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I hate traps even more tbh

traps want female privilege without making any female sacrifices

it's jewish and gay

my nigga

Getting real sick of Zuckerberg shit

I only listen to it on our YouTube channel

But I have to click it when I do my posting it all over the party social media

Yeah my husband wrote a response

Weev isn't even half as good at nerd stuff as my husband is, he's just good at self promotion

So he wrote a bash script and printed some flyers

Woopty doo

Matt has single handedly created an entire alt tech infrastructure so that our party stuff can't be taken down by some random jew

My thoughts are slightly askew from that. It almost seems like they're trying to herd all the young radicals into an internet playpen so that they DON'T go do irl. Stuff

And that's gay and we are going to steal their kids

@fassel yeah Parrott blows weev the fuck out for sure

Because they are pussies who use jew subversion tactics to keep people from doing anything that matters

The optics of strength are the only optics that matter

The jew cries out as he strikes you

My husband is the king of the nerds and I'm the queen of the nerds. And yes it was a bit steep but worth not relying on kike controlled services

It's privately held and can and will be physically smashed at a moments notice

No, nothing off site

No cloud bullshit either

We cool

My husband and I take this shit very fucking seriously. Just saying.

That's why it's important to form real world relationships

Even though I hate leaving my house tbh

I left my house Friday and met a bunch of people irl


@Matt ✠ did I meet you this weekend?

I'm bad with names sorry

I met a bunch of the Dayton area people just checking

I met @Fevs and @fass

Yeah I remember you, you were open carrying and I was concealed carrying

I did get a bit too drunk though in my efforts to deal with being around too many people

Yeah my LCR has a huge fucking grip

And I wear girl clothes so it's harder

Lmao yeah I had the misfortune of having to wait till Heimbach and Parrott were ready to leave

I wanted to talk to @MatthewHeimbach about operation white hate

And hi, I'm Jessica Parrott, nice to meet you

Rather, I wanted him to talk to me about it I suppose.

Thanks, Heimbach, I always enjoy our mini history lessons. Glad to share this one with all the goys.

Current mood

The rowing machine is severely underrated

That shit goes hard

When I did rowing in high school I was in the best shape of my life

Between that and tennis of course

I've taken on sleep training patrick Heimbach.

He's a miniature Heimbach but cute and loving

This is Hazel Parrott


Yeah right behind my kids lmao

Jk they're all amazing

My daughters and my dad

My son and the babble

I have three white babbles but only one is still little

Thank you so much. They are why I'm here.

Nothing in life makes me more proud

I'm working on it


Salt the earth, race war now

Idk but looks like an enemy of all that is good and Holy

Speaking of which, @MatthewHeimbach when are we getting the babbleses baptized? Father Raph?

Sorry, I can't stop baby posting


Let's have a community baptism with father raph

@MatthewHeimbach lets organize a baptismal ceremony

You need an orthodox baptism


I still need to get baptized into orthodoxy

Well set it up then. I'm going to sleep with Patrick.


You're welcome btw

Our community is pretty awesome


Just saying

An all white town with all the necessary services oh noooooo

We are poor but happy

Good morning, kill all kikes, that is all.

Do you ever sleep lmao

Wtf. Watching it now. Heimbach says it's true. Fucking gay.

Salt the earth, snail war now

@Fevs #RaisetheRoof

America was fucked before it was formed, around the time of Enlightenment

*and around

Bunch of freemasonry faggotry off the bat

The most shocking thing for me since moving to Southern Indiana has been ALL THE FUCKING MASON LODGES

Like wtf

Fucking reeeeeeeeee

@Fevs is my boy, watch it

Because I'm Parrotts wife, i have dumped about 8k into the party

And fuck you that's why

I will boot you from this server right now

If you could stop being a faggot that'd be great

Yeah I don't appreciate you speaking to me like that. Respect should be mutual.

Misogyny is not a tenet of national socialism. The sexes are meant to complement one another.

And I do my part at all times. I spend literally all of my time serving and supporting my husband and Heimbach and his wife and all of our children.

I'm in here because Heimbach added me

And has encouraged me to seek social interaction

Because I'm extremely autistic and introverted.

No I don't think anyone should vote

Democracy is gay

If anyone else has a problem with me interacting on a chat server, they can take it up with @MatthewHeimbach

That's all i have to say

That's a non sequitur. If democracy shouldn't exist, then whether or not women should vote within that system doesn't real

No, democracy doesn't technically exist. The larp of democracy exists.

I don't give a fuck is what I'm saying.

Good thing this is a chat server and not actual political activism

Killing babies is never okay

The majority of abortions are still your racial brothers and sisters

Sorry for losing my temper.

I just get tired of turbo autism.

My husband is all the autism I can handle

Poor thing

My having a uterus is triggering at times

It's a smol feminine penis

Im of the understanding that syndicalism is the aim, essentially

As opposed to corporatism


I didn't ask to be added here

And I didn't ask to be mod

Heimbach is on a FORCE JESSICA TO PEOPLE mission

Nah I thought I deleted the account. I went antisocial when I was pregnant.

Hormones and such

Well, I got MORE antisocial

I tried to explain to him that just being here and not completely isolated in Cuba Haiti, Florida, is enough socializing for me.

It's honestly more than I can handle sometimes

I've known of him for years, I ended up messaging him on Facebook, he bantzed and negged me into the ground, then he drove 1600 miles to meet me immediately. I had an internet boyfriend I had never met at the time who was just dragging things out and using me as an internet hype woman. I really wanted a husband and a baby. Parrott made it happen. I have a hard time connecting with anyone in any emotional sense, as does my husband. But we make a good team.

Neg me daddy, owo @parrott

<:gas:390573776594796544> me pls

@Fash Dragon the most important thing a guy can do when he wants to lock it down is not be too nice or clingy and to take up physical space as soon as possible.


It's important to balance that, though, by always taking care of her. Get her food, drive her where she needs to go, hold the baby so. She can shower, etc.

Be a protector and provider

If you can't take care of her, you're not entitled to her.


Babble is awake from nap auf wiedersehen

My husband is working very diligently on all of the above along with his shekel jobs

He can only sperg for so many hours straight per 24 hour period

But I assure you he is paying zero attention to me and only coding, all the time.

Which is fine.

A wild Parrott appears

You're the best, babe

>not enabling mobile Hotspot on your smart phone and using your laptop while driving

Okay cuck


It depends. We have it with our AT&T prepaid phones

I was just bantzing ya tho

When he lived at my house in Florida he would routinely beach code lmao

Yeah I hate outside

Where I lived in Southern Florida is literally the third most densely Jewish place in the world behind Israel and NYC

Yes goy play your games

You're amazing

Oh stahp

@parrott i miss when we were both still on Facebook and we would bantz each other online while in the same bed lmao those were good times ❤️❤️❤️

Sorry for gayposting, back to your regularly scheduled gaynigger posting.

a e s t h e t i c

Actual coding and the female brain are diametrically opposed to one another. Real talk. And I say this as a woman with a degree in the IT field.

Who is literally autistic

I thought you were just bantzing her. No, yeah, the other one is the trap.

[screams internally]

@Fevs i unironically have been listening to atmosphere since like 2008. Too bad he has to go on DOTR.

And grieves, hail Mary mallon, etc.

Well, slug has to go. Ant may be redeemable but idk if he's jew or not.

I cried when he died


Pretty gay

SAD! but you're very young and I'm very old so makes sense

How about prof?

He's kinda my favorite cos I imagine he would treat me like shit in person


Lmao never thought about that

But you're actually right

But he has a lot of more party type songs

Whereas atmosphere and Ali don't generally do meaningless upbeat shit

I can't listen to super introspective deep shit constantly or I will an hero

Ugh omg I know. I'm familiar with it. Don't ever listen to it when drinking.


I can't handle psychedelics ever since my nervous breakdown at 28. I have too much bad shit in my head to ever have a good time again.

Not that I would even want to do drugs at this point in my life

I can't even handle caffeine

When I'm having an esoteric depression

Tfw over half potato nog

And 10%frog

Real amerimutt hours

I drink caffeine free coke if I have any soda. Or ginger ale or sprite. But I'm usually only drinking water.


Well health too

But primarily anxiety

Right, that's when it hit its peak for me.

I manage okay these days

With a lot of support and love from my friends who live here.

It takes support. It can't be done alone. No man is an island ya know.

And staying off the ole pills is pretty important

Thanks @Tony Hovater ill get it posted

He wanted to be a history teacher, yes. My husband has actually developed his own homeschool curriculum.

It's very good. Dynamic.

Piano, graphic design, math, history, dinosaurs lol

Yeah @parrott is a better parent than me

Also typing and computer skills

The trick with his homeschooling is the gamification of it.

True. I'll put some thought into that. I'd have to be the one to codify his strategy.

He's too creative and big brained

Kaczynski did nothing wrong

The Matt Parrott homeschool curriculum cultivates real world skills

Of course it leans heavily on nerd skills but could easily be adapted

My daughter fuckin loves dinosaurs

That could be tailored to whatever the kid is into

The point is keeping the children engaged and stimulated

As opposed to the way public school is done

Dinosaurs were definitely real

Don't even get my husband started on evolution

Oops I should delete that it's in poor taste

That's why I'm loving the new podcast

It's super great

Heimbach and Tony balance each other so well

I haven't listened to an entire 2 hour podcast since the baby except action

Which reminds me I gotta go post it on the party site and party Gab

If someone was a true believer and a fanatic they would turn in their ZOG badges and guns and stop shooting white men for no reason

But you're entitled to that opinion of course

And I'm not being sarcastic I'm just really autistic

Mine is half boxer, half pit master race

But is so adorable

i didn't breed him some dumb redneck did

he is a giant baby

even heimbach has to give into the love and pet my Seamus

Why not both

I have a kittie too

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