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Hey guys I'm Alec from Ohio. I'm a student and I enjoy fitness (7 days a week), going to the firing range, hiking, kayaking, and skiing. Glad to be here, time to stop sitting on the sidelines.

The El Chapo Act is pretty based in regards to El Chapo's money, however many law enforcement in smaller areas of the nation sustain themselves on the drug money they seize.

You're joking...

No I mean about the Forbes article

I wouldn't mind a Roman/Greek approach to voting

You'd have to earn it and be a European American in the first place ofc

When is the next pledge orientation? I need to plan my week accordingly

Naming the owners and donors oy vey

Hey I just got home, would it be too late to join the orientation?

Is there still one on the 26th?

Is it too late to join?

Ok give me one sec!

What is the official stance on Freemasons/Freemasonry?

I mean membership wise, not conspiratorial lol

Interviewer or state coordinator?

Hey Utah guys, I'm going to be in Park City skiing in a few weeks and was wondering if any of you guys would be interested in joining me

I'm going on a week long ski trip to Park City Utah in a few weeks, any Utah fellas want to meet up to shred some gnar?

Ruled unconstitutional

For male only

I think it's a good thing, very accelerationist. Now these feminists will either fall on the sword or look like hypocrites to the majority of people. Either way it won't actually go through

Where do we go to order stickers/flyers?

Things must get worse before it can get better

I mean the system is built to go against our ideas, it needs to be subverted first and foremost

They're already winning in case you haven't noticed


It'll bring more to our side, some will begin to acknowledge the breaking point of worker drone futures and return to tradition, I'd like to think.

30 total messages. Viewing 250 per page.
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