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It rose to 34.5 Celcius, between then and when I started my AC...

Drowning your autism in booze?

mega RIP

I'm diagnosed with high-functioning autism. They said I was too affected to occupy jobs well or stuff like that... I proved them wrong.

Not really noticeable


yep. total RIP

But nothing stops you from trying, right?

But hey at least, in written form, it doesn't show.

oh god.
Yeah, good job on that.


wow. lol

Well, that taught him!

But I experienced a tard story that will probably make you feel better that you never (I hope) gone full retard.

So, in elemantary school (probably 1st grade or 2nd.... not too sure), there was this kid with a balding head (he was allowed to wear a cap in the school) and malformed hands. During recess, we had a scuffle (he was hitting pretty hard, I was thinking), but no tears shed.
Then, during class, a girl next to me called me and told me that the guy wanted to get my attention (he was on the other side of her)..... I looked......
He had his dick out showing it to me and taunting me with it.

I was stunned at his retardation

He was smaller than I.

Nope, no more tales of him. He moved out some time after.

His mom was probably taking a medication that was prone to do these sort of malformations.

... but what's between his ears, I don't know.




At some point, there was a tard branch in my elemantary school.

And a person who works in that branch made the rounds of the classes to make some explainations about them a bit... about their differences....
What I remember her basically saying at some point is that they have super-hearing and get major-triggered from noises of things like the music class.

They were potatoes.

Now, according stories from my mom (she's a substitute teacher), students that need special needs are integrated into normal classes no matter what.


So, you live in Russia, eh?

How's it like, there, where you live?


A to G

I know the Cyrillic alphabet


Γ« - yo

So, rappers would say "Γ‹! Γ‹! Γ‹!" in Russian ..... πŸ€”

ΠΆ - seems to be like a French "J"

How many gopniks are there?


20 souls.
10 people..... and 10 goats.


I was gonna say 100... but damn

pretty small

wait... `It literally has no name-kind of small`

That reminds me something

oh wow.

let me just fetch a video that refers to a town with no name`

Well.... there's a game called The Town With No Name.
Looking quickly for something to represent it well, I only found the endeing that was funny enough. the rest is just lengthy and mediocre.

so brace yourselves for the strangest ending ever

.... I wonder how often "towns with no name" get strange occurances...

The best video game ending of all time

from a real game

Damn. Spice can fuck people that much?

I knew it was pretty bad.... but this bad? damn

At least, it wasn't krokodil

Because then, it would have been a guy that legit looks like a living dead running around naked screaming

yeah, damn. pretty sad.

I'm not around addicts enough to know stuff by experience.


Some do... but many don't

It's a good game.

It's good to learn things


There're 2 people on the internet did that.

Chrischan and some other dude.

... I'm not sure anymore

But he did something


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