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2017-12-26 03:02:13 UTC  

Seems like any job whether blue or white color will kick you

2017-12-26 03:02:46 UTC  

Frustrates me to no end

2017-12-26 03:02:54 UTC  

So vexed

2017-12-26 03:03:51 UTC  

When at rally’s I cannot stand with my brothers

2017-12-26 03:04:14 UTC  

But hang in the sidelines lol

2017-12-26 03:04:43 UTC  

The movement takes all kinds.

2017-12-26 03:04:56 UTC  

no war was won with just infantry

2017-12-26 03:05:11 UTC  

This is true

2017-12-26 03:05:16 UTC  

Though I think it would be best to work towards being as dox proof as possible.

2017-12-26 03:06:07 UTC  

I know we have folk who are working on building businesses to hire our own people.

2017-12-26 03:06:18 UTC  

Training folk in skilled trades.

2017-12-26 03:06:23 UTC  

That’s encouraging

2017-12-26 03:06:52 UTC  

When we have businesses that are 100% run by our folk it'll be difficult to shut us down.

2017-12-26 03:07:14 UTC  

I live in BFE. With a temp service job.

2017-12-26 03:07:49 UTC  

No one keeps up with any way I could be known to them plus they're rednecks anyway.

2017-12-26 03:08:19 UTC  

In my home city yeah everyone knows me and a job is tough to keep.

2017-12-26 03:08:19 UTC  

i mean ive worked multiple times for temp agencies, if you have a pulse, they hire you

2017-12-26 03:08:20 UTC  

In my experience temp jobs are a great way to build skills for better jobs in the future.

2017-12-26 03:08:30 UTC  

That’s s plus used to. E like that for me

2017-12-26 03:08:39 UTC  

You may even find a decent full time hire through a temp agency.

2017-12-26 03:08:45 UTC  

That's right!

2017-12-26 03:09:05 UTC  

I work 40 hours a week. Shit wage tho.

2017-12-26 03:09:07 UTC  

But now in the financial industry...they will boot in a heartbeat

2017-12-26 03:09:21 UTC  

Yeah we have a week off.

2017-12-26 03:09:31 UTC  

Slow season down time.

2017-12-26 03:09:43 UTC  

@MatthewHeimbach Frohes Weihnachten!

2017-12-26 03:10:07 UTC  

You as well kamerad!

2017-12-26 03:10:28 UTC  

@☦Colton of Yore☦ My bro, my bro!

2017-12-26 03:10:29 UTC  

The M43 repro should be our hat.

2017-12-26 03:10:55 UTC  

Haha hey Axon!

2017-12-26 03:11:46 UTC

2017-12-26 03:11:49 UTC  

Merry Christmas!

2017-12-26 03:12:12 UTC  

Slav, it's after Christmas, have you joined TWP yet?

2017-12-26 03:12:25 UTC  

@Odalman nigger I'm on Christmas break

2017-12-26 03:12:27 UTC  

leave me in peace

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