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Former heavy construction/ag mechanic. Have variously fucked with marine engines. I don't know how to work on your civic.

I think most of us probably started that way.

Definitely not.

Damn. Y'all making me want a project rig now. Not usually a Ferd fan but that's a sharp looking pickup. Probably way off but I'm gonna guess...'95?

Yeah I actually zoomed in and looked at the grille and lights after I said that. I used to have a '97 but it was long bed and had the 7.3. Never should have sold that truck. Gotta love those old 460s though. Unkillable 7mpg goodness. You have plans on a build or just a restoration job?

Hell yeah. Let'r eat bud.

Anyone have experience with KAC sr15?

2020-04-28 20:55:06 UTC [P A T R I O T wave #general]

Muskogee-ish whenever I'm around.

There's a healthy population in Weston county but none of them have social media.

Looks like it dude's mom's house. She saying she doesn't want anyone. That's all the info I have

Cops are rolling on the salon right now according to Allegheny Rescue Facebook. Boog_boi_fitness has a live IG video feed. I don't have IG so I don't know what's happening

If you know anyone with IG it'd be real interesting to see the broadcast.

Bois are enroute now and live feed cut off. That's the most updated info I have. How many and ETA and all that I have no udea


Keep us updated please. Info has been pretty fucking scarce on this one

New adoption today. My check book is crying.

@Crye_Salesman It's 2015 era. Came in on a consignment and doesn't look like it's ever been fired. After what I spent on my last two builds I decided to say fuck it and just start buying good shit.

Sling recommendations? Single point quick detach.

Everyone was a poor once. Or at least a newb. Nothing wrong with it, just upgrade when and where you can. I run Gucci shit because I've slowly been upgrading for years. It's a process.

Any word on the Amarillo happenings?

Ok y'all I've been drinking heavily tonight so prepare to destroy my reasoning and roast the fuck out of me. Deployable ballistic riot shields. Worth it for the protest work? Obviously it's counter productive in trying to garner public support by shlocking right off the bat, but shield work to protect from aggressors. No idea. Make me look stupid.

@BigRed1 yeah me too, just saying I watched a video from a protest where cops were hemming unarmed people up. Of course their fault for not being armed, but I was trying to think of a compromise to bring more moderate people to our aide

Speaking of pistolas what's everyone's take on Sig Legion series

I've got a gen 1 m&p and a 1911, need to upgrade but I'm a long gun guy. Don't know shit about pistols that aren't wheeled. General consensus that Sig Legion is good shit or what?

I don't know, that's why I'm asking. Last pistol I bought was a Smith xvr in .460 mag. I'm out of date.

XVR series isn't poor tier. Don't know about the rest.

I'll look into gen 2 m&p. I really can't bitch about my gen 1. Although holstering once was the closest I've ever been to an ND. Operator error, yes, still always been in the back of my mind since.

@TacticalBeard Agreed. At the risk of sounding like a god damn fudd I always liked the feel of a 1911.

It would have been the outside of my thigh. I can't do appendix carry.

Wise words. I get it. My deal is mobility. I'm short as fuck and can't find a comfortable appendix carry placement.

Maybe with a super compact I could but not a full size.

Business as usual in Cherokee county. A couple of businesses are enforcing an occupancy maximum but that's about it.

@[CA] SoyBoi Right? I was being hummble and now you're making us both look like assholes.

Looks decent.

What's wrong with alien gear?

I've never been brave enough to order anything from wish. Then again everything that comes across my feed would get letterheads killing every dog within five miles of my house.

That was almost me with an m&p once.

What's the word on our dude? Today was the deadline wasn't it?

Damnit. I'm still stuck in TX or I'd be there.

Someone said the main dude is or at least was live on IG within the last five minutes if anyone follows him

Plenty of people new. No one wanted to go to Odessa.

Or was near enough to make it in time.

What sucks is all the people who could have been there. I dug around looking for info after it happened and with the amount of people flapping gums about supporting our dudes there could have easily been 100 or more people there. They just didn't go.

Texas is a fucking mess right now

@Cannibalistic69th. Also eastern here. Though work keeps me in TX most of the time.

I thought it was funny

Hopefully they do something for the guys in Odessa too

Help me out here guys. When did pouring synthetic motor oil and grease on your bcg become a thing, or did everyone but me know about it until two days ago?

I gotcha. Just got verbally face fucked for saying I've always just used remoil and that I should have been dunking my shit on Mobil 1 all these years. If remoil sucks, I'm completely open to recommendations for a better gun lube if y'all have any.

Ok, thanks for being clear. That makes sense. What grease do you recommend?

Awesome. I'll pick some up and try it out and see how I like it. I appreciate the help.

DD is on the no buy list now? Damn, just got furniture from them. I feel dirty now.

@Bogs_Bunny I believe that's who they're talking about, yes.

So how does Larue stack up against Knights? I keep hearing the SR-15 is about the best you can buy

Triggers on KAC or Larue?

I've got a Geissele trigger in an n4. Y'all might think I'm deranged but I kinda like my velocity better

Carbon co WY?

Damn..was gonna say I know good people up there..ways off from you though

Who said they're completing it? Novelty cheese graters come in all shapes and sizes

Paperweights and cheese graters.

I have tentative plans of going. Been spreading the word everywhere. Long ass drive but the more there obviously the better.

Ok y'all, sorry if this has been beaten to death already but..BCM vs LWRC. Seen both at about the same price point, hear good about both. What do y'all think?

I've always kinda been told that for a "field" rifle you should at least go BCM. But lwrc seems to always be mentioned next. Trying to sort out competition rifles from actual working rifles on the higher tier stuff basically to figure out what I want for the next toy purchase.

I've always been curious about the Barrett stuff but I know absolutely no one with any hands on experience with them. Same with KAC and Hodge. Read good stuff but can't find anyone who's ever pulled a trigger

Haha yeah. I'll throw some money down for quality but $4k is a little much.

You and me both. $2500 is pretty much my absolute limit.

I would prefer to not pay that either, just saying if there was a rifle that did absolutely everything I wanted short of reaching down and giving me a handjob everytime I shot it, then yeah.

I hear some shit is going down in Washington. Can anyone verify?

Depends on your price range and platform

You wanting bolt action, Savage 110 LR is a decent out of the box intronrifle.

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