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Driftless region over here

Wisco just east of Dubuque, trying to find folks near me.

Who doesn’t?

What brand mags do you guys run in your WASR’s? I’m trying to figure out what to pick up

Little north of Jo Davies here

The polymer Bulgarians or should I hunt down steel?

@bootsandboys it came with a pmag but I haven’t had a chance to fuck with it, I’ve heard Croatians aren’t awful if im willing to play with a file

@Dejectedhook04 I’ve been reading up and they seem to be the gold standard of combloc surplus

Aren’t stens stupid simple to build?

Like legit the parts kids are stupid cheap

And receiver blanks with jigs are like $20

-implying a homemade machine pistol would be any better

Not as cheap as when they had the mk2 kits

But 🤷‍♂️

Hey, if it goes pew pew pew

I’ve wanted to do a 80% sten build cause even if they’re shit I’ve always had a thing for them

Like those and eastern bloc shit have always just had that second kind of cool for me

For a sten you mean?

I was gonna say, I thought they were just a drill and some fuckery

Like I know 80% aks are a pain

@Bogs_Bunny that’s some Vietnam tier shit

Fuck, wrong tag

I’ve had a general idea how to make those since I was like twelve

Family doesn’t mean that way, I just read a lot of books

Lean that way*

Just to chime in with an earlier comment, hearts and minds are really the only way to win this

Like if John Q. Public won’t hide you when the ABC’s come through, you’re SOL

Makes it harder to meet up with restaurants being closed... not to bring that up since that’s a dead horse of a topic

Are y’all in any other communities? Cars, jeeps?

The restaurant.

Cause I know everyone is pissed about our whole shitshow of a closed state

I just know that was a thought to piggyback off of a meeting that already existed

Honestly man I’m close to the border and Illinois has it dramatically worse

I’m over near the river, everything’s just quiet but aside from places being closed it’s life as normal right now

Yeah redpilling is a slow process that you can’t hurry

But around here there are a lot more people that think like me than I would think being in a college area

Im introverted too, my routine barely changed

Yeah I feel for you, Madison is a mess with a bunch of re re libs, like I couldn’t take working there

College kids are bad enough

I really like the steyr I’ve played with

My brother liked it as much as his p2k that he has

They’re essentially a Glock, so like 🤷‍♂️

You guys actually do interesting shit lol

I manage a Jimmy Johns

In this case certified food manager so I can keep you from getting salmonella

I’ve only ever heard good shit about which wich

But I’m midwest not east coast

I can get the logic except for the fact that Facebook is 1984 with training wheels

I have a lot of family in Wyoming, kinda the same feeling

It’s not like the rules are stupidly obviously stated or anything

A pmag came with my WASR, not bad feeling but I bought some cheap eastern bloc ones for the rest

Have you guys given yours any hard use?

My brother leans alt right, threw me for a loop but I was in one of their Facebook groups after charolettesville, most of them aren’t that far off their rocker

I figure you can’t stock up wrong as long as they work

And the only issue I’ve ever heard of with the Croatian ones is being too tight, plus they were cheap as shit

Okay, like I poked my head into this channel and was like “the fuck”

I can understand shutting down restaurant seating areas and stuff still, hell, I manage a sub shop and we’ve been unseasonably busy for all the students having left town

But on either side of me is a hair salon or a tattoo shop and man, they haven’t worked in a month and a half, and I worry about their ability to stay open

However I don’t get all the fucking twits cutting up their Costco and menards cards, they’re just covering their ass as a business

Yeah, now I also do understand that they have to try to manage the lowest common denominator, and that bar gets preeety low

^ there’s an assisted living about twenty minutes from me that comprises all the deaths in our county and most of the positive tests

It’s like when New York came out and admitted most of their deaths had underlying conditions

Or the virus made their COPD, or whatever worse, yeah, what you said

Sorry, kinda a derp at this hour

@wings where’d you read that one? Im intrigued

Also, bought cheap ass Croat mags for my Wasr, they all fit great, I’m definitely pleasantly surprised

Just skimming that’s not surprising at all

Like he knows he’s fucked a couple things up with this

At least he’s less of a complete twat than pritzker, like I don’t like Evers but up until this whole crisis I could stomach him

I mean I’d go with a PTR before I went to an AUG

I’m an old man and I sleep early, but going into my weekends

I’m only 23, just feel old as fuck

Not gonna lie even with everything going on I was planning on working with the couple handguns I had for a while. Trumpbux™️ made me getting a rifle a thing

Ehh, I’ll give him points that they’re pretty nice

But not my style

Word, erreybody want to show off their paperback*that one cookbook* Without caring lol

“I saved a copy of a 50 year old army manual, I’m SMRT”

Patience is a virtue, or that’s what they saiy

Morning folks

I’ve been telling the wife im gonna get garden gnomes just to piss her off, those would be just the thing

That’s last nights news, go down to the intel and surveillance Chanel and check it

Lol, I saw a couple things about it before I saw it here too

I just saw it on Facebook was all

@[LA] Zoomer Medi/k/ Random thought because it’s still low end gear (but better than condor) but have you looked at pantac or flyye? I had a chest rig from them in my airsoft days and it was actually pretty decent quality

Obviously you can run anything for a med pack but If you aren’t going for the standard issue look something like osprey or a backpacking style pack might be in your best interest

Fair, a good med pack is a lot more important, actually being able to find shit

Just wasn’t sure if you had looked at those brands for gear

Not osprey, the other two

Makes the most sense, it’s just not feasible unless someone is doing it as their full time job, for every person to join the server

Day off, probably kick my feet up and watch a movie, drink some beer, maybe do yard work

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