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2020-01-20 20:31:11 UTC [NRx-Files #general]  

We should treat discord servers as short term chat things rather than any real infrastructure for the movement

2020-01-20 20:31:18 UTC [NRx-Files #general]  

Wipe the history regularly

2020-01-20 21:55:04 UTC [NRx-Files #general]  

Lol this demonstration has been so hyped up as a boogaloo moment that it just being successful in its actual goal of drawing attention to and advocating against the Virginia state curtailing firearm freedoms is now seen as a failure. The greater a space we can carve out for ourselves in the public sphere with things like this the better.

2020-01-20 21:55:20 UTC [NRx-Files #general]  

The degree to which they were armed I think was particularly effective

2020-01-24 22:16:03 UTC [NRx-Files #questions]  

They call us racist all the time

2020-01-25 19:45:53 UTC [NRx-Files #voice-to-text]  

Yeah fascism is beyond us, and I'm highly sceptical of whether it ever could've worked

2020-01-25 19:47:16 UTC [NRx-Files #voice-to-text]  

well a superpower sure, but Germany was a major power pre war, and even today

2020-01-25 19:49:30 UTC [NRx-Files #voice-to-text]  

Fascism is less of a never been tried, and more of a wrong approach entirely. It seems to me to have been a result of the circumstances of a few states threatened by revolutionaries with entrenched monarchist elites. We do not have these, its almost not worth considering on that basis, but I reckon its too modernist.

2020-01-25 19:50:26 UTC [NRx-Files #voice-to-text]  

The old Parliament was where the powerful landholders and aristocracy met to grant the king taxes, I see no reason to oppose this.

2020-01-25 19:50:48 UTC [NRx-Files #voice-to-text]  


2020-01-25 19:51:55 UTC [NRx-Files #voice-to-text]  

Alexander do you believe in cyclical history, and that empires and civilisations inevitably decline?

2020-01-25 19:57:13 UTC [NRx-Files #voice-to-text]  

My thinking is that we're in the decline, modernity is the entry into and the entrapment in the age of decadence. My problem with Fascism from this perspective is that it doesn't escape modernity, but rather is a reactionary channelling of it, which essentially turns into lashing out without any meaningful long term direction. I think what we need to do is accept that the Anglo civilisation is over, certainly for this phase, and work around this to ensure a new phase of our civilisation emerges renewed, for the long term. I have severe scepticism as to how military coups and racial purist regimes get us there.

2020-01-25 19:58:27 UTC [NRx-Files #voice-to-text]  

We have to sow the seeds of the next phase of civilisation while in the current declining regime, talk of fascism will see our seeds ground to dust

2020-01-25 20:02:31 UTC [NRx-Files #voice-to-text]  

This is too far fetched, we don't live in a hoi4 campaign with cheat codes on

2020-01-25 20:06:22 UTC [NRx-Files #voice-to-text]  

Again, even hoi4 campaigns start civil wars when you flip fascist, come on Alexander, you're just bigging up racialism, no real thoughts gone into this

2020-01-25 20:07:04 UTC [NRx-Files #voice-to-text]  

How will a fascist regime save it?

2020-01-25 20:07:15 UTC [NRx-Files #voice-to-text]  

and what would a fascist regime in the modern era look like?

2020-01-25 20:07:55 UTC [NRx-Files #voice-to-text]  

this can be done without fascism

2020-01-25 20:08:16 UTC [NRx-Files #voice-to-text]  

at the very least in the UK perspective

2020-01-25 20:08:30 UTC [NRx-Files #voice-to-text]  

repatriation incentives are also eminently plausible

2020-01-25 20:09:53 UTC [NRx-Files #voice-to-text]  

oh no you're right we need overt militarism and to loudly signal to the current liberal regime that they need to oppress the right wing to prevent their overthrow

2020-01-25 20:12:07 UTC [NRx-Files #voice-to-text]  

Its not whites vs the world

2020-01-25 20:12:12 UTC [NRx-Files #voice-to-text]  

thats not how the world works

2020-01-25 20:12:21 UTC [NRx-Files #voice-to-text]  

its never how its worked, and never how it will work

2020-01-25 20:14:03 UTC [NRx-Files #voice-to-text]  

We have to secure our own autonomy to live righteously and traditionally and then we'll either become worthy, and through outperformance come to dominate naturally, or be in a position to defend ourselves and take on the liberal regime properly.

2020-01-25 20:14:35 UTC [NRx-Files #voice-to-text]  

This is possible, and conceivable, and within our grasp within 5 decades

2020-01-25 20:17:15 UTC [NRx-Files #voice-to-text]  

I can not even slightly picture how you are meant to do that

2020-01-25 20:19:24 UTC [NRx-Files #voice-to-text]  

Lol when you're managing to convince a reactionary of the horseshoe theory

2020-01-25 20:19:39 UTC [NRx-Files #voice-to-text]  

literally advocating for white luxury space fascism

2020-01-25 20:23:28 UTC [NRx-Files #voice-to-text]  

You're actually a white supremacist?

2020-01-25 20:28:19 UTC [NRx-Files #voice-to-text]  

We don't need to justify our existence and right to homelands on whites being superior and righteous by default

2020-01-25 20:28:44 UTC [NRx-Files #voice-to-text]  

its gay, reductionist, and is a genuine mistake on the part of racialist fascists

2020-01-25 20:31:46 UTC [NRx-Files #voice-to-text]  

You're plagued by modernist conceptions of reality, and specifically of race. Fascism gets us nowhere out of the predicament of modernity

2020-01-25 20:35:19 UTC [NRx-Files #voice-to-text]  

If you mean its brought technology, then you miss the point. Fundamentally, modernity is the age of decadence. It is the period of civilisational decline.

2020-01-25 20:35:34 UTC [NRx-Files #voice-to-text]  

You do not get Nazis when your people are on the up and up.

2020-01-25 20:50:40 UTC [NRx-Files #voice-to-text]  

When the truth is apparently 'lets do Hitler 2, it will work this time', its fairly clear you're living in fantasy land

2020-01-25 20:53:44 UTC [NRx-Files #voice-to-text]  

If, and even then why would they have been?

2020-01-30 10:44:21 UTC [NRx-Files #general]  

Nah we're just all pussies for not wanting to blow up the state department

2020-01-30 10:44:42 UTC [NRx-Files #general]  

Don't we understand voting for parties is hopeless?

2020-01-31 23:01:03 UTC [NRx-Files #general]  

Brexit time

2020-02-01 18:35:39 UTC [NRx-Files #general]  

Do the terms Yank and Dixie have any implicit ethnic connotations?

2020-02-01 18:43:38 UTC [NRx-Files #general]  

It's more a question of whether the terms applies to non whites lol

2020-02-02 11:34:19 UTC [NRx-Files #voice-to-text]  

Cyberpunk is a cool aesthetic, modernity is good at being cool, it fails at being beautiful however. I'm enjoying your ideas presented here. I think it would be particularly effective at implying reactionary themes just from the striving to revive some form of beauty and natural order in a post modernity world without it being blatant or hamfisted.

2020-02-02 15:03:28 UTC [NRx-Files #politics]  

Certainty is overrated

2020-02-03 11:58:24 UTC [NRx-Files #general]  

Hes also old, stutters and repeats himself and cant use his teeth to say words properly lol

2020-02-05 21:24:26 UTC [NRx-Files #voice-to-text]  

Red Ruthenia Rises

2020-02-05 21:27:56 UTC [NRx-Files #voice-to-text]  

Poland to the Dnieper, Romania to the Dniestre

2020-02-05 21:43:00 UTC [NRx-Files #politics]  


2020-02-05 22:28:17 UTC [NRx-Files #voice-to-text]  

Turks are founded on pretending to be inheritors of Rome and the Caliphate

2020-02-05 22:29:50 UTC [NRx-Files #voice-to-text]  

I guess, but we should acknowledge history even if it we don't apologise for it

2020-02-05 22:32:47 UTC [NRx-Files #voice-to-text]  

The shitlibs don't care about the Armenian genocide either. Note the desperate whining about 'Free Kurdistan', the claims of which cover large portions of the old Armenian lands they were genocided from with Kurdish support.

2020-02-05 22:33:00 UTC [NRx-Files #voice-to-text]  

But no we have to love the Kurds because some of them are feminist

2020-02-05 22:34:40 UTC [NRx-Files #voice-to-text]  

Thats ridiculous

2020-02-05 22:35:59 UTC [NRx-Files #voice-to-text]  

HOw else wiLl thEy GROw ThEIr GDP?

2020-02-05 22:42:07 UTC [NRx-Files #voice-to-text]  

I was looking at the Utilitarianism founder Bentham, and even he rejects of Natural Rights lol

2020-02-05 22:46:13 UTC [NRx-Files #voice-to-text]  



2020-02-05 23:29:03 UTC [NRx-Files #general]  

Not natives of the USA

2020-02-06 15:09:50 UTC [NRx-Files #politics]  

This AFD thing is insane

2020-02-06 15:10:16 UTC [NRx-Files #politics]  

a guy is stepping down because he got some support from a democratic party without negotiation?

2020-02-06 15:10:18 UTC [NRx-Files #politics]  


2020-02-06 15:32:03 UTC [NRx-Files #general]  

its the same with the bourgeois and nationalism and europe

2020-02-09 10:33:06 UTC [NRx-Files #questions]  

I like large cities being mini republics, buy I'd also like to point out the necessity of Parliaments, of which all medieval monarchs had a form, for feudal tax collection. You're gonna have to find another way for people to consent to tax and your government.

2020-02-09 17:50:30 UTC [NRx-Files #questions]  

Nesselblatt, I'm talking feudal Parliaments, not early modern ones. The French Assembly was of course a disaster, but i think its important to reflect on monarchy before this period, and how they worked. Powerful monarchs expanded the roles of their Parliaments so they could expand their tax collection, and weak monarch minimised the role of their Parliaments so they could secure their hold on the throne. If you have a noble title, if you represent a wealthy city, you should negotiate with the ruler as to the taxes you give to said ruler.
Of course the monarch should be powerful in and of themselves, but absolutism is a modernist occurrence, and it was that centralisation of power which led to the revolution. Power should be dispersed throughout the estates, and not just legally like some liberal separation of powers BS, but by the actual reality of power held, and they will hold eachother in check, and in the aim of furthering their own interests (the clergy, nobility, bourgeois and commoners) they will progress the general interest of the civilisation.

2020-02-10 09:46:42 UTC [NRx-Files #questions]  

Political theory would be great

2020-02-10 21:05:40 UTC [NRx-Files #general]  

I don't think there will be a bang, it'll probably just fizzle out as it becomes too pathetic to even maintain its own existence, let alone justify said existence.

2020-02-10 21:44:48 UTC [NRx-Files #general]  

An issue is that German economic dominance in the currently stable European system is sucking the rest of Europe dry, creating an inherent contradiction in maintaining that structure to preserve peace. It cannot last.

2020-02-10 21:45:36 UTC [NRx-Files #general]  

Southern Europe would beg to differ

2020-02-10 21:47:19 UTC [NRx-Files #general]  

Sure, but being in a free trade zone with Germany, which also dominates the currency, means that it consistently outcompetes the Southern and Eastern states, draining them of capital and labour

2020-02-10 21:50:29 UTC [NRx-Files #general]  

It would be different because there could be tariffs and government subsidies, they could prioritise their own economies, they could restrict immigration, its bizarre to claim that Greeks and Italians would happily fuck their economy like that if it weren't for the EU

2020-02-10 21:52:55 UTC [NRx-Files #general]  

I think if Southern Europe and Eastern Europe were in their own versions of the EU they'd do better, but they all become economic vassals to Germany, who needs to prop them up to perpetuate their massive trade surplus

2020-02-10 21:55:13 UTC [NRx-Files #general]  

The EU reinforces bad things in the economy of Europe, of course neoliberals and internationalists would reinforce them anyway, its still an inherent problem with Germany's economic position that it is causing most of the other European economies to decline to barely keep its own going.

2020-02-10 21:58:06 UTC [NRx-Files #general]  

Lithuania is dying

2020-02-10 21:59:39 UTC [NRx-Files #general]  

You keep saying that but i just disagree, there would be an incentive not to without free movement, so less would

2020-02-10 22:03:34 UTC [NRx-Files #general]  

But they're not going to do that

2020-02-10 22:04:47 UTC [NRx-Files #general]  

50% of Germany's GDP is exports, they cannot allow the other countries to have their own high skill industries or they run out of places to send German produce

2020-02-10 22:08:28 UTC [NRx-Files #general]  

Which Germany requires

2020-02-10 22:16:40 UTC [NRx-Files #general]  

Damn, no one must be voting democrat now

2020-02-10 23:52:42 UTC [NRx-Files #voice-to-text]  

I saw him doing make up once

2020-02-10 23:54:27 UTC [NRx-Files #voice-to-text]  

Centrist moderates have no real principles

2020-02-10 23:55:18 UTC [NRx-Files #voice-to-text]  

Muslim girls in the West are the same as whites but with a chip on their shoulder

2020-02-10 23:56:12 UTC [NRx-Files #voice-to-text]  

They just percieved Buddhism as being most in line with secular progressive doctrine

2020-02-10 23:58:52 UTC [NRx-Files #voice-to-text]  

They're just pandering

2020-02-10 23:59:51 UTC [NRx-Files #voice-to-text]  

demagogue is the word they use for all the political figures they call Hitler

2020-02-11 00:04:30 UTC [NRx-Files #voice-to-text]  

There have even been attempts to groyp in the UK entirely seperate from Fuentes

2020-02-11 00:05:28 UTC [NRx-Files #voice-to-text]  

I was watching them during peak groyp, but I don't care for general news from him

2020-02-11 00:08:44 UTC [NRx-Files #voice-to-text]  

We'll never have the wealth they have to be apathetic like they are

2020-02-11 00:09:57 UTC [NRx-Files #voice-to-text]  

There was never a plan for millenials or zoomers to retire

2020-02-11 00:10:06 UTC [NRx-Files #voice-to-text]  

pension ages were always planned to go up

2020-02-11 00:11:20 UTC [NRx-Files #voice-to-text]  

They were a known factor, where as Bantus were on the otherside of Africa from the English at the time

2020-02-11 00:12:54 UTC [NRx-Files #voice-to-text]  

The Yes meme is a post ironic meme about sincerity, its poignant

2020-02-11 00:14:44 UTC [NRx-Files #voice-to-text]  

Yes meme format


2020-02-11 00:16:01 UTC [NRx-Files #voice-to-text]  

The meme is that they just follow their cultural programming, in what way do the dissident right do that? They're overtly rejecting it

2020-02-11 00:16:20 UTC [NRx-Files #voice-to-text]  

'Go live in snow'

2020-02-11 00:19:06 UTC [NRx-Files #voice-to-text]  


2020-02-11 00:21:02 UTC [NRx-Files #voice-to-text]  

Boomer Right be like 'those leftists are so dumb, don't they know you need to follow the constitution and be colour blind and have a capitalist economy so we can make a progressive utopia'

2020-02-11 00:22:04 UTC [NRx-Files #voice-to-text]  

The best Collett stuff are not his news feed stuff

2020-02-11 00:22:19 UTC [NRx-Files #voice-to-text]  

He does do things, hes active irl

2020-02-11 00:23:38 UTC [NRx-Files #voice-to-text]  

Its like they purity spiral to the centre

2020-02-11 00:26:49 UTC [NRx-Files #voice-to-text]  

I've been making my boomer family members woke on the centre right

2020-02-11 00:28:09 UTC [NRx-Files #voice-to-text]  

We need to support trustworthy leaders

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