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Hey there we go

Hi folks :)

thanks @BFG sorry for bugging your DMs :)

Yeah, come grind me


Well when I was in hospital there was this big suppository that...


That it doesn't matter. No matter what we do, the world will be shit, it has always been shit, and will always be shit. All we do is provide another generation to wallow in the shit...

So lets have some fun playing in the shit while we're here I suppose


Can I get away with A YT link?

Reminds me of this: Reminds me of this:

That's not a song...

that's someone hopping about having stubbed their toe, hoarse after a big night at the stadium and the pub

I believe the term you're after is "kaffir boetie"

fair enough

what do they *actually* look like?

@cqc fuckin' ponce

He's human, so he trumps a dog, but he's mentally disturbed to act that way

Animals unlike children don't have rights. We just choose to restrict ourselves in our behaviour towards them

aberrant behaviour however should be punished/treated

Exactly. Its an aberration in the person not the violation of the animal that's the problem as such

Did you slaughter/butcher yourself?

bad like bitter or what?

It sounds like I enjoy eating miserable meat then

I grew up on a 5.5 acre block just outside a town of 100 people heh

area was mostly grain farming with a bit of cattle/sheep rotated in occasionally

your friend's dumb car, or your dumb friend's car?

ok I'm off home folks, ciao

29 total messages. Viewing 250 per page.
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