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Mosin Nagant Is the dude in the middle Mr. Dix?

That guy's awesome! He showed a lot of dedication to TWP, came to several of our events. Hope he joins us in S-ville.
Die Parteiprogramme. Get hip to it!

When tempest-tossed, embrace Tradworker...

Axon Spectra 2017-11-30 20:33:35 [tradworker #tradworker]

Here's another goody. Great site.
I especially like Dr. Goebbels' pieces for Der Angriff, written mostly in the vein of Der Sturmer.

Axon Spectra 2017-11-30 20:57:12 [tradworker #tradworker]

@Hadrian I'm interested. Link?

Axon Spectra 2017-11-30 21:02:50 [tradworker #tradworker]

Good stuff. We've been fliering in shopping plazas. Think we'll film too next time.

Axon Spectra 2017-11-30 21:12:45 [tradworker #tradworker]

@Eulogy You've penned something on Feder? I'd like to check it out.

Axon Spectra 2017-11-30 21:14:29 [tradworker #tradworker]

@parrott Papa Parrott!
Congrats on the new baber!

Axon Spectra 2017-12-19 08:21:08 [tradworker #tradworker]

Wow cool! Where is this??

Axon Spectra 2017-12-24 16:05:49 [tradworker #tradworker]

@Flaxxer The one and only Jason Augustus designs the vast majority of our propaganda, I believe.

Axon Spectra 2017-12-26 02:40:04 [tradworker #tradworker]

@Commander Davis (TWP) We'll all be waiting, my brother.
Frohes Weihnachten!

Axon Spectra 2017-12-26 02:41:43 [tradworker #tradworker]

Paddy album plus a REALLY awesome issue of Action!

Axon Spectra 2017-12-26 03:08:45 [tradworker #tradworker]

That's right!

Axon Spectra 2017-12-26 03:09:43 [tradworker #tradworker]

@MatthewHeimbach Frohes Weihnachten!

Axon Spectra 2017-12-26 03:10:28 [tradworker #tradworker]

@☦Colton of Yore☦ My bro, my bro!

Axon Spectra 2017-12-27 02:58:42 [tradworker #tradworker]

@Commander Davis (TWP) Wow! Good stuff!

Axon Spectra 2018-01-12 05:09:36 [tradworker #tradworker]

@MatthewHeimbach Awesome job! We've been looking forward to this one!

Axon Spectra 2018-01-19 19:06:30 [tradworker #find-a-ride]

@Dan1988 Where in Ohio, comrade? I'll get you in touch with our guys. We stay pretty active.

Axon Spectra 2018-01-20 01:34:38 [tradworker #tradworker]

I third the twist-and-tuck method.

Axon Spectra 2018-01-20 07:31:56 [tradworker #find-a-ride]

@Dan1988 Columbus, Ohio
We do Party activities together regularly.
The Dayton chapter he belongs to has made tremendous progress since their founding this summer. The talent and dedication of these men make them a great role model for us all, so definitely stay in touch. You can also learn more about them in the latest edition of Actiom!, our official podcast and newspaper. Check it out on Youtube. Lots of good content in this newest episode.

(yes, guys, I know this is the wrong chat for this subject)

Axon Spectra 2018-02-03 09:39:37 [tradworker #tradworker]

At last!

Axon Spectra 2018-02-07 09:38:37 [tradworker #tradworker]


Axon Spectra 2018-02-16 18:26:56 [tradworker #tradworker]

Just a reminder to everyone attending Kville that there will be multiple european outlets covering our event, so we need to look SHARP AF for our comrades watching back home. Also, don't forget that the Lukov March in Bulgaria is taking place on the same day and will be reported in the news alongside our event, worldwide.

The annual march takes place in Sophia and has faced heavy opposition from the Jewish World Congress, Israel, and a plethora of NGOs with infinite resources, astronomical amounts of institutional power, including lobbying and international financing not limited to revolutionary foreign agitation and control of the U.S. Congress, and the ability to move billions in freshly printed capital with a single keystroke.

In addition to the outlets attending our event, all of which are owned by ultra-wealthy jews and their helpers, there be swarms of T.V.-weened millenial manchildren(antifa) and bitter middle-aged single women there to scream at and possibly attack you. So look alive, mates, and be ready to have a commie-asskickin'-good time!

Axon Spectra 2018-02-16 18:28:17 [tradworker #tradworker]

Cool! Hail Victory!

Axon Spectra 2018-02-17 19:20:09 [tradworker #tradworker]

Where is the next to be held?

Axon Spectra 2018-02-22 20:26:09 [tradworker #events]

@patron Saint of EATIN Please keep us updated!

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