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Too bad it didn't hit Mecca

@Bean of Texas That and the pro-life Supreme Court case.

They aren't required to post info on where to get an abortion anymore.

A very slim chance. Incumbents generally have the advantage.

Problem is its going to continue turning blue.

I know people from NJ and other states are moving into VA. They can win with the white vote, but only if whites voted unanimously, which they don't. "Minorities", on the other hand...

I know, I live there.

If whites voted as a bloc, we wouldn't need this discussion. If we need more white Republican support, not necessarily more white turnout as a whole. Unless they begin voting as a bloc.

Not a bad idea.

We really need to work out the logistics of such a move first.

Not necessarily just right wing, but the nationalist movement the Republican Party is becoming.

Kick out the neocons first.

This goes far beyond even Trump. Surprisingly, Stephen Miller (a Jew lol) is a huge voice for the movement.

The problem is the counties she got were large urban areas.

Not much to do with that. Urban areas generally swing left due to reliance on global economy and finance.

Be careful. There aren't many good places left here.

Pittsburgh is really good, but I have yet to move there. Probably gonna move there for college.

Some parts at least.

Rural PA and Pittsburgh are starting to get flooded by Philly.

Eastern PA is nice if you love a whole lot of nothing and New Yorkers ruining the already shitty roads. Believe me, I know.

Good for time off, but really boring otherwise.

I live in the Northeastern tip of PA. Just trees and not much else for like 50 miles.

Not bad I guess.

I don't expect it to stay that way tho.

With it bordering NJ and Philly being in close proximity.

I want to live in a town close to Pittsburgh, but still far away enough to be away from the city itself.

Somewhere in Westmoreland County. 95% white, right next to Pittsburgh.

Democratic: 136,882 (54.94%)
Republican: 87,813 (35.25%)
For Westmoreland County. Interesting that Republicans overwhelmingly control the politics in the region.

@Heckler This is probably the one of the best imo. McHughs is a distinguished professor of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. I have yet to read it very thoroughly, but it states that the "x trapped in a y's body" thing has no basis in any scientific research.

What is the wrong with the New International Version that makes it so bad compared to other versions?

How cruel!!!

That's we form our own mercenary army

Merry Christmas Eve

What kind of music are you listening to?

merry crimbo

Spencer is an absolute retard, you'd literally have to be braindead to still think he's still of any value to anything

Hail literal nobodies

"I think the methheads should have a say too!"

Cantwell is a crying loser fed

And Spencer is a trust fund boy who has never had to work a day in his life. He has no skin in the game at all.

Putting your faith in "public intellectuals" is dumb

Spencer is also 40 years old LMAO

Nehlen is a retard too

Salvini is epic

>Obama is president
>Fed rates stagnant
>Economy recovers
>Trump is president
>Fed rates go up
>Stock market starts to tumble

"Everyone is ZOG" <:bigbrain:385729869209665536>

>Cries about @Sam Southern - TN being "bougie"
>10 minutes later "lol u poor"

>Served in the "ZOG army"

@L8Pepe Gonna be eating cookies, pie, and s'mores soon

@AmericaFirst James Mason couldn't pass 9th grade This is the interview where James Mason briefly talked about dropping out when he was 14 @CrampedMuffin

Good morning gamers

@L8Pepe That cat looks like Tom from Tom and Jerry when he runs into stuff and swallows it whole

What is a nation without race? What other meaningful metric is there to identify the people of the nation?

Two scoops
Two genders
Two terms
Two-pit Pour-Flush Ecological Compost Toilet

Had a lot of fun today

Hello fellow gamers

Good afternoon fellas

I believe they're doing a trial run of it right now

It happens sometimes


It's almost here fellas

If you're that surprised at that, wait'll you hear who's in charge of the House Banking Committee.

I've got a whole slew of posts ready for the big event

One hour left

You'll see

I think you'll enjoy it

tfw no pingy <:feelsdeadman:400002799359754251>

30 more minutes remain

15 minutes remain

5 more mins

I have something epic to share at 12

For me, frens? Oh, you shouldn't have!

Can't wait to have my birthday dinner

What do you think of the pizza?

The pic I posted above

>tfw the pizza place you're going to has been around since you were a kid and it's getting bought out for space to put a mega-supermarket

Watching the BBQPitBoys while hungry is the best kind of torture @Sam Southern - TN It's in german, so you'll have to put it through google translate

They worked quickly to contain the spread of the leaks, but there's just too many places it's hosted at

Might wanna move quick before the mega links are taken down if that's your kinda thing

Too late lol

Oh man, that pizza was great! Perhaps I'll play some vidya in the meantime?

Feelin like heisting rn


Conservatism is about social justice <:bigbrain:385729869209665536>

Hey guys do you wanna blow up some federal buildings with me? Please post your address so we can meet up :DDDD

Infiltration is certainly an option if you don't have a large online presence like James

But our largest fault is the inability to effectively organize outside of the internet

The fear factor is also a plus

Despite Charlottesville being an abject failure, the fact that it gained such intense media coverage is something to look at

The fact so many people actually showed up

Demonization of otherwise normal people for being "nazis" is only a benefit. Media trust is still at an all-time low, so now would be the best time to start organizing IRL.

Aesthetically pleasing activism is always the best. The Casapound in Italy is an excellent model of how to do RW IRL organizing right.

Wearing that shit is a good way for people not to take you seriously

That's not the point

There's no possible path to victory without "normies"

Not every single person in the Revolution was entirely ideologically aligned either

Another good example is the Russian revolution. Was everyone who fought or participated in it entirely ideologically aligned?

The point is that you can still build a radical coalition of people with differing opinions on how something can be done, as long as you agree on what must be changed.

However, the problem is that by allying yourself to certain elements, you gain their weaknesses as well. Most normal people would rather have someone who will listen to their concerns and problems, not someone whose concerns are entirely ideological or someone who they view as someone who won't adequately protect their interests. Why would a poor white family want to ally themselves to someone who realistically won't be able to make the changes necessary to secure their existence?

Or most whites in this instance, as they would view someone with Neo-Nazi type views as something that reflects poorly on themselves on a whole.

Do the Proud Boys actually do anything other than street fights?

Ask any successful revolution ever

Remember when Lenin said "sorry guys revolution is cancelled, too many normies"

20% is more than enough to start making change lol

What a strawman, noone is proposing that waving the American flag is radical

Remember when Thomas Jefferson was like "Jews need their own homeland"

He did lose the war tho

@L8Pepe Agrarian economy bois yaaaaaaassss

Techno-agrarianism when

Big Al server when

No offense but maybe shackling yourself to the ideology of an over 70-year old failed German superstate may not be the best idea

Shut up whitename

manlet niggys rise up

@TraitorGG is gonna get a mommy gf to take care of him

@L8Pepe is very anti-mommy gf

tfw no strong women to bear my children <:gun2:378697237326331906> πŸ˜₯

Why does he even think the outcome would always be in our favor

Real revolutionaries use IRC


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