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2017-06-05 22:02:15 UTC [/leftypol/ International #chinese]  

If I only care about read/writing chinese, would it be significantly easier to only learn to read/write considering you wouldn't have to leran how things are pronouned and training your listening

2017-06-05 22:02:46 UTC [/leftypol/ International #chinese]  






2017-06-06 15:12:36 UTC [/leftypol/ International #japanese]  

what's a common way to say "what are you doing?"?. ไฝ•ใ—ใฆใ‚‹ใฎ?


Under what society?

what kind of sommunism?

anarcho-communism? then it will be up to the commune

trotskyism is not a set of affairs to be established

a society cant be trotskyist

like soviet?

probably starve

that's a meme

I am talking to Qaysar

you probably blocked him

I should tell you that you're a real nigga

also why

How fast can _you_ go offtopic!?

maybe gaysar

that mistake wasn't even on purpose

that's probably me

There has never been a official leftypol discord

there are some unofficial ones like this one

@Deleted User maybe, I am connected to a lot, but inactive on the vast majority so I don't really know which are good

lead the fundamental movement that allowed social democracy to become a thing and evovled into what it is today

but this hasn't happened (yet, hopefully)

executed the monarchists

also imperialism, I'm on the right side of it

imperialism is completely justified as long as I gain from it

sounds like a meme



2017-06-06 19:14:43 UTC [/leftypol/ International #japanese]  


2017-06-06 20:53:26 UTC [/leftypol/ International #russian]  

Yeah, you don't get to speak russian in <#308951630328627200>

2017-06-06 22:24:48 UTC [/leftypol/ International #english]  

This is like that one time a nazi came in and spammed nazi pony porn and said "Fap to it now"

2017-06-06 22:25:04 UTC [/leftypol/ International #english]  

"I bet you fap to it you fucking leftists"


2017-06-07 17:04:29 UTC [/leftypol/ International #russian]  

how are feelings towards communism/socialism in Russia? Is it dislike, hatred, nostalgia?

2017-06-07 17:05:56 UTC [/leftypol/ International #russian]  

what part of the USSR do people like? Lenin-era/stalin-era/later?

2017-06-07 17:07:39 UTC [/leftypol/ International #russian]  


2017-06-07 17:10:25 UTC [/leftypol/ International #russian]  

People like Krushev/Brezhnev-era because it was during peace? Just asking to be sure

2017-06-07 17:10:42 UTC [/leftypol/ International #russian]  

many thanks

Expand communism

oops no I don't mean profit ehm


Profit is for imperialist paper tigers

commies have much better discords than this one

you should try going for those if you actually care

noone speaks finnish tho

what do you think the implication of "international" is when "english" exists too?

the implication is that it is for everyone

>he doesn't speak anglsih

well that's my point

you know it's pretty moot calling people faggots on the internet of all things

and even more moot if you just keep repeating yourself

sounds like it was written by some die-hard anti-revisionist

slave society works

end of convo

emojis are the logical conslusion to linguistics

if I somehow avoid the capitalist system then it will invade

american antifa is the worst

if you believe that some group is stupid and best not exist, don't make them martyrs

@Mros highly decentralized cooperation, if I had to make a guess. However trying to say something is human nature is faulty because humans are influenced by society and not the other way around

artificial scarcity is one of my biggest problems with today's society

depends on your definition of exploitation

@Anglican only in like catalonia and probably free territory

@Anglican many different communisms has been pracised though

how would marxian communism differ from the rest, also communism is not a set of affairs to be astablished


well catalonia did

but that still was only temporary


oh I see

commieblocks are better than homeless people tho

@Sorghagtani Beki yeh that kind of shit is just retarded. Like banning jazz for being bourgeosie or something

@Sorghagtani Beki nothing will if not in material interest

@Sorghagtani Beki That would not depend on communism or otherwise, but on the people and their culture

@Sorghagtani Beki that's because of the people and their culture. If ISIS was communist or any other, they would probably destroy that shit anyway

@Sorghagtani Beki it is not the economic tendency of the governemtn that will decide if it preserves such things

@OF-8 all history is this

No-one can ever guarantee the preservance of gems

@Sorghagtani Beki who knows, depends on the people that do the revolution

@Sorghagtani Beki You see, the problem is that you cannot decide whether to have a revolution or not. It will happen or it won't. Plus the future is unknown

@Sorghagtani Beki will you also kill non-revolutionaries that do such a thing?

@Sorghagtani Beki this can happen at any time from anybody, revolution or not

@OF-8 can you stop sliding the chat tho?

for obvious reasons


@OF-8 why are you bringing up rules? I simply ask you not to, I don't demand it

This is just not possible though

reform won't happen

then your material interest is against that of commies

depends entirely on everything

mostly people who are actuively against the changes will have chance of gulag

there's no reason to gulag someone who is alright with the changes

that depends way too much to be answerable

if you try and hire people to defend your property then probably

@Sorghagtani Beki then it might not even get seized

@Sorghagtani Beki then the rest of you vote him out of the company

then just give him money instead


who knows

I think these things will become infinitely more clear once a movement actually happens

@Sorghagtani Beki people won't focibly come and demand you to give him the rights. It is probably something that will now be possibly for him to do

probably not in a post-revolutionary economy

which is the case here

Maybe not, but hten he will find somewhere else. Capitalism creates artificial unemployment. I have no doubt the """""job""""" market will be infinitely different post-revolution

I don't think you would have to worry about that post-revolution

legality is not a thing. we're talking revolution

@Sorghagtani Beki reminder that even if you were to keep your buisness during post-revolution, there would be no way of keeping it going since teh market probably won't be a thing

why are you trying to keep a buisness during revolution?

assuming revolution wins

@Sorghagtani Beki but there will be no economical grounds for it to survive

no-one to sell to

how would people buy them? money can be gone

you might not be able to use the money anymore

yes but even if someone buys for those money, then what would you do with them?

but people don't care about those money, since they're now only usable to buy really erally good pickles

if for some reason there are other buisnesses like yours who also accept those money, ten it wouldn't be a revolution, since the point is to seize those buisnesses and change the system

then fire him and donat ehim money

but your buisness would either get seized or die out because of the post-revolutionary ecomonics

there is no buisness we can take part of post-revolution


you have given no type of tendency this revolution is

there is nothing to get a share of

the ownership and social connections of production

in some abstract sense

this will not be a problem in practicallity

you would no longer "own" it

@Sorghagtani Beki depends on what kind of revolution, you still haven't stated any

idk, any almost

in market socialism, you buisness will still exist, but you will no longer be the owner

all workers will cooperatively own it

in ML revolution, the state will seize it I think

and some central plan production will utilize it

the state will find workers and find something to use the products for

in anarchist revolution it would probably be seized by local community instead of state

btw I do not claim to be an expert on this, I am not very literate on this

@Sorghagtani Beki the implications are that the factory will be freed from your ownership, and usable for the community to use it as wished

@Deleted User yeh this is too specific for proper discussion

but I like doing it nontheless

also I need sleep sooner rather than later

wages are anti-productive

@Sorghagtani Beki the response has everything to do with the actual people involved

@Sorghagtani Beki there is no general answer

@Sorghagtani Beki who says that though?

I dont undestand why people raid this discord server of all servers lmao

<@290560964632510465> do this in a commie server instead

why are people here in this abandoned server?



I don't understand how anti-commie people come here, there are much better targets

good night folks, it way too late now and it seems the americans have gotten home from daycare so I'm off

take care



chinese culture known for its tolerence

well that is ture, also that is in russian

2017-06-10 22:30:59 UTC [/leftypol/ International #english]  

this place is mostly just all kinds of people's common battleground and occasional non-autism

tis just a silly afrocan country! :DDDD

the belgians aren't one person though


Is this the goto discord for polacks?

because it sure seems so

stop being retarded

it's behind a pay wall...

only the abstract is there

no? abstracts are just a quick overview of the study

doesn't imply anything

though I will read it just for your sake โค

ehm, I have no education in biomolecular anything, so I have absolutely no clue what it is trying to say

let's say no

though it does remind me of alex jones for some reason


mushrooms are scareD?

oh sacred

sorry, no I don't know why

also looks like the danish flag, what about it?

sounds like a path full of pure ideology

well I obvisouly haven't taken the path yet, but it sounds like it


not even pure ideology, just religion

no I don't

that depends on what "having it" means

that they're material? obviosusly not

you have some kind of argument for that?

well chemistry and body are material, so I don't see that arguement

fair enough

and I will never come around to reading it and I won't pretend to

read plato?

sounds like it would be very relevant to your duality theory

I understand your argument, but your analogy to technology is complete incorect

IE doesn't run on top of explorer

maybe the desktop environment on which both run

the desktop envirenment is a UI layer of the OS of which the Windows NT kernel is a part of

well obvisouly it has many layers, but nothing "works on top of assembly"

that is completely incorect

assembly is not hardware or software

what do you think explorer is? it's just the file manager of windows

no ffs, C and the different kinds of assembly are just languages that are compiled to CPU operations


>not application


install linux



what validity does ancient texts have?

over modern

jesus christ my man

despook yourself



but I didn't

I never cared about you, more than your appearance as text on my screen

maybe you're the one who with your bird brain easily managed to convince yourself that we believed that

just as retardedly said

>you niggers

that's plural my man

I said bird brain because he said so, but bird brain is also a term in danish, my native language

who got triggered?

because it was the first picture I found on my computer

I think

I've never cared

birds raen't offensive

"bird brain" is equally as inoffensive as in danish

quote me getting triggered

dude, you have lost any validity in my eyes as a voice of reason at this point

idk if you care, but I certainly don't anymore

I didn't even imply anything, good night though

@Cotton thx bb, you too

amerikaneren er vรฅgen


why tho

there's also more right-wingers than leftists here probably

I think this is prime destination for /pol/acks who want to raid

8/pol/ a shit, dunno about 4/pol/

Is there an argument for it not being resolved?

2017-06-27 15:51:25 UTC [/leftypol/ International #english]  

as per usual

this is a rag-tag server

this is prime location for people who want to raid a leftist place and think they've achieved something

most discussion have moved elsewhere

good luck

there are plenty but many are tightly closed

liberal maybe, but when have internet leftists said they're open?

I don't care about the brain


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