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On the topic of the mainstream media, I think a vast majority of the US knows the main stream media says a lot of bullshit, whether they're republican or democrat. Most people understand corruption and biased reporting is bipartisan and loved by everyone.

Everyone I know around my town doesn't trust the main stream media 100%, but maybe that's just a thing in the south.

I think the thing Sargon says about how they could've destroyed Trump based on things he actually did is the best way to sum up the left's error with Trump in the election.

They [the left] also picked the least charismatic candidate possible, and on top of all that shit, they went with the worst approach possible. They appealed to the progressives, the most hated political group there is. It was a shit show, and it was painful to watch unfold.

But that's a bit off topic.

I think the media chooses different approaches based on which side of the spectrum they're on. The progressive media outlets simply pretend people with differing opinions either don't exist or are fascist, racist, Nazis; conservatives seem to do a good job illustrating that there are other opinions, however, they use very spotty evidence for many of their claims, don't look far enough into things, and act as though other opinions are stupid; and, in conclusion, they're all bad new sources.

I really like the point Sargon makes about diversity in his Thinkery video "Two More #Feminid Arguments: Forced Diversity and Fascist Theocrats", where he talks about not really caring about diversity as long as they don't mention "hey, did you notice we have coloreds in this movie? it's diverse!" I think that that is the best way of phrasing how to "fix" the push for diversity thesedays.

Like, instead of focusing all your efforts in creating this diverse charcter into making them have special genitals or darker skin, you should focus on making the character interesting and then add on the black pussy afterwars

by diversity I mean representing minorities in media and such

I'm talking about how the minorities are a harder minority in entertainment, not the silly anti-white SJW shit narrative you're talking about.

Well, radical left opinions are becoming much more normal and accepted thesedays.

People in colleges can call themselves socialists without being bullied to shit, I guess.

but that's aside from the point

They also have the unfortunate habit of perceiving "minority status" as "oppressed status". Hypothetically, they would see that since there are less, let's say, purple people, and they'd perceive that as oppresion and start a "purple lives matter" group to protest the lack of rich purple people, when purple people have nearly the same proportion of rich to poor as the orange majority.

They combine sloppy reasoning with partial truths and create a false reality that they base their entire narrative off of.

The saddest part of the whole thing is that most of them likely genuinely believe the shit they push. It's like Alex Jones or any of the other mad conspiracy theorists,

That does also make a lot of sense. I've been trying to understand what it is I'm missing about the progressive ideology. I thought that surely it isn't that they're just dumb, or manipulative, or willfully ignoring facts. How else could they have so much support?

I think what you're saying makes a bit more sense.

Yeah, I've seen a bit of his content, I'd consider myself a fan.

Jordan Peterson is very good at saying things in a way that isn't condescending or rude, and the left could learn a thing or two about that from him.

I'd consider myself left-wing, but I try not to say that because it lumps me in with progressives.

I think it should be up to the mum if she wants to abort a 9 month old baby or not. It is their choice, is it not? The same way it's your choice to eat fast food until you have a heart attack, or to fuck with everyone in your college dorm until you have more STDs than fingers and toes.

I personally think it is a baby, but, I think it should be up to the mother to decide.

No, because a baby is certainly another human. As long as the mother is not yet in labor, the baby is part of the mother, as far as the government is concerned. If the mother says the 9 month old baby is not a baby, the state can't insist it is.

Mothers are already (in practice) allowed to take drugs and such and fuck up their kids, is there any way to prevent that without imprisoning mothers and forcing them to do things against their will?

What is your point?

I'm talking about this from a legal perspective, not a moral perspective.

Morals shouldn't be the sole thing that determines laws, you have to factor in whether enforcing the law is feasable or even possible.

Okay, okay, slow down a bit.

With abortion laws, it's pretty much you either legalize it or you make it illegal. If you legalize it, a small portion of women will kill babies because the pill is too difficult. However, making it illegal will cause a portion of women who were impregnated against their will to be forced to raise a child they didn't ask for.

One could also argue the state has a moral obligation to ensure everyone has the right to not have their lives ruined by forces outside of their control.

See: flood insurance

Do you really think that women are just going to start aborting babies for trivial reasons just because it's legal?

If a woman is aborting a baby and going through all of that emotional trauma, there's likely a damn good reason for it.

I'm not talking about saving women's lives, I'm talking about saving their chance to have a life outside of poverty.

Okay, let me answer this question before you ask another.

When I say trivial, I mean women should be allowed to abort a baby if it's going to screw over their life. The woman is the one who decides that.

I genuinely doubt I could change your mind, regardless of what sort of reason I use to explain it. You've done a great job explaining your point of view, but it isn't going to change my mind either. Good talk though, you really had me at a loss a few times. ๐Ÿ‘

holy tits thats like an hour and 40 minutes of video

I'll have to watch like half tonight and the rest tomorrow, thanks for sharing the vids with me

I've seen some of Crowder's stuff and I thought most of it was pretty funny

Yeah, the lady in the first one clearly doesn't really know what she's doing.

She's talking about it from a personal perspective, which significantly narrows her view.

She seems to treat the issue as though every case is the same as her own.

What's wrong with turning the frickin frogs gay

I don't understand what you guys are saying

Why are you against socialized healthcare?

Isn't it better to pay slightly more taxes for healthcare than to pay for private healthcare?

Over here if you don't have Medicare or Medicaid you will 100% for sure go into debt if you go to the hospital

Unless you make tons of money

What do you mean slightly more for me?

It does in pretty much everywhere except the US, DKO

I really like the idea of negative income tax

As a form of welfare, I mean

Not just in general for everyone

What does that statistic have to do with negative income tax as a form of welfare

"some people don't pay taxes, therefore neg. income tax as a form of welfare is bad"

Or to get better paying jobs instead of just asking for higher minimum wage

I know right

Fuckin minimum wage of 15$? That's more than most blue collar workers make already.

Dude social healthcare is to make it where you don't have to spend all your life preparing for if you get sick

It's meant to make life easier so that you can focus on more important things

I struggle therefore everyone else should too

A lot of people don't pay taxes because they do charity and that reduces their tax burden

That's how super rich people stay rich in the US

That's part of the reason why so few people pay taxes

Is what I mean

I'm not saying it's bad, I'm saying that's an explanation

"make them pay" "but they don't pay"


Unlike schools

Having free healthcare โ‰  living in a communist paradise

They're a little bit different

Ever pay 800$ for a benadryl

Here in America if you go to the hospital and they conclude you have a headache they give you a benadryl and you have to pay $800+ for it

Just imagine if you actually got injured lmao

The outrage over Trump is just silly

I think it's hilarious when he says something patently false and everyone around him is like "wait wtf did he just say"

Health insurance โ‰  medical engineering

They're almost completely unrelated

That's like saying F1 drivers make incredible improvements in formula 1 cars

It's gross

Obamacare is bad because the compromises made it bad for everyone involved

It more or less forced you to buy healthcare whether you like it or not

You either buy or get fined a shit ton

It's exactly the same

Isn't it in your own self interest that when you get sick, you want to be able to get better without suffering financially?

The government is only required to clean government property, last I checked.

Just the brown ones

@DanielKO yeah, WHERE OTHER PEOPLE suffer from it.

That's the important part

If you're just fucking yourself, that's chill.

Until it starts blowing into other people's yard and such

2018-02-10 22:34:54 UTC [/r/SargonOfAkkad (Sparta) #dank-memes]  

He's actually doing a lot of weight loss stuff right now

2018-02-10 22:35:03 UTC [/r/SargonOfAkkad (Sparta) #dank-memes]  

I'm really proud of him

as awesome as UBI sounds, it'd most likely cause mass inflation

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