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Its all you need if you want to die for sure

AKA 2 squirts a second

Nice and comprehensive Zoomer

Are they from your boogie group or one you just made?

I guess we’re the MO network 😂

You on the ks or mo side? Not that it makes a difference lol

TXA is awesome, Ketamine is more betterer. I don’t give a fuck what anyone says, it causes respiratory depression 😂 great for keeping BP from shitting and if given with Benzos helps the emergency phenomenon.

Used Ket <20 times. Worked like a champ though

Yeah i gave it to one guy with a GSW to the shoulder, he was screaming about pain and once he was secure he went deep in the K hole.

Snapped out of it as we were pulling i to the ER, looked at me and said ‘God??’ I said no man other end. He said ‘Jesus christ’ and just starred at the roof of the ambulance, after that everyone who got Special K, got 2 of versed. My old service had protocols for ketamine for excited delirium.

Yeah its hard to find folks who give half a fuck about basic care let alone combat care/advanced shit.

I gave a guy 500mg IM one night. Head on MVA. Ejections, fatalities in the vehicle. It was really cold, and i guess it sat in the muscle until he warmed up a little. He was quiet in the ER for several hours lol he had multiple lower extremity fractures so he was in deep space with the mormons for the poking and prodding and xrays

Yeah got stories for days about weird shit lol

Yeah i usually have people count back from 10, he said 10 and then stopped breathing

Yeah. I enjoy combat medicine. Id take that over some idiot with a BGl of 800 because those donuts are just so tasty

I feel dizzy, yeah because you weigh 400lbs and are going blind

Sorry, burned out lol

esophageal varices... fucking sends shivers down my spine lol

Varicose veins in your esophagus basically, get fat and full of blood then they explode. Ive had pts with them, my go to is RSI and TXA and haul ass

Keep systolic at or around 90 and you’re gtg

🤷🏻‍♂️ive seen folks with all the certs in the world be absolute shit providers. Mindset is everythinng

Quick convo with you and a look through the shit you’ve been posting, you’re already more competent than most medic students I’ve precepted lol

Appears so. Even the boog needs medics

My “group of friends” we shall call it has one

Nothing as cool as a blackhawk for evac though

Get some good stainless shit. Get sutures and just practice on chicken with skin attached

Preferably dead. Ill admit my suturing skills arent beautiful, but i can close a wound decently enough. Hard thing to get good at though unless you do it often

Honestly, id raid an ambulance shack and stuff all the shit into a chevy express or something. Those 3m sticky zip tie stitches?

Cardiac monitor and all the supplies. Gloves, batteries, radios, everything

Yeah when i planned my plate carrier for my role in my group of friends, the HSP flatpack plus isnt big enough for the shit i ‘could’ take. Lucky we have a setup that allows field care other than me

Flatpack plus with the clear plastic pouches will do. I know where my locals shit is. Ket, fentanyl, versed, etomidate

Ive had older medics tell me tampons are good for gsws.. i roll my eyes so hard i about go blind.

Sorry boys, passed the fuck out.

Celox A and xstat (the dildo looking one) are the ones I’ve played with.

Not a fan of the granules but i do like those sponges. They were trialing some injectable foam shit for abdominal trauma, not sure if it went to actual tests. Looked like a pain in the ass for surgery.

Id rarely recommend hemostatics on digits unless there wasn’t enough room for a TQ or use of pressure points. The granules have quite a few problems, as Zoomer said, its designed to be placed as close to the bleed as possible with as little blood as possible. Thats why i like the z fold, wrap it around your finger and stuff it in the hole. Lol

A coworker bought one and he paid like $40/$50

The X-Stat 12 is currently $91.75 at panakeiausa

They sell 3 packs for $275.25

Honestly with the trainers we had at work I’ve had 80% same results with wound packing with regular vacuum z fold gauze.

If you just stuff it in the hole loosely you have a better chance with the hemostatic. I carry QuickClot everywhere. At least 2. 40 buckos a piece is doable

90 for the xstat is a bit of a stretch lol

Im going to need that patch

I got the uv82hp with the na771 16”.

This seems like an actual scenario that will happen

If you fail wound packing, i think the dumpster fire patch is more suiting

And yes i follow the fishers page

Some bomb info and memes

I got my ass chewed for using ket as a pre induction agent over etomidate.

Thats why meeting ip in person is important but without actually trusting them its still hard

Im sure @[LA] Zoomer Medi/k/ has 3,000 stashed somewhere

@Spud on point with the music selection

Lol. Hey can i buy that gun, yeah sure, heres money, thanks heres the gun, see ya later

@[LA] Zoomer Medi/k/ i broke a rib at work and now im laughing at your frog assessment you asshole lol fucccck

RIP frogger. Viking burial

I do that on occasion, but its usually down the back of my tshirt and leaves burns

Just like bin laden. Fuck em

Unable to roast, you look gtg

Use a rock or something

Ive come across some right scumbags in my line of work. Still had to treat them and try to keep them alive.

Did i miss something zoomer? Lol

If we lose power my cooking will remain the same

Ive got 4 for me anyway, staged and covered away from UV light and uniform to rub away at shit

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