simultaneously. They will say that the election has been rigged. They will say that it was the immigrants who cut the grass under their feet. "We're going to rebel" they'll say. "War of the races!" "The suitcase or the coffin!" They will yell. Nothing will happen because they are just talking. They are too weak and cowardly to do anything but nothing can relieve them of knowing that their modern-day Joan of Arc will have been contained as her father in the fifth and that she will have been beaten by a PARACHUTE WITHOUT PROGRAM an arriviste Rosthchild has been favorite rather than they and his enarchs, I come back I will shake.


It's not really like that when you're like these pempf-fags, I was for it when I realized it was crappy. I accepted that I was wrong, there is nothing to expect from them because they have their fingers too deep in their ass for that, in addition they finish every discussion by "CTR or shill!". I knew there would only be LePemf to shit on them when she betrayed them all and they realized they got screwed.


@Dangerlurking did he claim his boypucci?

being American is awesome


literally cheaper than a game console

yeah but you have to factor in xbl with the cost

unless you legitimately ONLY play singleplayer

fasssst shipping

I laughed


Dance Dance Occult Revolution https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Okz9jpMmnEg

>flag moving


Aye Signature Series Anticom Logo - Redistribution Prohibited and a NAP violation.


I do

restart your router @The Chechen Slayer

if that doesnt work

then power-cycle it

i got ya bro

ill be on text, got to take some calls, will do a few versions



thanks for song suggestiosn, i appreciate any and all commie-killing music from WW2/Cold War

maybe S Viet/Kor would have catchy stuff

What font is the default Anticom wheel?

this one

I have decided to make a wheel for antifa canada, since its only fair that i make oc for everyone right?

pls dont share this, it only helps our enemies


go home nazis


go home nazis

yeah they are

they sprayed a couple crowds

>t. antifa?

we talking about mace?


yeah they will never do that

soroes would say that is a huge nono

their goyim rating is super high

they cant risk it with that kind of stunt

@Chancellor shields are for plebs, real men lather themselves head to toe with astroglide so objects slip away

chain mail shouldnt be disregarded either

distribution of kinetic energy through the linkages actually is good for blunt strikes

@D3VNT did you get shot through the heart?

yeah shock sucks


BCA stacks are great

6.5 Grendel is redpilled but sadly not widely adopted

♫ who can say where the road goes ♫

@D3VNT the map raped dorah

u can get awn ak in 6.5

but as with all meme rounds.. its not worth it unless the supply availability is good


i want it to be 6.5, but its 308

i want an ar-10 this year

but next for me is a piston ar-15

so i can shoot garbage ammo after the happening

piston has better reliability with shit ammo

i doubt after the happening i'll be able to buy top shelf from mutant traveling vendors

hello there traveler, can I interest you in some water purification products?


yep, reloading sounds good in meme world, but irl it wont last forever

can't just craft ammo components from rocks and dead cats like in vidya

why not have a shitload of ammo and a piston rifle to shoot a shitload of shit ammo

we're talking that sweet steel case 223

What is optimum gas length for a DI that can shoot wolf 223

@Whitecheese is probaboly noguns. Everyone /k/ommando knows that you reload IN the gun. You set the gun down, barrel up. Put the primer directly above the firing pin. You then put the casing on top of it. Then you pour the powder in till its almost full. Then you seat the bullet. Then you release the bolt. Tadaaa, its done.

i have a lot of 556 but no AR

just in case a happening, i have green tips to sell


every time

all traps are gay


(flag is animated)


an anti-antifa song

anyone have a video/image of the black kid that got maced by antifa?

>working on video

gif btfo


@buttmutt near nevada

are aesthetics anticom approved?


I own a vepr


morelike 420691337/.10

i love that gun so much

i have 39

long barrel, with bipod

and drum

u can buy a bipod for them

not sure which one, its old looking, i havent attached it yet. (in storage)

i think its a remake

my vepr is still in the original box and greased up

once i leave cali ill swing by and get it

i got mine on sale new

classic firearms

i think 650ish?

cant fully remember

nuggets suck

get a used savage

for bolt action i want the ruger precision rifle

and a savage

i love savages so much

i dont know how that gun is so good

barret ammo is so expensive

is 338 much cheaper?


it means dead furries

for the rest of your days

informational montage

working on it

i have a good narration voice in the video

(not my voice)

unlisted, just here for demonstration

we need some ribbons for our militaristic outfits when we get them

average of 5 piss bottles at a given time = 5 gold striped bar

haha, leftypol is trying to get me to talk to them.


10/10 attempt for pure entertainment value

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