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2017-06-07 01:07:56 UTC [/leftypol/ International #english]  

Hey guys!

>everything, absolutely everything is subjective

well fuck, it is.

It actually is. Our senses could be tricking us, the entirity of the world and our feelings could all be constructed by something or someone else.








I learned about Marxism and I was delusional while a communist.

Objectivity does not just come from an ideology. It comes from trusting your senses and what you can directly observe, and what those you can trust and what they've observed. It's deeper that.

*than that.

A thousand times, and we can never be objective on what is objective and what isn't.

There is just what we can observe shows us.

Of what is observable by humanity. That is.

That's what's interesting, we could all just be in the same big dream.

This could all be generated by our collective conciousness.

I know that.

Of course.

*But, is the material all that matters?*

Thats a serious question. Is this matter which makes us up on this place in our existance all that matters?

Or are we something more then this?

Something much more

No to which statement?

>The material is not that all matters

>We are just material

Well, yeah.

But even then, we developed that by our own terms.


I mean

what if aliens have 12 numbers

instead of 10?

That'd be a dozzy

Not if their God-Emperor says it equals 5


*Fine, you're right*

kek, active moderation bots

>Social construct

Guys, ideology is just a social contruct.


Totally what I meant.

But seriouslly, is it censoring the word 'nigga'?

I guess not

Actually not.

In the past, before we had centralised rules for the sequence of equations

sometimes, people from different nations WOULD come back with different anwsers from the same equation.

The international standard is now PMDAS I think

That's not all an equation is

for example, we're talking about things like: 5(3x+4)

And its not like they got it wrong, its that they have a SUBJECTIVE system for defining the PMDAS system.

Say, MDPAS or something else.

I'd love to say that there was some objectivity in this word: that my God was undeniably real, that I was undeinably a woman, that I was 100% white undeniably. But everything, is subjective in some way.

Its a fact within itself, but how it works is subjective.

The theory there in, not the fact.

While the theories are all vell developed and backed by facts, as all theories

@Deleted User Shh techno-fascist tuff guy .///.

Fuck dude, I just realised how cartoonish techno-fascist sounds. Sounds like a disco guy who hates Jews.

*So good*

Hitler is a Jew though >,,<

Ancaps are worse then Marxists

to be honest

at least Marxists are trying to do good.

Ancaps are just like, urg

Ancaps are literally like, "all your profit belongs to me"

They are just sickening and dangerous.

Muh rekreational nuccs

Totally dude, I agree.

Besides, at least commies can be strong and manly

Liberatarians are all so... Eh

and don't really care about tradition.

I'd say a Commie has a higher chance of being religious then a libertarian

I'm pretty socially accepting for a Nationalist semi-Radical Christian

but like, no, no pedophiles campagining for their "rights"

>civic nationalists

Civic nationalism is one step toward liberalism

be a cultural nationalist if not a ethnic-cultural




Omg, yes

Strong men create good times

weak men create bad ties

**Throws the Nazis off a helicaptor**

most nazis are the worst

ragging on gays and trannies, bashing innocent uneducated people, being evil to bronies who are just innocent faggots.

He's legit a gay pedo

>Social conservatism

>leave your 'fiscal' conseravtivism to yourself


Also, Jeb. Why do trannies and gays deserve bashing?

Well, trannies aren't fixed by parental figures.

Its a deformation in the mind, which literally makes them (in their brain's formations) the opposite sex.

Its not an identity, its a mental illness and deformation.

Which, with body disphoria which is caused of this, leads to a desire to transition.

I don't think you actually know any transsexuals.

It is, it's more complex then you are explaining it.

*What should I call it?*

Yeah, not all trannies are like that.

Yes, and this is why it's a indivudal issue.


You say that like it just stops all debate.

Its not pretending to be, its living out what your mind demands of you. Well, not demands, but what feels right. I don't care if you call them their birth gender or whatever, thats a personal issue.

But its different when we are dealing with an person's mental health.


"Just cutting off their dick"

I believe after transitioning, the actual statistic is 40%. Which is still ridiclous, but think of this:

could it be caused by these feminists who ARE NOT actual suffers from gender dysphoria

those who transition without actually having the mental illness

which ends with them having the mental illnes in their current body: because they are mentally meant to be their birth gender.

of course, and I think they need a good shock.

*Well glad to know I'm in that ten*

it was an issue.

But it wasn't noticable

it wasn't an opition

it was out of sight because it just wasn't really even thought up.


Well, I don't understand this stuff. And as to avoid any insanity, I'm gonna go take a step out. Let y'all talk amomgst yourselves.

I'm doing what I believe to be right. I understand you may disagree, but I am a better person in God and in my own eyes. Anyway, wub yah and God bless.

Okay, I have to ask a real question

are you in acar in that picture?

with a wine glass or some shit?

Sexual purity is better

we are all sexual beings, yes.

But we should use this and keep it to ourselves, to marriage.

As that is how marriages are most stable for the partners and the children, and I believe, how God intended it.

*Cancel the 'going away', I'm no longer outta my comfront zone for socio-political discussions*

And that's just what is sad

you can no longer point to deviorce/abuse statistics for gays, lesbians, interracial couples, non-religious couples


and have it impact on lefties

many will tell you "Oh, who cares?"

Who cares about marriage stablity and devoirce rates, seriously.

It's fucking retarded.

Fuck no.

*Also, you should read this if you are on anything like the authortarian centre*

I'd bet it's the same "men opress women" type of shit modern feminists spout.

Not all women, and neither am I, built for the work palce.


Or am I wrong?

I... As a conservative anti-capitalist, I don't know wether to be offended or laugh

>Private property

>Commies hate this

>There for, most else in the title will be labeled as "bad"

families were developed to help and carry on a child's healthy mental development.

And it is natural for most every animal who holds even a short relationship for children with the opposite sex.

I'm not reading an entire book, so I'll leave you alone then.

Eh, I guess I'll put it on my reading list then.

I only read fiction most of the time

political works get a bit hard to "just read"

I really like reading something that I care about

and while I'll read that book to have a good conversation with Mr. Chopin' over there

I mostly just don't give a fuck

I speak what I think and that is all.

I'm rereading fallout Equestria

funily enough

as nukes are being threatened around.

sound like good books

I have a few suggestions if you wanna hear

Okay, well, one thing I'm reading right now is the Haddix "Among the" seris

I'm on amoung the brave right now.

It's a good seris of young adult books which take place in what is basically a over-populated globalist nightmare


Third children are illegal, the most basic luxgeries limited to the higher class, the Barons

everything is controlled by the government or corrupt upper class men, and any real resistance to it is far off from the beginning of the book


He was.

Religion is not abomination

it holds a clear and societal moral norm

for example, in that book

do you think that fanatic christians would push such an agenda?

Do you? Kill all the young who were born in the wrong time and watch your own people strave?

Lies at every corner?

Under a Christian, or mostly so, society?


is not all that matters

the basics of our society are not based on knowledge, but basic agreement to a higher funcitioning code.

The bible is not directly from God, but instead inspired by it's time and God's leading hand.

Not everything is true, but overall messages shine through.

*Oh, I thought I was about to be told I'm not enough of a christian*


coolio dude

now stop it, seriously.


I'd say the only real place your can criticize a christian with 100% absolute theological backing

is the ten commandments

or however you spell it

No one would argue that those have something else or that they no longer apply.

Otherwise, it's mostly up for debate.


not just that, and there are others.

And example of laws which are not meant to apply any longer

that was the old, Judeo law.

The old convant.

You see

I think of it like this

If religion is true, then i go to heavan for believing and repetance, and the infinate forgivaness of the lord.

If not, then I die and go no where.

But here on earth

I lived a moral, sensible, and humble life.

Hard working and caring.

All becuase I had my faith.

I don't know on that one, but yet, it doesn't apply.

There's an importance of morality over law.

And that was law, that was how society should be organized. And not how you should live.

It's not about the wager.

It's about what I do here.

Even if you want to say that there is nothing after this, which I personally rarely think of after this world

I am still a good person because of the moral values which have been instilled in me

Compared to modern "hip" atheist liberals

oh my goodness

it's like guiding a child

it's frustrating

I expect this from middle school students

not a marxist intellectual

Okay, let me try and explain something that doesn't need to be explained because it is just so

My age is not something I'm willing to share, I hate being judged for it.

I am not older then 20, no.

You may discount my opinion now.

Phase? What is?

My religiousity?

Well, no. I've felt this my whole life.

And that is no lie.

I just couldn't express it so, but I guess you know me better then I do.

Should I also ignore how I've felt for the overwhelming majority of my life?

Also, that's the guy who wrote the archetypes?

I like some of it

in fact, when I wrote a Monarchist little shit nugget of an arguement

I used the "queen archetype" to define the perfect monarch

and went on to explain as to why these traits can be honed in a leader who is raised from birth with such traits.

I am just whatever, I go to a "liberal church"

that I am thinking abot stopping

cause they don't even call God a man there

I believe strongly in God, and I guess I'm a Prot?
Not a Catholic, that's for sure.

(For a second there I thought you were calling me a demon...)

Wow, I guess that's a good ting.


then again, it may be a low bar.

As long as you have faith

I believe that you can go above decadence and immorality

because something is above you

and religiously speaking, I wish for everyone to have a non-alien faith.

If someone has attempted to be a Christian but it is simply alien to them, then they can try other faithes.

A lot of fash I know are like this.

They tried, and tried.

But they simply couldn't fit into the Christian community.

So there for, they became pagans.

A lot of them are plenty moral.

In the past, I may have cried 'deus vult' at them. But now, I see them as respectable.

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