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Andy Warski and Alex Jones were the first anti sjw stuff I watched, glorious times

Real life spooks fuck me up.more

I don't get it

I'm not going to sleep tonight

I hope it's fake

That chick made me mad, I wanna know what the hell happened

I mean some people might say so

But being curious is human nature

But some things are just plain out weird

Cherish Perrywinkle story makes me want to destroy the entire human population

Not paranormal or creepy, but this shit makes me cry so much

Like people really don't deserve to be parents

They arrested Scully right?

Kidnappings and people going missing fuck me up more than anything tbh

Or people dying in super mysterious ways

This shit makes me paranoid about going outside

Or someone was looking for him

He called his mom saying some people had been following him

@Bean of Texas duudee yess, it makes me so frustrated that I'll never know the truth tbh

Yeah fuck that bitch

Mr. Anime holy shit

Btw Rob Dyke made some really good videos on all this irl stuff

I really like pepe the frog

And then idk why L8, it just sounded like a good mix tbh

Doesn't really have a big meaning

So many people who disappeared and were never found
Makes me too mad aaa

Oof that recording

Also seen the dude they kept alive who was just blood and bones basically?

@15.9 inches don't remember if he was japanese, probably tho

Y'all ever seen the video of the dude that lost himself in the catacombs?

He analyses stuff really well

Kept him alive

Also, look up Ricardo Lopez

Dude was a nutjob

Aaaa I'm too into this shir

I know it all

We should do spooky nigga hours in rabbit and watch this shit

Did you see the stalker thing of the dude who cut up a chick and while he was being interviewd they revealed him they found her body?

3 guys 1 hammer was fucked up

If you wanna watch something funny with a sad turn watch 2 guys 1 horse

Dude when that monster dick went inside I gasped

Even before knowing he died I was sure he was dead after that

1 guy 1 jar is also worth a watch

@Deleted User 936b42a6 noooooooo why did you bring that up

Y'all need to watch the Jeffree Dahmer interview

Most fascinating shit ever

I refuse to watch it tho, probably shit

Shit most creepy about Dahmer was the kid who managed to escape and police gave him right back to him

He drilled holes in people's head and put acid in them

He was somewhat a reasonable man though in certain aspecgs

Raped, tortured, killed, raped and eaten

It's stuff without video

There are some Dahmer pics but they're explicit gore

Fascinating as fuck

This polaroid fucked me up too, found in a parking lot, the chick was kidnapped and no info except for this pic were found


Did they know who he was?

Also this one, chick was killed right after


I'd post the pics of Robert Berdella victims but they're probably too fucked up


Most of them are super narrow, full of dead ends, mazes, oxygen gets low

You also gotta consider that there is no map

One thing goes wrong and you're fucked

There are some accessible areas ofc

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