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@Duke of Txtspeak Can i get my old accounts roles? Its @Deleted User

Some vengeful retard somehow got me beaned

probably reported something out of context

technically 4th

but the first bean was justified

than kyou lad

There are some retards that dont like me

because i questioned muh holocaust

and because i publically said circumsision is bad

got the rabbis all riled up

hes not even german

thats pretty disrespectful

i think they have beenpumping estrogn into our gamer girl bath water

for real though

youre a retard for not realising that sooner

pre and post

@Amerikek a nissan fairlady z

Ninja really went downhill

I can remember 2019 like it was yesterday


So is the guy with the biggest balls the smartest guy in the universe?

Just introduce a thunderdome to all kindergartens

Problem solved

Have annual airsoft tournaments

And in their 10 year they get to use real guns

Downies are strong as fuck

So maybe the smartest thing is to breed über warrior tards

Have you watched mad max 3 @Aeiou?

Theres your problem

For the brains we can use physically disabled midgets

*mini midgets

A tard will always win a physical confrontation, unless your name is mel gibson

Mega midgets

Its called mad max 3

You dont consider mad max 3 an anime?

Shame on you

Master Blaster best anime girl

Literally nothing that can go wrong

*hearty chuckle*

Try calling him a nigger

That might speed things up

@Amerikek pitbulls are much worse

Because lions do it for a reason

Nigbulls dont

I dont want a wild lion in the street either

Or shooty patooty


Do you train your lions not to fart?

Are they toxic?

@MSTMbe sniffing lion farts all day

These lads aee much cooler


are they gonna become even stronger?

seems pretty tame

if not lame

sounded like a retarded motorbike

we will make the city pay us their welfare chcks

@Le Frenchman i think 7was the better one out of the trilogy

although none were good

watch this btw

but 7 was the one that was the least shitfuck

still have to watch that

on a side note

i own a signed boba fett helmet

and that cheap ass hasbro helmet thats signed is now 400$ by itself now

because it no longer gets produced or gets shipped to the US

i can get one myself

ill probably just leach of some friends Disney+ account

dont tell me

i know right

Schneider is not neccessarily a jewish name

Its a common german surname that means Weaver i think

Oh hes totally jewsih

But the name isnt necessarily

Schneider is the job of people who make clothes

I forgot the english word

Reminder that FAMAS stands for French Army Must Always Surrender

4,806 total messages. Viewing 100 per page.
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