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2020-01-31 01:44:50 UTC


2020-01-31 01:54:14 UTC


and all the branches lower physical standards so women can pretend they are soldiers

2020-01-31 18:55:22 UTC

@NowItsAngeTimeπŸ‘‰ πŸ‘Œ how did you get interested in social conservatism

2020-01-31 19:07:02 UTC

I dont even know what social conservativism means

I was raised by Catholic conservative parents so a bunch of my beliefs were inspired by my family and religion

That said Ive hung around different types of people and social media and seen random articles and stuff here and there

I found this place in particular cuz I met Techpriest through another fandom and we just happened to have similar enough views and I was interested in a full poltical server

But given how social media is mostly... Non-conservative these days it was difficult to find a good one so I got the recommendation

2020-01-31 19:10:37 UTC


2020-01-31 19:11:15 UTC

Well you're going free my friend.

2020-01-31 19:11:31 UTC

Everyone here in my experience are very nice.

2020-01-31 19:11:48 UTC

And are great sources for new content and learning more idea's.

2020-01-31 19:18:13 UTC
2020-01-31 19:19:42 UTC


2020-01-31 19:23:01 UTC


2020-01-31 21:15:20 UTC

Very briefly social conservatism is about not being a massive faggot

2020-01-31 21:28:27 UTC


2020-01-31 21:31:15 UTC

TO be more serious in a sense its changing the way you look at the world

2020-01-31 21:36:22 UTC

I guess I would define social conservatism personally as looking at history and seeing what worked and didn't work in various historical societies and using this to uncover natural law and to try and base policies around it

2020-01-31 21:36:38 UTC

I see it as an organic and empirical worldview

2020-01-31 21:36:54 UTC

like the vast majority of Christian idea's are also practical

2020-01-31 21:37:24 UTC


2020-01-31 21:37:28 UTC

Literally every sucessful society in history has had a nuclear family

2020-01-31 21:37:40 UTC

the only exceptions are random throwbacks

2020-01-31 21:38:05 UTC

That’s just empiricism though. That’s what the American founders were doing but I wouldn’t label them as conservative

2020-01-31 21:38:10 UTC

Extended family varied in importance but the idea of a man and women raising children was always the norm

2020-01-31 21:38:23 UTC

Since they were radically changing things and overthrowing established institutions

2020-01-31 21:38:24 UTC

I don't like the term conservative

2020-01-31 21:38:28 UTC


2020-01-31 21:38:41 UTC

but its the closest term to what I belive

2020-01-31 21:38:55 UTC

Yeah no I totally agree with you in your worldview

2020-01-31 21:39:00 UTC

To my knowledge I don't think anyone seriously proposed gay marriage prior to the 1960's

2020-01-31 21:39:16 UTC

Dennis Prager called it the single most radical idea in human history

2020-01-31 21:39:21 UTC

But I feel like conservatism has an inherent respect for established institutions

2020-01-31 21:39:24 UTC

By definition

2020-01-31 21:39:41 UTC

it was the only political/moral idea that he could find no historical precedence for

2020-01-31 21:40:13 UTC

But like if its such a great thing why did literally no one think of it before the 1960s

2020-01-31 21:40:23 UTC

respect for the environment is in the bible

2020-01-31 21:40:26 UTC

inb4 some dishonest loser points to that one couple in medieval Spain or some misinterpreted Indian tradition

2020-01-31 21:40:31 UTC

not abusing animals is n the bible

2020-01-31 21:40:44 UTC

and in other traditions

2020-01-31 21:41:08 UTC

we are in a better material position to do some of these but like St. Francis tried to get the Emperor to enact animal welfare laws

2020-01-31 21:41:17 UTC

Slavery being wrong is not a new idea either

2020-01-31 21:41:24 UTC

Zoroastrianism condemns slavery

2020-01-31 21:43:06 UTC

Transsexualism is probably more radical in terms of its social impact tbh

2020-01-31 21:43:59 UTC

I guess you could find plenty of historical precedent for people acting like the other sex

2020-01-31 21:44:42 UTC

But the idea of castrating yourself of your own volition to become a woman is fucking insane and unthinkable until like five minutes ago

2020-01-31 21:45:20 UTC

I’d say that’s far more revolutionary (and dangerous overall) than faggots doing their thing

2020-01-31 21:46:50 UTC

I think what’s different about homosexuality today is the fact that it’s being treated as equal to heterosexuality

2020-01-31 21:48:59 UTC

Even societies where men went off and lived on their own (if those ever existed, I’m sure some autist could point out a few isolated cases throughout history) or where gay sex was somewhat common such as Ancient Greece, it was still seen as marginal and not a replacement for having a wife and making a family

2020-01-31 21:51:04 UTC

Idk where I’m going with this

2020-01-31 21:51:05 UTC


2020-01-31 21:51:11 UTC

Social conservatism

2020-01-31 21:51:35 UTC

It’s pathetic how being a normal person is now a political opinion

2020-01-31 21:51:44 UTC


2020-01-31 21:51:56 UTC

I would be a complete fuck up if not for my father

2020-01-31 21:51:57 UTC


2020-01-31 21:53:20 UTC

I mean that’s what father are for, right?

2020-01-31 21:53:25 UTC

Teaching you how to be a man

2020-01-31 21:54:25 UTC


2020-01-31 21:54:32 UTC

I mean this idea that fathers aren't needed

2020-01-31 21:54:39 UTC

An astonishing realization for me in school was how every single criminal, druggie, homosexual, or socially aggressive guy had an absent father

2020-01-31 21:55:01 UTC

Either divorced parents, single mother, or he was just busy all the time

2020-01-31 21:55:59 UTC

also most serial killers are faggots

2020-01-31 21:56:07 UTC

Ted Bundy was kind of unique

2020-01-31 21:57:06 UTC

Every single school shooter from the past 30 years had an absent father

2020-01-31 21:57:43 UTC


2020-01-31 21:57:56 UTC

I just retweeted him

2020-01-31 21:58:08 UTC


2020-01-31 21:58:25 UTC


2020-01-31 21:58:28 UTC


2020-01-31 21:58:29 UTC

I was about to ask if you retweeted Ted Bundy

2020-01-31 22:49:56 UTC

@Argent7771 maybe the term essentialism is better than conservatism

2020-01-31 22:51:47 UTC

@Norik have you ever heard of the queen of rome. in its last days an honest to god transexual became emperor. he offered a great sum of money to any surgeon in the land that could give him a vagina. he didint last long though because he spent more time prostituting himself on the streets of Rome, as the emperor, instead of actually running the state and got assassinated

2020-01-31 22:52:42 UTC


2020-01-31 22:53:21 UTC

@Argent7771 i also feel like i dodged a bullet in modernity because my dad is a massive chad and so is his father. i had good role models for masculinity

2020-01-31 22:55:32 UTC

@Norik funny how you see gay shit pop up around the collapse of a society

2020-02-01 00:51:36 UTC

it be one thing if it was only in late rome, but shit pops up all over

2020-02-01 01:31:26 UTC

oh look

2020-02-01 01:31:40 UTC

he's pretending to do something before the election

2020-02-01 01:31:43 UTC


2020-02-01 05:01:26 UTC

honestly the symbolism of this is kind of sad on a meta level

2020-02-01 05:01:49 UTC

britain yeeting itself away from europe

2020-02-01 05:01:56 UTC

of course the EU is evil and not european

2020-02-01 05:02:44 UTC

but it still looks really bad given the current context and what we can expect about migration patterns

2020-02-01 07:30:34 UTC

They're trying to make it seem so somber

2020-02-01 21:14:10 UTC

Well went to confession it was short I admit other than porn I can never think of a mortal sin to confess

2020-02-01 21:17:02 UTC


2020-02-01 21:17:04 UTC


2020-02-01 21:17:07 UTC


2020-02-01 21:17:45 UTC


2020-02-01 21:19:02 UTC

I guess not to a mortal degree I don't think I mean I have confessed other things in the past just couldn't think of anything else today

2020-02-01 21:19:27 UTC

At the expensive of being gross coming up to nofapversery

2020-02-01 21:19:35 UTC


2020-02-01 21:32:08 UTC

wrath and pride for me

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