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2016-12-10 23:28:07 UTC

ok then

2016-12-10 23:28:32 UTC

sodomize the weak

2016-12-10 23:28:37 UTC


2016-12-10 23:28:38 UTC

sup guys

2016-12-10 23:29:54 UTC

well i just got here, but i hear someone wants to sodomize

2016-12-10 23:30:11 UTC

it appears so

2016-12-10 23:30:17 UTC

i followed you on gab heimatfrei

2016-12-10 23:30:45 UTC


2016-12-10 23:31:26 UTC
2016-12-10 23:31:59 UTC

I'm very interested what goes on in Germany

2016-12-10 23:33:12 UTC

this is a very nice site. i do not see many it new?

2016-12-10 23:35:03 UTC

Trumble, I am shocked!

2016-12-10 23:35:10 UTC

You are not acquainted with one of the best German bands EVER?

2016-12-10 23:35:16 UTC

Witness the might BLOOD

2016-12-10 23:35:26 UTC


2016-12-10 23:35:47 UTC

This song is based on a story from Texas, but there is no grindcore better than BLOOD

2016-12-10 23:35:53 UTC

Well, except perhaps CARBONIZED

2016-12-10 23:37:43 UTC

ok then, i will proceed with caution, and listen to this bloody-sodomy thingy, never heard of it.

2016-12-10 23:37:49 UTC

sup Trumble

2016-12-10 23:37:58 UTC

what should I tell you about

2016-12-10 23:38:02 UTC

followed you back btw

2016-12-10 23:38:25 UTC

Is it OK if we link this here:

2016-12-10 23:38:27 UTC

noticed that @HeimatFreiheitTradition thanks

2016-12-10 23:38:44 UTC

Trumble there is much good German metal to discover!

2016-12-10 23:38:45 UTC

yes peddit

2016-12-10 23:38:54 UTC


2016-12-10 23:39:14 UTC

ok then bloody thingy is not for me, but thanks

2016-12-10 23:40:41 UTC

nice layout on that reddit site @diversity_is_racism

2016-12-10 23:41:10 UTC

thank you

2016-12-10 23:41:11 UTC

we try

2016-12-10 23:41:22 UTC

also to offend everyone, but in a somewhat respectable way

2016-12-10 23:41:31 UTC


2016-12-10 23:41:34 UTC

well put

2016-12-10 23:42:00 UTC

interesting, well said

2016-12-10 23:43:47 UTC

It parallels (roughly) what we do on

2016-12-10 23:44:00 UTC

Informed, aware commentary without extremes but with extreme conclusions

2016-12-11 00:07:04 UTC

so your semi-famous?

2016-12-11 00:12:41 UTC

ohay there @diversity_is_racism :)

2016-12-11 00:13:19 UTC

and to everyone else o/

2016-12-11 00:13:31 UTC

howdy sampletext

2016-12-11 00:13:34 UTC

no idea, trumble

2016-12-11 00:23:33 UTC

Is this where all the Russians hang out?

2016-12-11 00:24:30 UTC


2016-12-11 00:30:43 UTC

Science must fall, but not due to gravity. That would be racist.

2016-12-11 00:43:13 UTC

Everything is racism, except Leftism, which is definitely not racist against white people (the New York Times says so)

2016-12-11 00:44:05 UTC

White people don't exist.

2016-12-11 00:44:16 UTC

TV told me.

2016-12-11 00:46:18 UTC

what point are you trying to make...there are no colors? Or are you at a racist crossroads?

2016-12-11 00:47:23 UTC

"Racist Crossroad" is a Left Turn only lane.

2016-12-11 00:47:51 UTC

why is that?

2016-12-11 00:48:37 UTC

In my opinion the Left is the only one who "shouts" it, and calls it, regardless if it is there or not.

2016-12-11 00:49:01 UTC

Ah gotcha...I'm with ya on that note

2016-12-11 00:49:26 UTC

@SARGSIG That was sarcasm. Doesn't carry well on the webs.

2016-12-11 00:49:38 UTC

Well that's been the Left's answer in every campaign or should I say strategy....

2016-12-11 00:50:10 UTC

"racist crossroad" the intersection of dindu and nuthin' streets

2016-12-11 00:50:32 UTC

Just as they have protested and increased riots after gerenal Election of a "Republican" since Nixon.

2016-12-11 00:50:43 UTC

More of what direction someone's thought should choose...

2016-12-11 00:50:49 UTC

Science_is_Racist Good one!

2016-12-11 01:21:19 UTC

diversity is poo

2016-12-11 01:24:43 UTC

@diversity_is_racism natural or artifical/enforced?

2016-12-11 01:35:15 UTC

of any kind

2016-12-11 01:35:19 UTC

diversity destroys civilizations

2016-12-11 01:35:24 UTC

it genocides the source populations as well

2016-12-11 01:35:42 UTC

for more on diversity,

2016-12-11 01:46:25 UTC

huh, gabfam on discord is smaller than I expected

2016-12-11 01:47:01 UTC

we are growing larger thanks to holiday food

2016-12-11 01:47:46 UTC


2016-12-11 01:58:45 UTC

Yes, I hope this server grows, it would be nice to have others to speak with from time to time.

2016-12-11 05:52:23 UTC

people still on?

2016-12-11 05:52:34 UTC

I'm here

2016-12-11 05:53:20 UTC

but it's quiet

2016-12-11 06:10:41 UTC

itll be an interesting next few days to december 19

2016-12-11 06:10:59 UTC

looks like one side of the aisle is gearing up to say trump is disqualified because the russians put him in power

2016-12-11 06:11:26 UTC

who knows what the counter offensive is going to be

2016-12-11 06:13:24 UTC

I don't even think the accusers will know what will happen.

2016-12-11 06:14:29 UTC

It will raise hell, to a degree, it can either be somthing that will be slapped down as Neo-Mccarthyism or... I don't know.

2016-12-11 06:20:31 UTC

trumps team might not go the pedophile route yet

2016-12-11 06:20:49 UTC

they have other things they can use, like the fact that they now have good evidence and expert witness testimony that hillarys team tried to rig the election

2016-12-11 06:20:57 UTC

in at least wisconsin and michigan

2016-12-11 06:21:05 UTC

nevada recount still going on

2016-12-11 06:22:02 UTC

he has a bunch of military and intelligence people working with him so itll be interesting to see what happens for sure

2016-12-11 06:26:26 UTC

Again, I don't know. The Nuclear option is stealing the election via electorial college vote.

2016-12-11 06:26:43 UTC

The Themo-Nuclear option is someone offing him... either way it's not going to end well for anyone.

2016-12-11 06:27:12 UTC

They can 'disqualify' him all they want, all that matters is the electorial college vote and his survival.

2016-12-11 06:30:36 UTC

the electors are what theyll target with this russian angle

2016-12-11 06:30:51 UTC

they already have that "never trump" douche making the media rounds

2016-12-11 06:30:56 UTC

the elector from texas

2016-12-11 06:31:06 UTC

i think thats what the recounts were really for too, to tie up or eliminate all of those electors

2016-12-11 06:31:14 UTC

but looks like thats not working either

2016-12-11 06:31:23 UTC

I think it's a long shot for them.

2016-12-11 06:32:08 UTC

There are some trying to give it to Clinton, and some trying to make it so they could vote on a 'Third Canidate'

2016-12-11 06:32:34 UTC


2016-12-11 06:32:51 UTC

i just have some concern over the people who appointed these electors, because it appears state level parties were responsible

2016-12-11 06:33:15 UTC

i just hope theyre mostly loyal, enough to get 270 anyway

2016-12-11 06:33:25 UTC

God help us all if they don't.

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