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daily reminder that the only reason america gained independence was because of the french they so love to berate

American revolution was completely unjustified t b q h

Britain almost bankrupted itself during the 7 years war getting the territory the colonists asked for

and when the tax rate in the colony goes up (still far lower than that in England) to pay off this debt they sperg out and declare independence

granted it all turned out great for the Americans in the end

(they hold world hegemony, foremost power etc)

but the entire revolution was unwarranted

that's a bit of a generalisation, many colonists saw themselves as english transplanted to the Americas

sure some of them adopted a national identity when and after the revolution


but a lot of them (for example the loyalists who moved to canada) considered themselves british first

but that was after the revolution took place

talking about the initial reasons for it

none of those living in the colonies wanted direct rule, but they were willing to wait for devolved powers to be granted to them

the Canadians, Australians and kiwis got dominion status sometime in the 30s

they didn't use violence to try and take those powers

fair enough, the Americans did

i just don't think it was worth spilling the blood of their fellows over

i'd agree with that

the countries under britain's control only remained there for so long as britain had the power to keep them

as soon as british power waned every colony was pushing for independence or more autonomy

it's the fault of the british government for losing the power and influence required to maintain the empire

at least britain and america have remained allies

North AMericans are Europeans

at least the good ones are anyway

i wish i was an american so i could have a cool gun

Triple Hernan 2018-03-25 14:57:15 [Nick Fuentes Server #art]  


Triple Hernan 2018-03-25 14:57:29 [Nick Fuentes Server #art]  


Triple Hernan 2018-03-25 14:57:46 [Nick Fuentes Server #art]  


what negative health effects does masterbating have

i understand that excessive porn watching will fuck with a mans head

but masterbating itself is bad for your health?

in what way

you need to go to the vatican at least once in your lifetime, whether you're a catholic or not


@Deleted User No decline and fall?

Triple Hernan 2018-03-29 23:25:08 [Nick Fuentes Server #vidya]  

fuck im good at fort night

can we get a sports chat?

i want to talk about MMA, boxing etc

uhh yes

height is like 90% genetics

unless you're really malnourished

or living in a tiny box you should grow fine

Triple Hernan 2018-04-04 16:42:57 [Nick Fuentes Server #anime]  

anime is trash stop watching it...orelse


Triple Hernan 2018-04-04 19:05:39 [Nick Fuentes Server #anime]  

what about gamer grill poo poo aha?

Triple Hernan 2018-04-04 19:07:52 [Nick Fuentes Server #anime]  

πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚

i don't think they liked the cheese eating surrender monkey meme

she's on tinder what do u think

Triple Hernan 2018-04-07 10:04:17 [Nick Fuentes Server #vidya]  

New card. What do you think?


Triple Hernan 2018-04-07 18:28:08 [Nick Fuentes Server #vidya]  

what game is this?

Triple Hernan 2018-04-07 18:28:11 [Nick Fuentes Server #vidya]  

the election one

Triple Hernan 2018-04-07 18:29:21 [Nick Fuentes Server #vidya]  

flash game?

Triple Hernan 2018-04-07 18:29:49 [Nick Fuentes Server #vidya]  

looks interesting

Triple Hernan 2018-04-07 18:31:44 [Nick Fuentes Server #vidya]  

wait is it multiplayer?

Triple Hernan 2018-04-07 18:32:50 [Nick Fuentes Server #vidya]  

will we be able to interact

Triple Hernan 2018-04-07 18:32:52 [Nick Fuentes Server #vidya]  

if i pick the uk?

Triple Hernan 2018-04-07 18:33:57 [Nick Fuentes Server #vidya]  

okay i'll try the US

Triple Hernan 2018-04-07 18:34:10 [Nick Fuentes Server #vidya]  

is oregon free?

Triple Hernan 2018-04-07 18:34:51 [Nick Fuentes Server #vidya]  


Triple Hernan 2018-04-07 18:34:57 [Nick Fuentes Server #vidya]  

i'll hop into oregon

Triple Hernan 2018-04-07 18:35:11 [Nick Fuentes Server #vidya]  


Triple Hernan 2018-04-07 18:36:11 [Nick Fuentes Server #vidya]  

isn't that good?

Triple Hernan 2018-04-07 18:36:13 [Nick Fuentes Server #vidya]  

so i can gain influence there

Triple Hernan 2018-04-07 18:36:22 [Nick Fuentes Server #vidya]  

for the GOP

Triple Hernan 2018-04-07 18:36:26 [Nick Fuentes Server #vidya]  

or is that too difficult to do

Triple Hernan 2018-04-07 18:37:37 [Nick Fuentes Server #vidya]  


Triple Hernan 2018-04-07 18:37:59 [Nick Fuentes Server #vidya]  

extremely right wing then?

Triple Hernan 2018-04-07 18:38:04 [Nick Fuentes Server #vidya]  

will i be allowed into the GOP if i pick that

Triple Hernan 2018-04-07 18:38:20 [Nick Fuentes Server #vidya]  


Triple Hernan 2018-04-07 18:38:48 [Nick Fuentes Server #vidya]  


Triple Hernan 2018-04-07 18:39:08 [Nick Fuentes Server #vidya]  

so you can become president in this?

Triple Hernan 2018-04-07 18:39:53 [Nick Fuentes Server #vidya]  

sounds good

Triple Hernan 2018-04-07 18:40:11 [Nick Fuentes Server #vidya]  

says i'm independent

Triple Hernan 2018-04-07 18:40:38 [Nick Fuentes Server #vidya]  


Triple Hernan 2018-04-07 18:41:26 [Nick Fuentes Server #vidya]  

kaiser wilhelm is the chairman of the GOP?

Triple Hernan 2018-04-07 18:41:37 [Nick Fuentes Server #vidya]  

fug i should've been more creative with my name

Triple Hernan 2018-04-07 18:41:45 [Nick Fuentes Server #vidya]  

i just picked some generic name

Triple Hernan 2018-04-07 18:42:18 [Nick Fuentes Server #vidya]  

i kind of want to play in britain

Triple Hernan 2018-04-07 18:42:30 [Nick Fuentes Server #vidya]  

and form some far right party

Triple Hernan 2018-04-07 18:42:35 [Nick Fuentes Server #vidya]  

can you form parties in this?

Triple Hernan 2018-04-07 18:42:37 [Nick Fuentes Server #vidya]  

or are they pre set

Triple Hernan 2018-04-07 18:50:05 [Nick Fuentes Server #vidya]  

this is an odd game

Triple Hernan 2018-04-07 18:50:11 [Nick Fuentes Server #vidya]  

it'll take me a while to get a hold of this

Triple Hernan 2018-04-07 18:51:28 [Nick Fuentes Server #vidya]  

i think i'm going to make a politician in the uk

Triple Hernan 2018-04-07 18:51:42 [Nick Fuentes Server #vidya]  

i have a better understanding of the political system in that country than america

Triple Hernan 2018-04-07 18:51:45 [Nick Fuentes Server #vidya]  

will learn the ropes

Triple Hernan 2018-04-07 18:51:48 [Nick Fuentes Server #vidya]  

then try america again

Triple Hernan 2018-04-07 18:54:08 [Nick Fuentes Server #vidya]  

how do i delet my guy

Triple Hernan 2018-04-07 19:09:52 [Nick Fuentes Server #vidya]  

so my funds increase every hour?

Triple Hernan 2018-04-07 19:10:02 [Nick Fuentes Server #vidya]  

i used a lot of power on increasing my donors

Triple Hernan 2018-04-07 19:10:15 [Nick Fuentes Server #vidya]  

over time i'll get campaign finances?

Triple Hernan 2018-04-07 19:26:49 [Nick Fuentes Server #vidya]  


Triple Hernan 2018-04-08 15:19:54 [Nick Fuentes Server #vidya]  

i've bought loads of shares in POWER

Triple Hernan 2018-04-08 15:19:57 [Nick Fuentes Server #vidya]  

wish me luck

Triple Hernan 2018-04-08 15:21:45 [Nick Fuentes Server #vidya]  


People are reading Powell.

Triple Hernan 2018-04-08 16:05:46 [Nick Fuentes Server #vidya]  

i've just joined

Triple Hernan 2018-04-08 16:05:48 [Nick Fuentes Server #vidya]  

this game

Triple Hernan 2018-04-08 16:05:58 [Nick Fuentes Server #vidya]  

i invested in sony and BHP

Triple Hernan 2018-04-08 16:27:01 [Nick Fuentes Server #vidya]  

my stock hasn't moved aghhhh

Triple Hernan 2018-04-08 17:03:04 [Nick Fuentes Server #vidya]  


Triple Hernan 2018-04-08 17:03:12 [Nick Fuentes Server #vidya]  

so buy lots of shares

Triple Hernan 2018-04-08 17:20:00 [Nick Fuentes Server #vidya]  

i'm Fred Waite πŸ‘Œ

Triple Hernan 2018-04-08 17:42:30 [Nick Fuentes Server #vidya]  

will be on in a bit

Triple Hernan 2018-04-08 18:31:39 [Nick Fuentes Server #vidya]  

i'm pretty lucky with these stocks

Triple Hernan 2018-04-08 18:40:39 [Nick Fuentes Server #vidya]  

how do i know when prices are going to crash

Triple Hernan 2018-04-08 19:29:59 [Nick Fuentes Server #vidya]  

i bought 28 shares for 353.70 dollars

Triple Hernan 2018-04-08 19:30:08 [Nick Fuentes Server #vidya]  

each share is now worth 547 πŸ‘Œ

Triple Hernan 2018-04-08 21:36:22 [Nick Fuentes Server #vidya]  

sony was going up

Triple Hernan 2018-04-08 21:36:28 [Nick Fuentes Server #vidya]  

i sold tho because it looked like it stagnated

Triple Hernan 2018-04-08 21:36:32 [Nick Fuentes Server #vidya]  

i'm in BP big time rn

Triple Hernan 2018-04-08 21:36:38 [Nick Fuentes Server #vidya]  

waiting for the surge

Triple Hernan 2018-04-08 21:38:49 [Nick Fuentes Server #vidya]  

bp dropped off a cliff a while back

Triple Hernan 2018-04-08 21:38:55 [Nick Fuentes Server #vidya]  

so i'm just waiting for the resurgence

Triple Hernan 2018-04-08 21:42:26 [Nick Fuentes Server #vidya]  

sony reached a peak and is now starting to decline


Triple Hernan 2018-04-08 21:42:33 [Nick Fuentes Server #vidya]  

i sold before it started dropping tho

Triple Hernan 2018-04-08 21:42:38 [Nick Fuentes Server #vidya]  

i have everything in Bp

Triple Hernan 2018-04-08 21:42:52 [Nick Fuentes Server #vidya]  

i'm going to hop off soon so i won't be able to tell u until tomorrow if it's doing well

Triple Hernan 2018-04-09 08:52:32 [Nick Fuentes Server #vidya]  


Triple Hernan 2018-04-09 08:52:44 [Nick Fuentes Server #vidya]  


Triple Hernan 2018-04-09 13:17:04 [Nick Fuentes Server #vidya]  

best companies to invest in rn?

Triple Hernan 2018-04-09 14:11:51 [Nick Fuentes Server #vidya]  

sony was doing well earlier

Triple Hernan 2018-04-09 19:31:55 [Nick Fuentes Server #vidya]  

Gazprom has dropped off the face of the earth

Triple Hernan 2018-04-09 19:32:02 [Nick Fuentes Server #vidya]  

so has Mitsui

Triple Hernan 2018-04-09 19:32:07 [Nick Fuentes Server #vidya]  

if you're going to buy some shares in them

Triple Hernan 2018-04-09 19:32:10 [Nick Fuentes Server #vidya]  

should do it now

Triple Hernan 2018-04-09 19:35:35 [Nick Fuentes Server #vidya]  

mitsui has somewhat recovered

Triple Hernan 2018-04-09 19:35:59 [Nick Fuentes Server #vidya]  

gaz prom is still right at the bottom tho

literally the first second


poor guy

imagine how many millions were crippled or maimed by that war


Triple Hernan 2018-04-10 10:59:23 [Nick Fuentes Server #vidya]  

that's silly

it isn't THE christian faith

orthodoxy is fine

the schism was silly anyway

it doesn't really matter what side of the divide you choose

Triple Hernan 2018-04-13 10:14:44 [Nick Fuentes Server #vidya]  

this poll was rigged

Triple Hernan 2018-04-13 10:15:17 [Nick Fuentes Server #vidya]  


Triple Hernan 2018-04-13 13:58:43 [Nick Fuentes Server #vidya]  

i don't care

Triple Hernan 2018-04-13 13:58:47 [Nick Fuentes Server #vidya]  

i love miles like a BROTHER

Triple Hernan 2018-04-13 13:58:50 [Nick Fuentes Server #vidya]  


where's ireland?

can't be lower than 1.5% surely

Triple Hernan 2018-04-14 16:42:10 [Nick Fuentes Server #vidya]  

JPMorgan looks like it's hit its peak

Triple Hernan 2018-04-14 16:42:19 [Nick Fuentes Server #vidya]  

think bailing is a good idea/

Triple Hernan 2018-04-14 22:39:50 [Nick Fuentes Server #vidya]  

wtf nippon keeps dropping

Triple Hernan 2018-04-14 22:39:52 [Nick Fuentes Server #vidya]  


uuuh how about both?

Triple Hernan 2018-04-15 18:48:43 [Nick Fuentes Server #vidya]  

JPMorgan chase has DROPPED

Triple Hernan 2018-04-15 18:48:45 [Nick Fuentes Server #vidya]  

through the floor

Triple Hernan 2018-04-15 18:48:51 [Nick Fuentes Server #vidya]  

just a heads up

is this motivational?


wrong chat whoops

just noticed

sorry fellas

the virgin germanic pagan and the chad anglo saxon missionary:
"Hearken, sons of the forest! No blood shall flow this night save that which pity has drawn from a mother’s breast. For this is the birth-night of the Christ, the son of the Almighty, the Savior of mankind. Fairer is He than Baldur the Beautiful, greater than Odin the Wise, kinder than Freya the Good. Since He has come sacrifice is ended. The dark, Thor, on whom you have vainly called, is dead. Deep in the shades of Niffelheim he is lost forever. And now on this Christ-night you shall begin to live. This blood-tree shall darken your land no more. In the name of the Lord, I will destroy it."



cucked by both the germans and the british

own oc do not steal


daily reminder


it's me i did it


who is this?

party rockers in the house tonighttt


new card, whaddya think? @Punished Bob


powerful arms on that lady


please reopen general @Nicholas J Fuentes


we would NOT rape this person







high quality photoshop

greedo muticock

green mungobing

imagine not telling nick what catch and release meant lMAO


why is general at the bottom now?

............................... <@&436020681663184907>

*Badass look

JFG is live rn

post this in his chat


you need to get on there

and use ur mjolnir to slay some more thots

u would btfo spencer and nick tbqh kevin

never seen u lose internet debate

spencer more like bender lmao

i'm asking the hard hitting questions here


Stop posting now.


metaphors and stuff :DDD

it comes down to the nature versus nurture argument

me at the beach


lmaoing at these liftlets


me at the annual biker banditos meet up for bikers only

are u left handed or right handed

buy some dumbbells

u can do lots of things with dumbbells

bicep curls, bench presses, bludgeon old women to death with them

yeah i mentioned skull crushers

"bludgeon old women to death with them"

@dirt kevin youve gott a friend in me, youve got a frienddddd in me


leaking DMs is unethical but i dont care 😎


scola you any better my guy?

yeah...i'm thinking im back






hey john

just want to say

i think ur doing a good job

u look pretty today

and ur a very clever person πŸ˜‰

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