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2018-01-17 17:19:34 UTC  

Helmets are a no go?

2018-01-17 17:46:18 UTC

2018-01-17 17:46:26 UTC  


2018-01-17 18:35:10 UTC  

@Fash Dragon

Helmets have been banned by KPD.

We should have no need for them, anyway, due to the high security they are implementing.

2018-01-17 18:37:56 UTC  

Actually, I guess they never banned bad.

We can wear them, but we are trying to leave the "battle rattle" in the cars, cuz we want a friendly/approachable image, when we join the March for Life.

2018-01-17 18:39:28 UTC  

Good idea.

2018-01-19 01:41:39 UTC  


Whoever is coming to Knoxville this weekend, bring plenty of TWP stickers, if you have em.

2018-01-19 01:55:20 UTC  

Make sure they don't have prima facie laws in Knoxville. If they do they could potentially shaft us since our stickers have a site url

2018-01-19 01:57:03 UTC  

Not being a killjoy, just don't want the org getting sued

2018-01-19 01:58:05 UTC  

Sorry...didn't mean for it to seem like I was implying illegal use of them.

We have public use spaces, where stickers can legally be placed.

2018-01-19 14:02:14 UTC  

Is anyone passing through Louisville?

2018-01-19 18:27:24 UTC  

Hey anyone close to Louisville, wanting to go to Knoxville message me.

2018-01-19 18:59:11 UTC  


One of our goys needs a ride out of Louisville, KY

2018-01-19 19:00:10 UTC  

No I got one, I was just wondering if anyone else did.

2018-01-19 19:01:20 UTC  

oh, gotcha

2018-01-19 19:06:30 UTC  

@Dan1988 Where in Ohio, comrade? I'll get you in touch with our guys. We stay pretty active.

2018-01-19 23:50:16 UTC  

Should anyone need to make a stop in southern Illinois, get ahold of me. I have space for you to sleep. Sorry I can't make this one guys

2018-01-20 07:10:45 UTC  

Anyone going to knox from the arkansas or memphis area? Have a couple guys who need rides

2018-01-20 07:16:26 UTC  

@Axon Spectra , I'm in Pike county. You?

2018-01-20 07:16:49 UTC  

I've been talking with @Fevs

2018-01-20 07:31:56 UTC  

@Dan1988 Columbus, Ohio
We do Party activities together regularly.
The Dayton chapter he belongs to has made tremendous progress since their founding this summer. The talent and dedication of these men make them a great role model for us all, so definitely stay in touch. You can also learn more about them in the latest edition of Actiom!, our official podcast and newspaper. Check it out on Youtube. Lots of good content in this newest episode.

(yes, guys, I know this is the wrong chat for this subject)

2018-01-26 17:06:10 UTC  


TWP & League "Preserve Southern Culture" flash demo in Sevierville, TN on Feb 4th, if anyone is nearby and wants to go

2018-01-26 17:30:03 UTC  

Do you guys ever do anything around Clarksville?

2018-01-26 17:30:56 UTC  

We have a number of guys in the area...I wanna do something there sometime soon

2018-01-26 17:32:05 UTC  

Clarksville is an afternoon trip away from me. I would love to get in touch with them

2018-01-26 17:32:41 UTC  

Awesome. I didn't realize u were so close.

Can you pm me your email, and I will get our goys there in touch with u

2018-01-27 00:52:30 UTC  

@John Mosby Are non-TWP allowed? I think some friends of mine are in the area.

2018-01-27 02:07:22 UTC  


Anyone is welcome