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What's up my massholes

Hey, two is double what I was expecting

I know, I was envious looking at the other state chats

Yeah. Of all the New England states I only see one other guy in CT

At least upstate NY has plenty of people

It's early still. I know of a few guys in NH at least

They're just not here

Aha the name makes sense

I lived in VA briefly

I have friends here but I doubt any of them are down

Even like the vets I have known here are big into following the rules

No but I used to work with a bunch

Hey now it's not like all the boys are here yet

Heh well you can rant in here if you like

This is.... useful information

Communication is hard

Ah yes. I'm about to join you, soon I'll have my own tiny clone

Pmags in 7.62x39 are good. I've always bought eastern bloc surplus

Yeah that's a good way to put it. Both very simple, but sticking it in is just the beginning

I'm excited to be exhausted

We've already discussed using condoms when we start up again haha

Yeah I think my grandparents used that fact to squeeze out as many kids as possible. They're seriously average of less than a year apart

Nobody quite knows what to make of my new 5 gallon food-quality buckets

They were too big to hide from the lady and her Karen sister

It's quite fun and useful to get two radios and see how well they work out where you hunt. You'll probably be disappointed at the distance at first but then you buy better antennas and learn how to make it work for you

ISIS English lessons?

The T465 are like, medium-duty consumer radios. Not total junk like most FRS radios, but they're still limited by the FRS rules (2 watts, fixed antenna) and the price indicates they're not quite as durable as a $3000 APX. But for hunters or whatever they probably work great

Yeah I've been up until 2-3am most nights for no reason

Best to have an outfit like your local poor people

Man it's hard to see the lines on the camo maps.... because it's camo

Polymer80s are cheap

But you're right

If you do choose to comply and you don't have much of a criminal record it's very doable, just takes $200 and three months

If you're staying in MA and want to shoot here it's tough to avoid

I was really scared of how shitty the process was- then I went through it and it wasn't bad as a practical matter. Of course they're still stepping on snek but I was surprised to find progun cops helping me

Even longer at the moment, most places aren't accepting applications

In 1974 Mass had a ballot question to ban the possession of handguns. If we didn't fight it, it would have passed.

Culturally we've been steppers since the Puritan theocracy

I'm with you on that Madison. It's a natural human need to desire physical safety, but saying it out loud gets you weird looks here. Then the process is daunting. But those who don't like being told now will double their resolve

There are wayyy more ARs in ban states than before the bans. People don't like hearing no

In a way it helps us

Same. My goal is to have a lake house in NH and spend weekends as a resident. ATF approved, surprisingly

Glad to have NY in the house

"is that even legal?!" I am so accustomed to hearing that when I break out the police scanner that it doesn't surprise me anymore when I talk guns

Even better, in a state with private sales and no registration nobody knows what to look for in the first place

I guess we never did the whole "where you at" thing every state chat has done. I'm inside 128

And similarly, I can drive to wherever, I'm used to it just to get to a range, but of course I prefer not to drive more than 2 hours for a day

A lot of the basic questions people ask can be answered if you study for the technician exam. Not saying you have to get the license but if you can pass a practice test you'll know you are at a good starting point for learning

You don't NEED a cable and chirp, but it's super annoying to program Baofengs by hand

I can second the UV-82, have been using them for years. Plenty of batteries available- does the GT3-TP take standard shape batteries? Also paying extra for 8 watts is not the best use of money, get a better antenna first. My opinion

Judging by the pictures it looks like it does take standard UV-5R batteries which is good

FRS, yes, but not with Baofengs. GMRS needs a license. Technically.


And the FCC enforcement bureau is getting smaller every year. Avoid malicious interference and you're fine

The French speaking girls are one of the few redeeming things about Canada

Not criticizing you, just curious what you mean by out of state possession? NH doesn't care if nonresidents have guns

Ah, what an image to have in my head as I go to bed :)

Masshole and radio/computer nerd here

@thereisonlyoneMAUZER if you have questions about Pemi 3 gun let me know. I've been going occasionally since 2014

Also to get a feel for it there are GoPro videos on YouTube

3 gun doesn't require much gear for your first event but you'll quickly learn from other participants what you need. As long as you have the 3 guns and a couple of spare mags you can just stick the mags in your cargo pockets for your first day. If you've never done competition shooting Pemi strongly recommends you take their Intro to 3 gun class. You don't need to be fast but you DO need to be safe, as you might imagine with a bunch of people swinging guns around they're pretty strict on muzzle direction and running a cold range etc

I started with a pump shotgun. Any semi-auto pistol and rifle will do, though most people have full size pistols and ARs. Yeah you should install sights :) and check out the 3gun subreddit

Not super often

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